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I will forever be grateful that Jurists was introduced to me. Perhaps, if I have not known Jurists, I would not have obtained the title “Atty.” For this, thank you very much Jurists.           

The 6 mockbars at Jurists were of great help. I was able to improve my penmanship and further my manner of answering bar questions. The 3 paragraph rule was incredible. The coaching sessions were fantastic. The lecturers, coaches and staff were so accommodating. These factors make Jurists one of a kind. 

For me, Jurists is not just an ordinary bar review center. Jurists is a family – a family that cares, loves and understands. 

God bless Jurists and more power!!!                                                                       

Atty. Nadine B. Dolon

2010 Bar Passer



Believe it or not, the Bar Exams is a challenge which can definitely be won with Jurists. What sets it apart from other review centers is that the assistance it renders to its reviewees is CUSTOM FIT to their needs. The mock Bar exams and coaching sessions ensure that the specific difficulties of each of the reviewees are addressed and that, on the other hand, their fortes are used to their advantage. The coaches give practical techniques and advice on how to efficiently answer the questions with proper analysis and presentation of answers.

The lecturers are very sensitive, pro-active and open as they give their lectures, even willing to extend time just to make sure that the subject matter is understood. The coaches and the staff are likewise ever ready to accommodate requests and sometimes whims of the reviewees. Some of them even became our counselors and friends, never failing to extend their support throughout the review, exams and even after the Bar exams results.

To Atty. Riguera, Atty. Lutian, to our Lecturers, to the staff of Jurists, thank you for the guidance, support and inspiration. May Jurists continue to usher barristers in their transition to becoming lawyers.

Atty. Marie Joyce P. Manongsong, 2010 Bar Passer



I will never regret enrolling in Jurists. The lecturers are highly competent and the Jurists method gave me the confidence to answer even the most difficult bar questions. Jurists is more than a review center, it means being part of a big family. Thank you Jurists!

Atty. Carmela C. Yambao, 2010 Bar Passer



With Jurists Review Center I felt their love and concern for us examinees. Their motherly treatment helped me feel secured and bolstered my confidence which I believe I’m in dire need of during the review. Such treatment helped me hurdle what the majority call as one of the most difficult bar examinations in years. With you Jurists, I really felt that I am indeed in good hands. Thank you so much Jurists, I got it in one take! I have poor penmanship but with your guidance and with the 3 paragraph rule as well as the mock bar exams my penmanship improved.

The pre-week review, all of which I attended, was very much helpful too. To Sir/Attorney Riguera, most especially, I would like to thank you Sir for all the lessons you have inculcated in our minds not only in the review but also in class. The truth is that when I’m answering the questions in the bar in Remedial law (mostly electronic evidence) I thought of you Sir and Atty. Tranquil. Major major thanks to all the lecturers! I got 89 in political law because of Atty. Gorospe and the pre week of Atty. Cruz.

Atty. Antonio D. Andres, Jr., 2010 Bar Passer



Through its incomparable style of motivating its reviewees, the Jurists Bar Review Center helped me to reinforce what I already learned and taught me what I ought to learn. Indeed, success would not have been possible without the guiding hands of their brilliant lecturers and coaches. Call it a cliché, but besides our own hard work, we all owe it to the Jurists Bar Review Center.

Atty. Gemicks Ace T. Bueno, 2010 Bar Passer



My journey had been a lot easier, the struggle had been more bearable, and the fight had been fairer... If not for Jurists, none of these would have been possible. The bulk of my gratitude, I should say, must go to the ONE that guided me throughout my review days - JURISTS REVIEW CENTER, cheers to you! Aside from the BEST set of reviewers, Jurists' innovative "coaching-style" and mock bar exams really paved my way to passing the 2010 bar exam. Thanks, Jurists! My A.T.T.Y. was because of you!                                                           

Atty. Mae Belle D. Dimaano

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