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Jurists Topnotchers

I never stopped practicing and training under the guidance of my coaches and eventually I was able to equip myself with the sword that will slay the Bar dragon - the Jurists method. Like a warrior of valor who does not run from the battle, determined to bring victory for herself and for the people who believe in her, I fearlessly conquered the Bar Exam and emerged victorious.

Atty. Mae Diane Azores (1st Placer, 2019 Bar)


The Jurists coaching sessions helped me effectively compose my answers in the bar exam.  The Jurists Family has truly been a huge part of my success. Jurists Bar Review is different from other bar review centers. It is a loving and caring family that will help you achieve your dream.

Atty. Myra M. Baranda (3rd Placer, 2019 Bar)


Jurists’ mock bar exams and coaching program helped me effectively answer the bar questions. I hope more bar examinees will avail of the Jurists program to help them not just pass the bar exams, but perhaps even become a topnotcher!

Atty. Katrina C. Gaw (5th Placer, 2018 Bar)


The mock bars and the one-on-one coaching taught me how to manage my time and to structure my answers better. I learned that, as an examinee, my job was to make the examiners' life easier by making my answers easier to read and check. 

Atty. Daniel Fordan (4th Placer, 2018 Bar)


The mock bar exams helped me evaluate my preparedness for the actual bar exams. It inspired me to study more and learn from my mistakes. The coaching helped me properly organize and articulate my answers in a clear, direct, concise, and complete manner.

Atty. Alen Joel Pita (10th Placer, 2018 Bar)



Jurists recognizes that how you answer a Bar question is just as important as what you answer. Being coached early on by Jurists coaches made me see my bad habits and tendencies in answering Bar questions; hence, I was able to address them. 

Atty. Lorenzo Luigi T. Gayya (6th Placer, 2017 Bar)


Jurists is equipped with competent bar review coaches who will truly help the barristers in slaying the bar dragon.  I was coached by passionate and determined coaches who inspired me to push myself to the limit and believed in my capacity in not just passing the bar but in topping it.

Atty. Emma Ruby J. Aguilar (10th Placer, 2017 Bar)


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