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Taos puso ang aking pasasalamat sa lahat ng bumubuo ng Jurists Bar Review Center, especially Atty. Manuel Riguera, the best bar review lecturer I know. One of my coaches, Atty. Francis Dela Paz, told me during a coaching session that I have the potential to be a bar topnotcher – at nagdilang-anghel siya. I can really say that I owe a huge part of my success to the people behind this exceptional Review Center.
Right now, I can think of five (5) reasons why you should choose Jurists Bar Review Center:
1. Mock Bar Examinations – Practice makes perfect. Jurists allowed us to test our knowledge and answering skills with a series of mock bar examinations. They even used evaluation sheets to monitor our progress throughout the entire review program.
2. One-on-one Coaching Sessions – Competent lawyer-coaches checked and critiqued our examination booklets and answer sheets after each mock bar examination. They are so thorough that they’ll even tell you what sign pen is appropriate for your handwriting.
3. MCQ Tactics – Atty. Manuel Riguera will teach you how to easily answer MCQs using
numerous techniques. Learn how to make an intelligent guess instead of a crude guess by knowing the science behind multiple-choice exams.
4. Answer Essay Questions using Jurists’ Template – The 2012 Bar Examination had several questions that require lengthy answers. But using Jurists’ essay-answering format, I was able to finish all eight subjects on time. I followed their three-paragraph rule to the letter which I believe gave me the edge over the rest of the bar examinees.
5. A Review Center with a Heart – Jurists Bar Review Center will also find ways to keep their reviewees psychologically and emotionally prepared. They even talked to our loved ones to explain our position as bar examinees.
I apologize for this long testimonial but this is my only way of thanking Jurists and helping other bar examinees make the right choice. Kudos to Atty. Riguera and his team!

Atty. Ralph Karlo B. Barcelona 

7th place, 2012 Bar Examination







I would like to thank you and the entire Jurists Bar Review Center Inc. family for your words of encouragement and for your guidance throughout the 2012 bar review program.

Worth commending also is the training and preparation given to reviewees at Jurists for the MCQ and Essay part of the 2012 Bar exams thru the conduct of mock bar and coaching sessions.

Again thank you and wishing you another successful year for Jurists Bar. 


Atty. Dindo Dyseco Beber

2012 Bar Passer



Enrolling at Jurists Bar is one the best decisions I made during my review last year. The venue was very spacious, well-lit, airconditioned, with very good sound system and because the lecturers stood on stage, even reviewees seated at the very back can easily and comfortably see them. The lecturers were all very good but I would like to especially mention the following for giving the best, easy to understand lectures (they make the subjects even more interesting): Prof. Manuel Riguera, Prof. Elmer Rabuya, Prof. Zarah Villanueva-Castro, Justice Mario Lopez, Assoc. Dean Viviana Paguirigan and Prof. Tranquil Salvador III.

I would also like to commend Prof. Manuel Riguera and Prof. Rene Gorospe for giving the best handouts during their lectures - concise, easy to understand and most helpful in supplementing my knowledge in the given subject. Prof. Riguera's penchant for using acronyms as memory aids for enumerations and definition of terms was also of great help. I learned by heart and adapted the Jurists Bar Techniques and Methods and they served me well in the bar exams. Thank you very much and more power to Jurists Bar!  Salamat po sa tulong nyo, take one lang ako!

forever grateful,

Atty. Mona Angela E. Vargas

2012 Bar Passer



Thank you for the golden opportunity and precious time I have spent with the Jurists family. Indeed, Jurists Bar Review Center is excellent in terms of BAR techniques and Mock BAR Exams. With the astounding blessings of the Almighty God, and the worthwhile seminars at Jurists, my dream to be a member of the BAR is fulfilled.

In particular, thank you for the MCQ techniques which helped me a lot in answering the MCQ exams. The Essay techniques, especially in the logical presentation of answer, did so much for me. I did not realize that I can still improve my penmanship, until you told me not to “float” the letters/words in answering the Essay exams. I did apply your tip that every page of my notebook should look like a “picture frame.”    

Once again, thank you so much. Please continue to help more BAR candidates, both from the big metro and the provinces. Congratulations to the Jurists family.

Yours truly,

Atty. Deen Asliah D. Macarandang

2012 Bar Passer



Jurists Bar Review played a major role in my success in the 2012 bar exams. Atty. Manny Riguera was a very effective mentor in answering MCQ questions. The flipside approach that he taught during the review helped me greatly in answering difficult MCQs quickly. Further, the coaching program aided me in correctly assessing my weak points.  Jurists Bar Review is a review center I have recommended and will continue to recommend to future bar examinees.  

Again, thank you very much for this opportunity. 


Atty. Idamae Fajardo

2012 Bar Passer



I would like to express my deepest and most sincere gratitude to the great Jurists Bar Review Center for helping me make my dream of becoming a lawyer come true on my first attempt. Its one-on-one coaching sessions and mock bar exams were very helpful. In the coaching session I had with Atty. Manuel Riguera for the result of my Civil Law mock bar exam result, I could never forget his emphasis on the importance of the three-paragraph rule. He advised me to apply the rule not selectively but to all essay questions no matter how difficult the application of the rule might be in a particular problem. Although I was not able to use the rule exclusively in the actual bar exam due to the inadequacy of time allowed in answering the questions asked, without a doubt, I could say that the three paragraph rule was a huge help!  

I am also thankful because all 2012 bar passers in the law school where I came from were products of the 2012 Jurist Bar Review and Coaching Program!

Thank you God for the Jurists Bar Review Center! 

Atty. Jared Anthony Bandalan

2012 Bar Passer



I recommend Jurists Review Center. They not only taught us tips on answering MCQs, they also helped us write better using the three paragraph rule technique (although it was quite hard to strictly follow the three paragraph rule since the essay portion was rather quite long despite the relatively short time allotted for it). They even gather and meet our loved ones and orient them on what the bar examinees are going through!  I believe these enabled me to pass. Although I felt apprehensive about my MCQ scores, I believe I did fairly well in the essay portion of the exam. All in all, I would say tons of hard work and perseverance (at least eight hours of study time everyday for six days a week), and faith in the Divine Providence enabled me to pass.

Atty. Raoul Jann Balanquit

2012 Bar Passer



First of all I would like to say THANK YOU to Jurists Bar Review Center for their magnanimous support, motherly guidance, unselfish words of wisdom, and bar conquering tips & techniques for the 2012 Bar Exams. 

Jurists bar review materials are updated, brief and meticulously prepared with readymade code or acronyms that can easily be recalled by working mother-bar reviewee like me. The entire review schedule was well planned and sticking to it gave me ample opportunity to cover all bar subjects. The mock bar exams and the coaching system of Jurists had been very helpful to me as I go along in assessing my preparedness, competency including the probability of my success to pass the 2012 Bar Exams. Taking the Jurists mock bar exams seriously during the bar review was indeed a great advantage during the actual bar exams. Modesty aside, I felt I was just taking Jurists mock bar exams during that four Sundays of October 2012.  

To my coaches, thank you very much for diligently perusing my test booklets and identifying my weaknesses and good points during our sessions. Haist naloka talaga ako sa inyo coz pinag-aralan talaga ang booklet ko, eagerly recommending to change my writing style from cursive to printed, including the ball point  and color of the pen that I should use during the actual exams. 

To Atty. Riguera and the Jurists staffs thank you po talaga, God Bless You for your noble intentions of helping the barristers passed the bar examinations. My name will not be included in that long awaited list of successful examinees if not for your guidance and support.

Atty. Regina M. Casidsid-Portento

2012 Bar Passer



I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Jurists Bar Review Center and all the people behind it for all the help you've given me. You can never go wrong with this review center. I was able to use all the bar materials that were given to us. The mentoring helped me a lot into identifying my weak points which I was able to apply when I took the bar exams. 

I wish you more success, especially in extending your excellent services to bar reviewees. 

Atty. Chrizellie Keh Almendral

2012 Bar Passer


I was looking for a review center that offered a schedule that will give me enough time to read and teach me how to analyze and answer MCQ and essay questions. 

All of my concerns were addressed and resolved by the Jurists Bar Review program. Their schedule of 2-3 days of lecture per week gave me enough time to read with quality, as a result, during lectures my understanding of the law was either confirmed or improved.  During the bar exams, the techniques I learned from the coaching sessions helped me to properly answer the 75-100 MCQ and 20-30 essay  questions in time. 

Thank you very much Jurists Bar Review Center for helping me hurdle the 2012 bar exams. 

Atty. Shan Yran Yap

2012 Bar Passer


Hurdling the 2012 bar examinations which turned out to be one of the “bloodiest” bar examinations in history was very gratifying. Many barristers may not have anticipated this woeful result considering the low passing percentage, fortunately for me, I was with Jurists which was always there assisting and guiding me to be mentally, psychologically and spiritually prepared to overcome whatever the bar exams have to offer. All the same, even supposing I did not make it through the bar exams, I would still be grateful to Jurists for the worthy experience. 

The unique method of Jurists in reviewing the barristers has been very helpful, the family fostered ambience in Jurists made me feel comfortable during the review; I was able to remedy my “not so good English” through their personalized coaching; I was able to use with great facility the three-paragraph method which probably is my most effective weapon in answering essay questions; the scientific way of guessing MCQs proved to be a reliable tool and as last line of defense if I happen not to know the right answers (lol! I hoped they were correct especially in Tax and Criminal Law which most of the time I did not know the right answers); above all, the commitment and selflessness of Jurists’ lecturers in sharing their knowledge gave me courage and confidence.  Indeed, it was a right choice to enroll at the Jurists Bar Review Center.

All these I owe to Jurists especially to Atty. Riguera for his invaluable assistance extended to all the reviewees and above all to Almighty God for His divine intervention, making Jurists my bar review choice. Thank you very much guys. I owe you big time! 

Atty. Manuel Merida, Jr.

2012 Bar Passer 



Dreams really do come true and I have my Jurists family to thank for it! Enrolling at Jurists Review Center to prepare for the 2012 Bar Exams was an easy choice for me considering that they have the best line up of reviewers but what enticed me the most was the one-on-one coaching they offered to bar reviewees. The personalized coaching helped me a great deal because it honed my writing skills and identified my weak points which tremendously improved my chances of passing the very tough 2012 Bar Examinations. To all the present bar reviewees of Jurists, I say good luck to all of you. To my Jurists family, I can’t thank you enough for helping me realize my dream of becoming a lawyer. Mabuhay po kayo Jurists!

Atty. Warren Wesley M. Malalad

2012 Bar Passer



I am very grateful to the Jurists Review Center for helping me pass the 2012 bar exam. Their unique, scientific and systematic approach is a must for every bar reviewee. They prepare reviewees like no other review center. They have mock bar exams and then a coaching system for each individual  and all are assessed based on their weaknesses and strengths that help them adjust and improve their performance in the upcoming exams. 
There is no single formula for passing the bar but the Jurists Review Center may have just the right one. Thanks again to the Jurists family for helping me fulfill my dream. Godbless to everyone. 

Atty. Jan Ale S. Fajardo

2012 Bar Passer



I’m so thankful that I enrolled at Jurists Bar Review because it was here that I learned of the easy yet truly effective “three-paragraph-rule” method of answering an essay-type exam.  Also, the one-on-one coaching session was equally remarkable. My bar review coach gave me a fresh and objective assessment of my answering and writing style. The schedule of the lectures is convenient and non-exhausting. The cordial staff is very accommodating. Finally, the lecturers demonstrate an authoritative knowledge in their subject. Congratulations Jurists and more power! 

Atty. Ronn Michael M. Villanueva

2012 Bar Passer



While most did not finish the essay portion of the 2012 bar exams because of the length of the questions, I did mine with at least 15 minutes to spare on each subject. This I highly attribute to the training I got from Jurists, from the manner of answering to the substance of my answers. Their trademark three-paragraph template provided me the necessary tool to organize my thoughts with the least time possible.  Indeed, Jurists Bar Review Center is the master in essay-answering techniques!

Thank you Prof. Manny and the rest of the Jurists family! You were not just my review center but my home away from home.

Atty. Hermie F. Alcera, II

2012 Bar Passer


I am truly grateful to the Jurists Bar Review Center Family for making life bearable during the bar review period. 

To bar reviewees who chose Jurists, you have certainly made the first major step towards passing the bar exams. I believe that I couldn't have made it in the 2012 bar exams if not for the techniques and the one-on-one coaching done by the Jurist mentors most especially Atty. Manuel Riguera.  I was fortunate to have scheduled a one-on-one session with Atty. Riguera and he helped me correct my demeanor especially in answering the essay-type questions. 

The lecturers in Jurists are also commendable for being dynamic, young and keeping all the review topics quite understandable but I must truly mention the outstanding lectures of Atty. Manuel Riguera, Atty. Noel Ortega, Atty. Tranquil Salvador III, Atty. Modesto Ticman, Atty. Balmes and Justice Mario Lopez. I cannot help but mention how intimidating Tax was for me but the lecture of Atty. Noel Ortega was hands down the most simplest way to comprehend and overcome my fear of Tax laws. Kudos to you Sirs!

Again thank you so much and may you be able to continue to help more and more bar candidates.

Atty. Jaydee Peregrino-Co

2012 Bar Passer


The Jurists Bar Review Center provides an effective review system for bar exam reviewees, because of the one-on-one coaching style given by Reviewer-Professors to the reviewees. The one-on-one coaching style evaluates the specific capabilities of each reviewee and provides the necessary supplement, in order to make him or her adequately prepared for the bar examinations. The review system makes sure that the reviewee is updated with the latest Supreme Court pronouncements and Congressional legislations, and also that the reviewee receives them. Jurists and its staff also offer a relaxed environment for its reviewees, which is crucial for the reviewees to fully absorb all that they need for the challenge that they will have to hurdle.  All in all, the Jurists Bar Review Center gives an effective review style, and it feels like home.

Atty. Angelo Ted S. Diesmos

2012 Bar Passer


I was in 3rd yr Law School when I heard about this review center which does coaching as one way of reviewing their students/reviewees, I became interested & searched it in the internet —“JURISTS REVIEW CENTER, a premier Philippine bar review center that pioneered coaching style review with mock bar exams”.  I was convinced by the articles/blogs that I’ve read re JURISTS coaching style w/ mock bar. Thus, since then, when I was asked where to review for the bar exam, I would always say JURISTS. And now, I may also attest to the truthfulness of those blogs and articles, JURISTS way of reviewing is exceptional that will guide you to the right path. Thank you, JURISTS.
I would like also to thank you, Atty. Sacramento & all the staff for the support you've given during the review.
Thank you & more power.

Atty. Ilyn Dominguez

2012 Bar Passer



During the bar examinations, I often exceeded the time allotted for answering the MCQs.  But because of the training I acquired from the Jurists bar review center, I was able to answer all the essay questions on time using the so-called three paragraph rule. In fact, I even asked myself as to how on earth did I manage to answer all those long essay questions for such a short period of time. 

Undoubtedly, the three paragraph rule, the mock-bar and coaching program enabled me to hurdle the formidable 2012 bar. These Jurists review methods are truly commendable.

Hail to the Jurists family! I thank Prof. Manuel and others for their unselfish effort in sharing with us their skills and knowledge in the bar.  

Atty. Jeremy C. Lotoc

2012 Bar Passer



JURISTS REVIEW CENTER is the key of my great success in the 2012 bar examination. Its different style of review which includes one-on-one coaching, the difficult and tricky mock bar, the techniques they taught in answering the MCQs and the three-paragraph-rule format in answering the essay questions were very effective. It enhanced my ability in answering the bar questions which led to my success in the 2012 bar.

I am very much thankful to Jurists, the management, its brilliant reviewers and my coach…. Thank you so much, you were a great help in making my dream come true.

Atty. Maribel I. Tamayo

2012 Bar Passer



WHY I RECOMMEND JURISTS BAR REVIEW CENTER: Jurists Review Center treats reviewees as their family.  NO DISCRIMINATION, all are equally treated. NO CLASS A OR CLASS B NOTES, all reading materials/handouts are distributed. The one-on-one coaching helped me a lot in preparing for the bar examination. 

When I doubted taking the bar, it was my coach, ATTY. RIGUERA who told me, "TAKE THE BAR, ITULOY MO NA! WALA NAMANG PERFECT REVIEW." 

Thank you to the Jurists family and my coaches, ATTY. FORMOSO and ATTY. RIGUERA. They are all part of my success.

Atty. Sacel Anne Chua

2012 Bar Passer



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