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I am not only making a testimonial for myself but I also share this with my cousin who has been my partner in everything even before law school. We actually went through the same journey together and we both surpassed the most grueling Bar Examination.

During the last semester of my last year in law school, my classmates were already deciding on what review center they will enroll in. I heard some of them talking about Jurists but I never bothered joining them until I overheard one saying Jurists will be closing once the limit of enrollees have been reached. As soon as I got home, I browsed through the Jurists website and I sent an email to them. Their response was timely and I confirmed they limit their enrollees. Immediately, I told my cousin that we should reserve a slot. We both opted for the Classic which worked for us as we resided near Madison. I liked the schedule they arranged. We were given the flexibility of time to manage our time from Monday to Friday and at the same time attend review lectures during weekends. Together, we followed the Jurists schedule. The said schedule provided to us was posted in our room until the Bar month ended.

In a reviewee's life, it's not all the time that you are mentally focused. We then took advantage of the Jurists schedule by giving ourselves a break during Saturdays and Sundays. We attended the lecture at the site and spent some time out by the end of the day. We considered the weekends as our slack time. I also looked with favor on the arrangement of subjects that Jurists strategically planned. I was able to render more time in those subjects that needed attention especially Remedial Law and Commercial Law.

During the first four months before the Bar, we slept between 11 pm to 12 pm and woke up at 6 am at the latest. We realized that the Bar month is fast approaching so we decided to change our schedule. So from our usual schedule, we adjusted so that we slept at around 9 pm to 10 pm and woke up 5 am at the latest. We actually made sure we had enough sleep to sustain our concentration throughout our reading period. During the Bar month our schedule suddenly changed as we had to wake up early to prepare ourselves for a day's examination.

Aside from the above-mentioned things, the most important advantage that Jurists Review Center has is the one-on-one coaching session, which reviewees must seriously take into account. I realized this even before the Bar Examination. For my part, I followed what was advised of me. It is important to monitor yourself during the Mock Bars. For the succeeding mock bars, I made sure I was improving by reviewing my previous mock bar booklet/s. It was good my coach pushed me to become better although she did see improvements; she didn't want me to become complacent of my performance. I attended every mock bar except the last one. Attending the mock bar is critical as you are able to assess yourself in every aspect from management of time to actually applying all your trainings from your coach. The experience during the mock bars saved me during the actual Bar Examination given the type of questions that were asked.

As for the materials I used during the review period, I relied on the Jurists review materials, my notes in Law school, and that should be enough. There were a lot of notes from different review centers circulating but I never cared securing a copy of them. Jurists notes are carefully selected especially Atty. Riguera's notes on Remedial Law; it never deviated from our Dean Agrazamendes' lecture during law school.

Also to the next reviewees, it is important to attend the lecture conducted by Jurists head coach Atty. Manuel Riguera with respect to tips on attacking questions. The said lecture will make sense during the mock bars, coaching sessions and of course during the actual Bar Examination. The training from Jurists will equip you enough during the actual Bar Examination. I am not saying, once you enroll in Jurists you certainly will make it. I am saying, with hard work, discipline, endurance and your rigorous training for months in Jurists, you should be prepared to slay that Bar Dragon. As the saying goes, "DO YOUR BEST AND GOD WILL DO THE REST" I wish you all the best. Also, never ever be complacent. Find a review buddy who will motivate and bring out the best in you. Lucky for me, I have my best buddy, my partner, my cousin and it feels incredible that we made it together.






There are a lot of Bar review centers across the metro. I chose Jurists Bar Review Center because of the amazing roster of lecturers, the materials they provide, and the one of a kind one-on-one coaching.

During law school, I thought that what I have been doing to answer questions was enough for me to pass the bar. That my handwriting is pretty enough to catch the eye of the examiner. However, in one of the coaching sessions with Atty. Riguera and Atty. Romano they mentioned that my answers are okay but it can be better. That my handwriting are readable but can still be improved on. They have shown me how to hone my skills in spotting the issue and emphasized greatly that the examiners will only have to spend a few minutes per booklet; thus, i have to help them in checking by making my answers concise yet complete.

Aside from the usual review that you will see in every Bar review centers, what separates Jurists from the rest is that they have a wholistic approach with their reviewees. You will feel the sincerity of the coaches in their desire for you to pass the bar. They will boost your confidence. They will push you to study more and most importantly they will pray for you.

Reviewing for the bar is a part of your life that you can consider the hardest. The days from graduation to November drags you to a plethora of different emotions. And I feel blessed that I found Jurists because it made the journey memorable and worthy. To my Jurists family, Atty. Manny, Atty. Hazel, Atty. Romano, all the lecturers and all the "ates" and "kuyas" who took care of us, I sincerely thank you!





I made it. I passed the bar exams. Big thanks to Jurists most especially to my coach, Atty. Manny Riguera. Jurists is the best bar review center!! :)

If you want to pass or even top the bar, enroll in Jurists. They will help you achieve your dream. I know it because I have achieved mine with their help. They will really be with you on your journey to becoming a lawyer!

Thank you again, Atty. Riguera and the Jurists Family. More power to you all!!





Dear Atty. Riguera and the whole Jurist Family,

First of all, I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to the whole Jurist family for helping me prepare for the 2018 Bar examinations. Everything, from the pre-review tips, lectures, until pre-week, was all well-thought-of to cater to the needs of the barristers. Also, despite the number of enrollees, I didn't feel that I wasn't paid attention to. I really appreciated the coaching system because I felt that even the small details were corrected to help me pass the 2018 bar, which I did.

So again, thank you very much for giving back to the whole legal community by sharing not just your expertise, but all the more for imbibing togetherness throughout the whole journey. I will forever be grateful for Jurist! More power and may God bless us all.



(Ateneo de Manila University - School of Law, Class of 2018)



Taking the bar exam, as often analogized by Atty. Riguera, is like having a dragon as a formidable foe. It is inevitably necessary to be dexterous in order to vanquish the vicious adversary. Hence, the most important step I made in preparing for the bar was electing the review center that would work side by side with me and help me magnify my legal knowledge. Among the many review centers available, my heartfelt prayer led me to Jurists Bar Review Center. As I was listening to the lectures, I was amazed as to how topics that used to be so perplexing became unambiguous. The coaching I received has helped me recognize my flaws and overcome them. Fear came to visit me from time to time but I could easily shrug it off as I felt the unity of the entire Jurists family working hand in hand to help us become well-equipped to take the bar exam. No words could explain in detail the gratitude I feel for all the things Jurists Bar Review Center has provided me, which eventually led me into hurdling the 2018 Bar exam. Kudos to Atty. Riguera and the entire Jurists Family! My success in the bar would not have been possible without your help.






Choosing Jurists is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! Here’s why:

First, Jurists provides not only on-site but also online bar review program. This is very helpful since whenever I cannot go to Madison due to some inevitable circumstances; I can still catch up with the lectures which truly reduces my worries.

Second, Jurists Mock Bar and Coaching program I can say is the best! I highly recommend every bar reviewee to take ALL the mock bar seriously and listen very well to your coach. The Mock Bar was able to simulate not only the possible bar problems, but also the “feel” of taking the Bar exams since we are taking it inside a room filled with students for four hours. This helped my gauge my capacity, strength, time management and my patience whenever a seatmate is noisy (which can happen during the Bar).

Third, The Jurists coaches sincerely care for their students. They will really check each answer on the booklet and will patiently teach how to answer it correctly using the Jurists format. My handwriting and answering strategy truly improved because of my very compassionate coaches: Atty. Morgan Nicanor and Atty. Emma Ruby Aguilar. To my coaches, words cannot express how grateful I am to have you as my mentors.

Fourth, all the Jurists’ staff were very caring and extra forbearing in accommodating all my needs. They will do it with a big smile and just kept on re-assuring me on how much they believe in me – this means a lot for someone who is so afraid of the Bar.

Most Importantly, Prof. Manny Riguera will never leave any Jurists Reviewee behind. In my personal experience, he took time in helping me calm my soul during the NovemBar when I was so bothered of the mistake I did during the first Sunday of the bar. If not for Prof. Riguera’s encouragement, I would truly find it difficult to focus for the next Bar Sundays. Thank you very much sir, my heart is filled with sincere gratitude.

Without any doubt, my Jurists Family helped me reach my dream of becoming a CPA Lawyer. Maraming Maraming Salamat po!





To be frank about it, after my girlfriend and I graduated from law school, we were not quite sure that we were ready to tackle the biggest challenge of both of our lives - the dreaded bar examinations.

Little did we know that Jurists was on the case to make us the most ready for the bar as we possibly can.

The Online Review feature of Jurists proved to be indispensable in helping both of us pass the Bar - the convenience it provided gave us so much more time to read materials rather than waste time commuting and going to review centers. The services Jurists offers is unparalleled in the arena of bar review centers.

It would be safe to say that enrolling at Jurists Bar Review Center turned out to be the best decision of our entire law career. Without it, we most probably would not have passed the grueling 2018 Bar examinations.





Jurists' method gave me guidance during the whole review. I learned so many things from it. It helped me not only in answering the bar exam but also in how to study efficiently. Their method was scientifically structured which taught me to focus on the details necessary in the bar exam.

Also, their online review allowed me to assess my analogy of the law and gave me an opportunity to reflect on my comprehension.

The online mock bar taught me how to calm myself while under time pressure. It expanded my strategy in answering the questions with accuracy and efficiency. The coaches keep on reminding me to use the method which for me is very effective.

I would also like to commend the lecturers who shared their notes to reviewees generously and tirelessly. To the people behind Jurists, thank you very much for your support and prayers. May God continue to bless you so you can share your method and help others to be a lawyer.





I failed the 2017 Bar Exams. I didn't really know where and how to start anew.

After some time, my friend, Atty. Kate Flores, who also passed the 2018 Bar, invited me to enroll at Jurists and I did, thinking I could give it a try. I was not really looking for the best. I just wanted to be enrolled as it was my first step moving forward. To satisfy my curiosity, I read all the testimonials on its website and I wondered if they were, and still are, true.

In the 6-month review period, I was working as a Legal Assistant in a company. I had the time to study only in the morning before office hours, during lunch break, and at night. Due to time constraints and divided attention, I was having qualms about taking the 2018 Bar much less passing it. But luckily, Jurists' review lectures are mostly on Saturdays and Sundays – just the type of review lectures I could afford to attend. So I would always look forward to weekends and wish they were longer so I could somehow cope up and have the same security I had before.

Through the Bar Review Strategy by Atty. Manny Riguera and the mock bar exams with coaching, they made me realize my weaknesses and, more importantly, my mistakes. Yes, I made terrible mistakes during my first take which unfortunately were seen by the examiners. I was not logical. I was not argument-driven. I did not fight for whatever point I could get. Sadly, I might have underestimated the 2017 Bar. But Jurists would always make us feel that it was not too late to unlearn the wrongs and be better. We were trained through the mock bar exams and corrected through the coaching. As advised by my coach, Atty. Rachelle Perez, to have a more legible handwriting, I changed my pen from black to blue, from UniPin to Pilot, and from 0.5 mm tip to 1.0 mm tip. She likewise told me to change some introductory and transitional words and phrases, and just stick to templates. Too, I tried to improve my handwriting and logic by answering one Bar question a day using the CRAC method every night (except Lecture days and Holidays) and send them to my friends-co-reviewees for feedback. We did that because we believed that together we could be better. Truly, review buddies matter. They push you to the limit and pull you back whenever your spirit has been crushed.

And November came. I had my 21-day leave. I had to rush my readings but I could only do so much. I just relied on my notes and the last-minute tips given by Jurists which I considered as treasures. Then on the first Sunday of the Bar, watches, even the ordinary ones were prohibited. I was aghast because there was no wall clock in the room. To update us with the time, the proctors would only write the time on the board after every 10-15 minutes. We were doomed. But we looked fear on its face, so to speak. We fought so hard, held our pen with courage, and kept the faith. I tried to answer everything using the Jurists method even when the question was worth merely 1.5 points. I just could not take a chance. Predictably, the day ended with so many tears because of frustration and exhaustion. It felt like we were begging for points, begging for our dreams.

Then, on the 2nd Sunday, wall clocks were allowed but the thing was, I was not able to sleep, not even a minute. While I was reading the questions in Civil Law, I got disappointed. I was ready to get up and give up. But I was reminded of what one Jurists lecturer said "Nabasa ka na rin lang, maligo ka na." So I went on being faithful to the Jurists method regardless of the uncertainty of my Yes and No.

During the 3rd and 4th Sunday, I had no sleep again. People would think why I did not take any sleeping pills. Funny as it may seem but I was afraid that I might forget what I have studied. I was agitated. Despite this, I had to go on. I could not give up especially on the last day. I had to give all that I had. Yet, because of exhaustion, in Remedial Law I overlooked a 2.5-point item and in Legal Ethics, a 5-point item. I waited until almost all of the examinees have left UST then cried holding my injured right hand, praying that all of these would turn out good.

And now, I am still in awe that my name has been included. Looking back, it is by God's Grace that I made it despite everything. And needless to say, Jurists is one of the Graces that God brought me. I was not looking for the best but it was given. I thank Jurists for being Jurists. It is not just a typical review center. It is a family. Now, I am telling whoever is reading this, that all their testimonials about Jurists are true. They were, and still are, true. Let my testimonial be added to the proof of Jurists' great legacy. God bless everyone.



(University of Nueva Caceres, Naga City)



Jurists prepared me the right way and ensured my success in the bar examinations.


As a bar passer and a believer in Jurists, these are the three reasons why I think the Jurists method works:


First: the line-up of experienced bar reviewers.

Most, if not all, of the lecturers in Jurists are seasoned law professors, bar reviewers, and authors. There are even some bar examiners. There is no doubt as to the credibility and excellence of the lecturers. Attending the lectures is a sure way of getting important updates in jurisprudence and ironing out details that one may have missed in law school. Also, Jurists offered lectures on topics included in the bar syllabus that are not taught in law school, such as in the 2018 bar, securities, competition law, etc.

Second: the mock bars and coaching.


A tip to all bar candidates: never take the bar without at least taking one mock bar. The mock bar is a good gauge of what you have learned so far and a good way to test your readiness for the exam. It is also a way to practice and check other matters such as handwriting, speed, style, margins, and even the pen that is to be used. After the mock bars, one would at least know where he stands and would be able to make the necessary adjustments and changes.

A necessary complement to the mock bars is the coaching. This is an exercise of humility, which, I think, is a virtue indispensable in one's bar preparation. Allow yourself to improve by allowing someone else to assess where you are and offer helpful tips, techniques and advice.


In my case, I was fortunate to have had Atty. Manny Riguera as coach. He patiently scrutinized all my answers (silly as some may have been) and offered sound admonition along the way.

I applied all the tips and techniques I was taught, from the CRARC/CHORC method, all the way to answering logically and being rule-based, observing margins, spacing, and looking out for the convenience of the examiner.

During the bar, there were a number of questions I did not know the exact answers to. But the training I received from Jurists, especially those I learned from the coaching sessions, and my experience in the mock bar enabled me to nevertheless conquer the exam.

Third: Jurists, a steady source of encouragement and support.

One does not pass the bar in isolation. Success in the bar is always a collective effort from the candidates' families, friends, schools, etc.


In Jurists, one is able to feel that he becomes part of a community made up of professors and fellow bar candidates who are a steady source of encouragement and support.

This is especially true during the month of November. Every after bar Sunday, Jurists would send an email offering words of comfort and encouragement and an analysis of the type of questions asked which might be indicative of a trend in the bar exams for that year. This sincere gesture meant a lot during that tough and difficult time and helped me prepare better and fight harder in the succeeding exams.

With the help of Jurists, the correct disposition, right preparation, and of course, with God's grace, the bar examinations can surely be conquered.






Jurists helped me in the bar exams in more ways than one. Their roster of lecturers includes the likes of Atty. Riguera (Remedial and Commercial Laws), Atty. Uribe (Special Contracts in the Civil Code), and Atty. Lumbera (Taxation) whose insights I found invaluable. The fact that most of the videos of these lecturers speaking were available online makes using Jurists very convenient.

Jurists also has mock bar exams and a coaching program that helped me effectively answer bar questions. I would physically go to the reviewer center, have four hours to write my answers, and submit them for checking, just like the bar exams. Participating in the process helped me get in the right frame of mind for the actual bar exams; I realized through these mock bars how much time I had per question, how small my initial handwriting was, and what kind of sentence structure mistakes I tended to make. The coaches were also really nice and patient with their suggestions. Also, their mock bars were not just previous bar exam questions. They included new questions that even came out in the bar exams I took.

Finally, I really appreciated the e-mails and words of encouragement Jurists always sent us about tackling the bar dragon and keeping the faith. They really helped me in the toughest times.

Overall, I'm very grateful to Jurists for all the help they gave me during the bar exams. I'm very grateful to their friendly staff, encouraging bar coaches, and enlightening bar lecturers. I hope more and more bar examinees are able to avail of the Jurists program to help them not just pass the bar exams, but perhaps even become a topnotcher!


ATTY. KATRINA C. GAW (5th Placer)


Jurists Bar Review Center is just one of the best things that happened to me. I enrolled, I reviewed, they delivered! With their tireless efforts and sincere support, I was able to slay the formidable Bar exam dragon!


Early May of 2018, I was having second thoughts on proceeding with the bar review. It has been ages since I took my last attempt and I was dreadful of whether I can still cope with the updates and jurisprudence. The task was really daunting for me. Even just by thinking of the painstaking review routine I had to endure again, I was discouraged.

My worst fear of not being able to cope up was somehow validated when I took the mercantile mock bar exam. I failed to answer the last three questions for lack of time. I went home devastated and told my wife that I could no longer continue with the review and that perhaps the legal profession was not for me.

Then came the coaching session with Atty. Morgan Nicanor where he asked me what happened with the three blank pages in my booklet. I told him I simply mismanaged my time, to which he commented that it was a mortal sin. But he did recognize the good points as to how I attacked the first mock bar exam. He's like Ser Davos of Westeros who speaks his mind rather than say what I want to hear.


From that first coaching session, I realized I was not that bad. I started to pick myself up again and went on with the review. Atty. Morgan noticed that I was improving from mock bar to mock bar. At that point, I was getting more comfortable with my confidence level. I told myself, "I can do this".

I used only my old notes for the review, supplemented by all the materials given by Jurists. Since I enrolled in the Jurists Combo, the online lectures worked well for me whenever I had no time to attend the lectures onsite. Also, Jurists' roster of reviewers is a microcosm of scholars in the legal profession. I was, indeed, in good hands.

I will never forget what Atty. Manuel Riguera told us on the very first day of the review, "Magtiwala lang kayo sa Jurists method." I trusted the Jurists method to the core and applied it during the four bar Sundays of November 2018. And here I am, I finally dotted my ATTY.


To the entire Jurists Bar Review Center, especially to Atty. Manny, Atty. Hazel, Atty. Morgan, Ms. Cynthia, Ms. Nilda, and the rest of their fantastic staff, my sincerest thanks and utmost gratitude for helping me achieve my dream. I salute you all.




We first heard about Jurists during our 3rd year in law school. We heard good things about it and what enticed us the most was the one-on-one coaching it provided. It is the primordial reason why we chose Jurists Bar Review Center.


Coming out of law school, we had no idea how to tackle the fabled bar exam dragon. The coaches of Jurists made sure to engrave into our minds the Jurists method of answering the bar. Their sincerity in helping you pass the bar is not superficial, but is a genuine desire for us to overcome the bar, which in turn, boosted our confidence.

It is through this that my wife and I were able to survive the bar season and eventually, the bar exams. We cannot stress enough how important the Jurists method is in answering the bar. We could even go on to say that it accounts for almost 70% of the reason we passed.

We learned from the Jurists method that answering simply and directly to the point is the way to go, cutting off all unnecessary information. They also have the best lecturers, so trust that you are in good hands. Make it a point to attend all the lectures as this may help you remember some concepts better. Do not disregard the coaches’ advice but take it seriously.

We are very much grateful to the Jurists Bar Review Center, especially to Atty. Manny Riguera, Atty. Morgan Nicanor, Atty. Hazel, Atty. Juanico, and Ma’am Cynthia, and to the rest of the Jurist family! Without your guidance, support, and prayers, we wouldn’t have made it this far.

A piece of advice to the 2019 barristers, TRUST THE PROCESS. TRUST JURISTS. It works!




I'd like to thank the Jurists Family for helping me pass the 2018 Bar Exam. When I failed the 2017 Bar Exam, it wasn't a question of which bar review center I will entrust my 2nd bar exam pre-bar and pre-week reviews. It wasn't Jurists, it was me.  

I'm also thankful for Atty. Che, he helped me a lot in improving my answering skills.  

The Jurists LMTs helped me regain composure when I was about to fall into panic and anxiety. I read only my Jurists notes and LMTs the night before every Sunday exams. 


Jurists is God's way of helping barristers achieve their dreams. Thank you sir Manny & mam Hazel, and all of the Jurists admin & staff for journeying with me. More power and God bless. 




Thank you Jurists family for providing us the best bar preparation and review. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. The Jurists lectures and notes are indeed necessities to survive the bar exam. Thank you, not only for teaching us the concepts and how to answer the bar exam, but also for providing constant inspiring messages to motivate us during the grueling 4 Sundays. Special thanks to my coaches especially to Atty. Borja. The mockbar and one-on-one coaching were very helpful and definitely prepared me for the "battle".
Thank you Jurists from the bottom of my heart.                         





Slaying the 2018 Bar Exam Dragon was not an easy feat. One of the best weapons I had during the Bar was my training in Jurists. Choosing the right bar review center will surely make a difference in achieving the dot. So, why should you choose Jurists?


Mock Bar and Coaching - It is not enough that you know the law; you must also learn how to present your answers. After taking 8 mock bar exams coupled with personal coaching, you will learn how to present your answers, how to spot the core issues, how to argue your point, formulate on-point answers, and how to correlate each paragraph. Thank you to my dedicated and supportive coaches Atty. Riguera, Atty. Chua, Atty. Juanico, Atty. Romano, and Atty. Concepcion. Thank you for giving me the right amount of criticism and encouragement. I would not have made it without the help of these wonderful people.


Jurists Method – Atty. Riguera would always remind us to have faith in the Jurists Method. Fortunately, I did. I answered every question the Jurists way. You may wonder how I was able to answer all the questions considering that we had limited time and a minimum of 40 questions in each subject. The answer is simple – Jurists trained us to present our answers clearly, concisely and coherently under time pressure. With these 3Cs, I was able to put up a good fight in every question.


Lecturers and Review Materials - Jurists has the best line-up of lecturers. They are all expert in their respective fields. As to the review materials, they always make sure that such materials are well-reviewed and presented and readily available to the barristers. I could say a lot more but these 3 things would be enough to help you choose the best.  



(Arellano University School of Law)



I was one of the earliest enrollees of Jurists. I enrolled as early as February (kahit hindi pa ako naka graduate ng Law school). Upon passing my comprehensive exam, I was ecstatic to enroll in Jurists because I knew from the beginning that this is the Review Center that I need. I needed a review center that would coach me on how to properly answer the BAR Exam.


ACCEPTANCE. First, you have to accept that no matter how smart you think you are, there are aspects in the BAR Exam that are beyond “being smart” such as your handwriting, time management, moral/emotional/psychological support, etc., and majority of my classmates including me accepted this and chose Jurists Review Center (credit to Atty. Morgan).


I believe that Jurists is the best review center because of the following:


SCHEDULE. Their schedule is “review friendly”. Friday to Sunday, so you will have time to read before the lecture. “Makakarelate ka sa lectures”. I assure you, “kung kami nga na may time magbasa,” nagpapanic during lecture if may naririnig na bago, paano na lang if you don’t have time to read before the lecture. Hence, Jurists’ schedule armed me more for the BAR. I learned from reading from Monday to Thursday and learned more from the lectures. 


MOCK BAR.  Mock bar really helped me “to have the BAR FEELS”. Jurists gave us eight mock bars, so during those tests, I learned those simple things that could make or break your chance to pass the BAR. It’s very important that your notebook “reaches the examiner”. So Jurists’ mock bars conditioned me mentally not to commit “markings” that would disqualify my notebooks. It also prepared me physically. Bar Exam is a gruesome eight hours of thinking and writing; hence, doing it eight times before the “real BAR” really trained my body and brain. (Jurists will let you try a much longer test J J J )


COACHING.  This is the best part of my preparation. Jurists has coaching after a  mock bar. This one really improved my answering skill. I remember during my first coaching, Atty. Taguiam (my coach) was very detailed, a lot of things, from my handwriting style, font size, neatness, margin, and the color of the pen’s ink were discussed. (Our motto was “points ang labanan dito, so avoid even .5 deduction”).


I know that I am the “maraming alam” kind of examinee. So, my coach/Jurists training helped me well on “how to spot” the issue posed by the question. Knowing what the examiner is asking is the best way to have a responsive answer and to save time during the bar exam. My coaching tamed my “ang dami mong sagot, hindi ka naman tinatanong.”


One tip though, from the beginning, I told my coach not to hesitate at all.  It’s very important that you are open to criticism and learning. I know that my coach and I have the same goal, so I told her just tell me everything “kahit nakasimangot ako, I am actually absorbing it and going to follow it”. I also apologized if I made mistakes and did not follow what we had already discussed. It is very important that you acknowledge your mistake, so that you can correct it.


My coaching and Jurists training also helped me a lot in answering those “wala talaga akong alam” questions. My Jurists training taught me how to answer smart, even if I don’t know the answer, (na hindi naman parang binobola ko lang ang examiner).


Fifteen examinees passed from our school. Eight out of that 15 reviewed at Jurists. Most of the people I know and met in the “live room” also passed.


I encourage my other classmates and acquaintances that did not make it yet, to review in Jurists. I assure you once you take the “Jurists Training” by heart you will be equipped in the BAR and will pass it like us!


Thank you Coach Atty. Amy Taguiam and Jurists Family!




(Central Philippine University)

(Jaro, Iloilo City)


It is no secret that the bar exams are among the most gruelling exams out there. The bar exams test not only one's legal aptitude but also one's mettle. In this regard, I am certain that the Jurists Bar Review Center equipped me with the necessary mindset and resilience to conquer the dreaded bar exams.

Aside, of course, from the amazing roster of lecturers, the coaches and the staff of Jurists provided the invaluable foundation for my bar preparations.


The primary materials I used during the review were the video lectures of Jurists. The online review was very helpful for me as I was able to listen to the lectures at my own pace and without the hassle of commuting. As such, I was able to optimize my study time.

The mock bars and the one-on-one coaching taught me how to manage my time and how to structure my answers better. I learned that, as an examinee, my job was to make the examiners' life easier by making my answers easier to read and check. Consequently, I was forced to practice and improve my handwriting as the coaches would always point out how small my hard-to-read handwriting was every coaching session.

Also, the smiles and the encouraging words of the friendly staff of Jurists were enough to make the review feel easier.


To the entire Jurists family, especially to Atty. Riguera, Atty. Concepcion, and Atty. Pilar, thank you so much for your guidance!







I will never forget that Roll of Attorneys.


In May 2018, I was devastated by the results of 2017 bar exams. I was part of the 75% who did not make the cut.  I felt rejected, sorry for myself, and bitter toward others who made it. It was extra painful when I personally filed my petition to retake the bar exams. I did not know it was the exact day 2017 bar passers were signing the Roll of Attorneys. When I saw the momentous occasion and realized I was not part of it, I cried from the halls of the Supreme Court till I reached home. That was the lowest point in my life. Imagine crying along Padre Faura street and Taft Avenue, without bothering the people looking. But on that same day, I told myself, “Next year, I will sign that Roll.” And the rest is history.


Bar review period, bar examinations month, and the waiting period for results are three of the most difficult chapters of the life of a person seeking to become a member of the legal profession. And to take this journey again takes a ton of courage. It is not easy to regain your confidence and belief that you have what it takes. Self-doubt, fear of failing again, financial considerations, and other difficult personal circumstances can consume and hinder you from retaking the exams.


But to those who have tried but not made it yet, this is only a setback, not the end of the story. Cry while allowing yourself to heal. Accept that your strategy did not work but find ways to improve it. Seek help from people who had experienced a similar fate but were able to vanquish the bar dragon. Find a support group such as your family, friends, barops team, etc. And continue praying and hoping that one day you will see your name in the list of successful examinees. It will not be easy, but one day your time will come and all hardships, sacrifices, and pain will be worth it.


When I enrolled in Jurists Review Center in May 2018, I can still remember what Atty. Hazel told us during orientation day, "...kung hindi nakapasa, patawarin na." Those words helped me recover faster. I trusted the Jurists system and my coach Atty. Mei Cuntapay. Jurists Review Center equips barristers with the right tools to hurdle the bar exams. Aside from lectures, review materials, mock bars, and one-on-one coaching, it provides emotional and spiritual support to barristers and their families which is equally important. It is not an ordinary review center. It is home. Jurists became my second family during the extremely challenging 5-month review period and bar exams month. Atty. Manny, Atty. Hazel, my coach Atty. Mei, and all other members of Jurists family were instrumental to my success.


As I look back to that Roll Signing event, I realized that God made me witness it not to discourage or humiliate me, but to help me realize that I am a strong person. And that through faith, persistence, hard work, and guidance, I will be granted the privilege of becoming a lawyer. So use your pain to move you and make you stronger.  Trust the Jurists system and continue working hard for it. Don’t give up on your dream because I know you will achieve it.


Special thanks to my Jurists family for your support and guidance. May God continue to shower you with blessings so you can help more people achieve their dream of becoming a member of the legal profession.



(Far Eastern University-De La Salle University Consortium)




On April 26, I read from Joel Osteen's book: “Maybe you have worked hard… maybe you pursued your dreams, but you ran into closed doors. How would you know that the next time you try won’t be your yes? You’ll never know unless you keep trying, you keep dreaming.”

That was the Lord, telling me to not stop pursuing what He has put into my heart--that attorney dot--after I failed in the 2017 Bar Exams.

It was heartbreaking, even depressing to know that with only .2 I could have been a lawyer already. It's even sadder than a breakup. I could not imagine how to begin again especially the thought that another year of my life has to stop. I felt stuck. I even questioned the plans of the Lord. It was frightening to keep pursuing the uncertain, but I had to cling to His promise that He will make me a lawyer. So, I tried again.

My cousin, Atty. Wilfredo Sudio, Jr., told me to enroll in Jurists as a lot of his friends who reviewed there passed the Bar Exams. Luckily, I heeded his advice. Correcting the errors in my first attempt, I religiously attended the lectures, completed the mock bar exams, read the given handouts, practiced one question a day using CRAC and attended the coaching sessions.

At first, I was struggling since I had to work until June 30, when my contract would end, in the DOTr. As much as I wanted to focus and not go to work anymore, I couldn't because I had to earn money and save to be able to support myself in the next 6 months of review for the Bar.

For the months of May until June 30, I was not able to really focus, but I never got absent and really listened to the lectures to compensate the number of days I failed to review. Thank Jurists! The lectures are really enlightening. I am more of a visual than audio learner, but I was able to remember the lectures in Jurists.


In Jurists, I felt that it was my first time to review for the Bar. Each lecture gave me new learning. I met and reviewed with friends. Interestingly, we had time to eat out and even watch movies in Gateway every after mock bar, and I had a lot of time for Kdramas. This did not happen during my first attempt since I was too focused then and isolated myself from people. I seldom attended lectures and just stayed in my dorm and read all day and night. Jurists made me realize how wrong my strategy was and made me focus on review while enjoying it at the same time.


Jurists has cura personalis. It is not after our money but our attorney dot. Atty. Riguera's e-mails before and after the exams made me cry and motivated me more. You could really feel Jurists' support and their yearning for your attorney dot.


Most importantly, for which I am most thankful for, Jurists has very passionate coaches- na hindi ka bobolahin. Out of hundreds of hopeful coachees, I was one of the lucky people who were coached by the legend, Atty. Morgan. I was hesitant at first given the many feedback about his coaching, that he was brutally honest and he made coachees cry. True enough, he is those two. Bago pa man lang ako umupo sa unang coaching session, umiyak na ako. So, he told me: "Mas bagay ka magartista." I did not know if it was to tell me that I do not have a chance in the Bar Exam or his way of telling me not to cry. What I love about Atty. Morgan's coaching is that he never let me feel hopeless, much less a failure. I felt the love of a father, preparing his daughter to win or win the war. He told me to write from the top line to bottom, making my letters bigger. He instructed me to change my pen ink color from blue to black and scolded me whenever I have erasures. Aside from the Bar techniques he taught me, he helped me move on from the thought that I could have been a lawyer already and directed me to the goal of making my Mama proud. The experience was still vivid when I could not move on from the 2nd Sunday, I could not study for the 3rd Sunday thinking that I almost quit after the Civil Law Exam where I failed to answer the last 20-point items. While reflecting on pursuing the uncertain or not, Atty. Morgan called. He was that hands on. Talagang kakamustahin ka nya na may halong pananakot para machallenge. His mentorship, especially his care, played a big role in my success today.

I was also too lucky to have experienced coaching with the one and only, Atty. Riguera. One thing I could not forget about Atty. is his very honest comment: yung sagot mo parang chicharon, mukhang ang laki pero walang laman. It was a wake-up call to me to improve my logical reasoning. And of course, who would ever forget Atty. Riguera's laugh. His laugh is contagious and made the review process less toxic and enjoyable.

Jokingly, I told myself na mahiya naman sana akong bumagasak because two of the best coaches in Jurists were my coach. So, nahiya nga naman ako.

Atty. Untalan also helped me observe the Echo Method and the CRAC. It was difficult at first because everything was new. He even asked me to remove the ghosts (yung lumulutang na mga sulat kasi isinisingit ko na lang sa taas pag may nakakalimutan :D) in my writing which I believe made my answers appear neat and well written.

Amazingly, I got the Lord's answer to my question why I failed in my first attempt.. that is to be able to enjoy the Bar experience through Jurists. I had to fail to experience the Jurists way. I had to fail to meet Atty. Untalan, Atty. Riguera, and Atty. Morgan. And most importantly, I had to fail to pass. As Atty. Morgan puts it, the people we meet either become a blessing or a lesson. In my case, Jurists family is not an OR but both a lesson and blessing.

On May 3, I read again Osteen's book. It says: "God is going before you making your crooked places straight. You may have gone through a disappointment, an unfair situation, but don't settle there... maybe last year was rough, but don't make the mistake of expecting this year to be the same. This is a new day. God has planned explosive growth in your future."

And voila, I saw my name on that very important and exclusive list. This passing the Bar Exams could really change your life. As for me, dumami kapamilya ko, biglang dumami bigla friend requests on fb. Marami nagmessage na di ko kilala. Muntik na rin ako mapagkamalang kandidato kasi yung mga patarp nila sa probinsya, katabi ng mga election posters. :D And the change I am most thankful for is that they call me Attorney.


I could not have made this without my support system: my sister Kaila, mother Maila, my Tita Lea, Ate Nene, Tito Willy, Kuya Atty. Wilfredo Sudio and most importantly my Jurists family.


I will forever be grateful for this blessing. Thank you Jurists and thank you God.



(University of Nueva Caceres)


Among others, here are how Jurists helped me prepare for the Bar Exams:

        1. Lecturers are among the experts and legal luminaries on their respective subjects. Discussions are clear, comprehensive, and organized;

        2. Online lecture videos are easily accessible. Website is user-friendly and can be navigated with ease. Video and audio quality are excellent. Videos not only show the lecturers but also their visual presentations which make it more engaging and convenient to watch;

        3. Notes are comprehensive enough and contain the notable, critical, and latest case laws and doctrines. It simplified the more complicated topics and facilitated easier recollection; and

        4. The mock bar exams helped me evaluate my preparedness for the actual bar exams. It inspired me to study more and learn from my mistakes. The coaching helped me properly organize and articulate my answers in a clear, direct, concise, and complete manner.


Indeed, I am grateful for Jurists' warm dedication in making my bar review more bearable.

ATTY. ALEN JOEL PITA (10th Placer)





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