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Sir thank you so much for your support and prayers.  Hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala!  I would not have made it if it were not for Jurists.  I stuck to the Jurists Method all throughout the four Sundays of September and it really paid off!

Atty. Gladys Gervacio, Quasha Law Office

6th place, 2005 Bar Exam, 100% scores in Labor Law and Legal Ethics



Thank you so much sir!! We did it!!  I wouldn’t have done it without your help.  Galing ng Jurists coaching method.  The mock bars were a real big help.  We already knew what to face when we stepped inside La Salle. 

Atty. Paul Sanggalang, Trial Lawyer



Jurists is probably the only review center that does one-on-one coaching. After the bar exams have been checked, each reviewee will be coached as to how he should have answered the exam. Mistakes will be pointed out and it will be determined whether or not the reviewee has applied the answering methods taught by Jurists. Jurists - - Love ko to! 

Prof. Zigfred Diaz

Co-author of Lex Pareto Notes, SWU Law Professor and Trial Lawyer



 The “mock bar experience” helped me build confidence to enter the gate of La Salle.  My mind was trained to think, focus and concentrate on a question because of the mock bar.  Feeling ko I was only taking the mock bar when I took the bar exams, hindi masyado kabado toinks.. toinks... Drama… In short, thank you JURISTS! 

Atty. Lovelyn Villanueva

Litigator and Law Professor, FEU Institute of Law



Thank you Jurists!  You believed in me when I myself no longer did.  I attended other bar review centers but I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.   Jurists’ one-on-one coaching diagnosed and remedied the faulty writing and analytical style I had been using. Jurists really made the difference! 

Atty. N.N., Las Piñas City.

To prepare for the fourth attempt enrolled at Jurists and passed the bar with flying colors.  



Thanks po sir!  I would not have made it without your help.  Maganda po yung formula ninyo na coaching method especially po yung mock bar drills.  Effective po talaga!

Atty. Demi Saura

Clerk of Court, RTC Branch 201, Las Piñas City.



Jurists has been a great help to me during my whole bar experience.  From the excellent lecturers who had very clearly lectured and helped me remember all the essential laws and jurisprudence, the equally excellent coaches who have been very patient, encouraging and guiding me step by step during the whole bar review, the staff who made my review fun and comfortable, Jurists has proved to be the best review center there is.  As I battled during the four Sundays of September I felt confident that I would make it because of the preparation I had at Jurists… and I did!  Thank you Jurists!

Atty. J. Krisley David

Litigation Section, Riguera & Riguera Law Office



Sir thank you talaga! Truly, I couldn’t have done it without your and Jurists’ support.  I’m so proud of you!  We at Jurists were the best-prepared bar candidates because of the mock bars and the coaching.      

Atty. Gladys Follero

Court Attorney, Court of Appeals.



I enrolled at other bar review centers for my previous three attempts.  I diligently sat through the entire review lectures and studied to the utmost but I still came up short.  Then a friend who had enrolled at Jurists and who had hurdled the bar exhorted me to sign up with Jurists saying that its coaching program would make the difference for me.  My coach was able to diagnose the defect in how I read and answered the bar examination and the two of us worked together to rid me of my weaknesses.  And thanks to Jurists I passed the bar on my fourth try!  To other repeaters, I say, enroll at Jurists!  You won’t regret it!

Atty. SS.

Parañaque City, now a lawyer at a Makati Law Firm    


Sir, I am one of the proud Jurists new lawyers who made it this last bar exam. I was there at FEU during the testimonial but i was not able to speak because i left early. 

I was so optimistic that i will make it, even if during my law school i was among those who usually gets barely passing grades. You see, my english is not perfect but because of the three paragraph rule which was hammered to us by jurists, simple sentences really paved the way for our success. During the first sunday, i sticked to the 3-par rule even if the exams are very long. However, for the three sundays left, i was not able to fully apply the rule because of the limited time. BY the way sir, a BIG thanks for the long mock bars, for giving me a real-time practice. When i got my grades, my highest are poli and labor... tsk, tsk..

Sir, to help baristers here in Naga City and my friends, I (without you permission) posted your Postmortem Review of the 2009 Bar exams in my notes here in facebook.

Again, I congratulate you and the Jurists Family for our BIG success. Godbless you all. 

Gent Paul A. Nocos

Successful Bar Examinee 2009


Jurists Bar Review Center Cebu is Heaven-sent, I dare to say. Under the circumstances, it came at the right place and the right time for me. Right place in the sense that it was, and still is, based in my alma mater, SWU! An accessible and convenient location for review; and right time as my wife was pregnant with our baby which called for "desperate measures" to pass. Undoubtedly, Jurists turned my desperation into hope when I was indoctrinated to the 3-paragraph method and instilled in me the value of answering bar questions the simplest and logical way possible. My heart swells with gratitude for the people behind it. Above all, I thank God Almighty for these blessings - for it is Him who made everything happen.

Atty. Rey Gealon

Southwestern University


I would like to thank you and Jurists Bar Review Center for helping me with my review for the Bar 2009. Jurists contributed a lot to my victory in hurdling the Bar exams. 

I'm sorry if i won't be attending the testimonial today for I am currently provincial-based. But I tried to return the favor by highly recommending Jurists to my friends whose turn to face and prepare for Bar 2010. 

I find Jurists' schedule of lectures and one-on-one coaching very effective and have equipped me well to earn the privilege of becoming a lawyer.  

Again sir, Thank you very much and more power to you and to Jurists. 

Maria Christina P. Peñaflor


I am very grateful to Jurist Bar Review Center.

The lectures were of great help in refreshing all the lessons I have learned during law school. The 3-days a week schedule also helped in balancing my time with readings, lectures and keeping my sanity intact.

The mock bars in the different bar subjects prepared me for the long questions of the actual bar exams. I was able to pace myself so that I can answer all the questions during the exams without sacrificing the quality of my answers. I even had five minutes to spare during the exams of some of the bar subjects. The 3-paragraph method enhanced my focus and the ability to trim down my answers to three short paragraphs that aptly answered the questions. During the bar exams, the 3-paragraph method organized my thoughts, calmed me down and lessened my panic.

Lastly, the coaching reinforced my positive traits like the way I answer and understand questions while changing most of my negative traits (this includes my awful handwriting and my aversion to margins).

I will always be grateful to Jurists.   I am now a great believer of the 3-paragraph rule! 

Atty. Maria Cristina L. Lubrio

2009 Bar Passer






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