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IN JURISTS, YOU WILL NOT ONLY BE PREPARED TO TAKE THE BAR. YOU WILL BE PREPARED TO PASS IT. I first took my bar exams in 2018. I was so committed to my goal and the path I took during my 6-month review was supposed to bring the dot to my ATTY. I relentlessly devoted my time to review alone. 12-16 hours of reading a day. Quick visits with friends are just to keep me sane. When results came out on May of the following year, God knows how ripped my heart was when I learned of my failure. I felt sad knowing that even in my best, I wasn’t enough. And the doubt of joining the profession came rushing in knowing I couldn’t give any more than what I already gave in the 2018 Bar. I doubted my abilities. I doubted how great my God is. Despite of all my heartaches, I know there is no other way to bring healing to myself than passing the bar. They say that the best way to avenge defeat is a success well-fought. Deep down my heart I know I was meant by the Lord to be great for His Name.


I enrolled in Jurists Bar Review Center for its good reputation of helping examinees walk their way through the Bar Exams. I know that God uses people to show His Grace and Mercy. I believed that the grace I have been asking from the Lord were the coaches in Jurists who will hold my hand as I long to brave the 2019 Bar Exams. From the day I started reviewing in Jurists, I fully committed myself to the system that institutionalized what Jurists is now today. The system was hard at first. Atty. Manny who happened to be my coach in Civil Law even told me “Keesh, wala naman ganitong batas. Sinabi mo lang to”. Di ko alam kung matutuwa ba ako sa creativity ko sa pagsagot or malulungkot kasi parang di ko pa din magawang sumagot nang matino. I was with Atty. Manny for 2 subjects. It was so hard to please the man behind the great halls of Jurists. And guess what, sa penmanship ko lang ata napasaya si Atty. Yung iba, pinagdasal ko na lang talaga. But what I learned most from him is the ability to stay patient in answering bar questions. He told me that the bar exam is not meant to pass everybody but is designed to screen those who know how to apply the law very well in a given situation. That is why I need to stay patient in applying them since that is the true test of the bar. Appreciate facts. Apply the law.


Atty. Karen was my coach for Merc and Rem. She was my first coach. It was through her that I was able to delineate the things I am in control of in taking the exams, and things that are outside of my control. She asked me to always remember those things as it will matter a lot in my chances of passing. Atty. Sharwina was my send-off coach. She was my last coach and she gave me tips I needed so much in answering questions I do not know the answers. I had the tendency of leaving items unanswered if I do not know the answers at all. Most of all, she brought back all my lost confidence when during my coaching in Labor, she told me that I will make it to the bar. I came to Jurists with a broken spirit. I left UST with an assurance that I will be a lawyer comes the result of Bar2019. My spirit was healed through the help of my selfless coaches: Atty. Manny, Atty. Sharwina, and Atty. Karen. They were all constant in prodding me of doing and giving more. Through them, I became more motivated in hurdling the bar. I will forever be grateful of how good you are to me. You guys are my rockstars! You truly made it all happen! But above all, believe that the Lord is in full control. Do not stop where you fail. Do not allow that failure to be your defining moment. Make that as your developing moment. The biggest failure we will have in life is the regret of not trying because we are afraid to fail again. The truth is, we will fail a lot of times in life, we will be slapped with more nos compared to the yeses. But to not try again is to kill a chance of receiving a yes in life. It is to deny ourselves of what the Lord has in store for us. Keep the faith. Believe that this profession is for you too. Sometimes the Lord has to let us experience failures not only to make us grow or to teach us lessons we have not yet learned, but to make us more prepared to help others when we have been to places we have saved ourselves from.


To the lecturers, coaches, and staff of Jurists, and to my review classmates, I am so glad to have shared this once in a lifetime journey with you. May we all be the persons we want to become when we see each other in the future.







I am a medical doctor by profession and I took up law as my specialisation. Since the bar examination is known to be the most difficult licensure examination in the Philippines, I made sure that I took my review with Jurists where my siblings also had their review and subsequently passed the bar on a single take. The lecturers, the materials, the system, the strategies and techniques, and of course, the coaching, all made overcoming the hurdle of passing the bar examination a reality for me. I am truly grateful for the assistance that Jurists has given me. Team Jurists for the win!






Increase your chance to pass and top the bar with Jurists Bar Review Center!


The reviewers are top-notch, the program is nothing short of inspired and the entire review experience will surely dress you up to be Bar-ready in no time!


I enrolled exclusively to their Online Review and only had Jurists as my sole Bar Review Center. I have to say and with full confidence, they are enough. Their techniques on how to have better answers for the Bar Exam and the gaps in my knowledge the Jurists reviewers effectively fill in during our review sessions greatly contributed to my passing the 2019 Bar Exam!

Special thanks to Atty. Manuel Riguera, Atty. Tranquil Salvador III, Atty. Rizalina Lumbera and Atty. Ferdinand Negre for a superb lecture. Of course to the entire Team Jurists, thank you very much! :) :) :)"


Best regards,




I’m really thankful that I decided to go with Jurists for my bar review. To start with, the pre-review lectures (basic english, bar-answering tips, and actual bar stories) helped a lot in starting off my pre-bar, especially that I classify myself as someone who’s behind her grammar game. The lectures were all helpful and the “Jurists notes” really saved my life (and a lot of time). The notes were all well-thought of and comprehensive. I actually just mastered all Jurists notes (+ codal) during my second reading and it delivered. Big thanks also to my coaches. They helped in my honest assessment with how I answer and respond to bar questions. Thanks, Jurists family! Letting everyone know that you’re a huge factor in that passing mark. Will be forever grateful!





With deepest gratitude, I would like to thank the Jurists Bar Review Center for having taught me practical ways to answer the bar examination, aside from having provided the new jurisprudence and basic laws.


1. Sir Manuel Riguera's techniques in how to answer logically bar problems are extremely invaluable. It is a must that the candidate should know them - when to use the ARAC method or the 2-paragraph format. 

2. Jurists' system of coaching the students, even online (I was online, too), is extremely of great help. 


With these tools in hand, plus the candidate's systematic reading and listening to bar reviewers, Jurists bar reviewees have a much higher chance of passing the bar examination.


Thank you very much, sir, ma'am, for having truly helped me in passing the bar.








I thank ALLAH (swt) for making me choose Jurists Bar Review Center-Online Program as my aid during my 6-month bar journey. It was the best decision as it led me to become a lawyer.


As a Muslimah, this is the most convenient program for me. Here are ten gems in choosing this program:


1.) REVIEW AT HOME. There is no need to go outside the comfort of your home.


2.) TIME CONTROL. There is no power struggle between not wanting to miss an obligatory prayer v not wanting to skip a portion of the lecture. All you need to do is pause the video.


3.) NO MINGLING. There is no risk of non-mahram contact.


4.) POWER OF REPLAY. This is especially true in Taxation and Remedial Law where you have to understand technical concepts.


5.) NO TIME WASTED. Just click the play button and the esteemed professor will start his/her lecture.


6.) BREAKS. You also have control over your break time. You can utilize it by performing the obligatory prayer. How convenient, right?  


7.) PEACE OF MIND. No need to think of a strategic “corner” of the room to pray. It is an unfortunate fact that almost all on-site review centers lack designated prayer rooms for Muslims.


8.) COACHING. You have to work harder  during the mock bar. It may be burdensome to write answers in your booklet only to find yourself encoding the same in your macbook or ipad. However, you are actually training your patience as  well as your hands for the bar.


9.) STUDY AT YOUR OWN PACE. No need to experience information overload. Here, you are given a chance to absorb the lesson one day at a time.


10.) AFFORDABILITY. There is no need to pay hefty amount to experience a quality review.


Thank you Jurists for giving us this option. I hope many Muslims will consider this especially if they have strong internet connection at their disposal.


Lastly, let me share this motivational message I read somewhere:


“ALLAH has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and it takes a lot of faith but it’s worth the wait. I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I know who holds tomorrow! Everything has already been determined for you. So don’t worry, and don’t be sad. Your rizq is with Allah. All He asks is that you worship Him with a sincere heart and a strong intention.”


"Put your Trust in Allah if you are believers indeed." (5:23)


Good luck future lawyers!


Never give up!





High-quality and extensive review materials, supportive Jurists Family, accommodating staff, high-caliber lecturers, well-crafted mock bar, well-trained coaches and affordable review fees. These words best describe Jurists Bar Review Center. I am forever grateful with the formula of success shared by Jurists! Indeed one of the best review centers ever established. Thank you Team Jurists!


With Gratitude and Best Regards,







I would like to express my gratitude to my Jurists Family under the leadership of ATTY. MANUEL RIGUERA. Choosing Jurists in guiding me to overcome the BAR Examination is one of the best decisions I made in my life. In JURISTS, you enjoy while you learn.


I am from Cagayan de Oro City and reviewing far from your home is not easy considering that you will have to live away from your family. However, Jurists never made me feel that I am alone with my journey to the BAR Exam. They serve as a family during the entire duration of review even after I passed the BAR Exam.


I can still remember when I left my RULES OF COURT CODAL at the Review Center after the last day of classes during that week. Jurists took care of it and delivered it at my residence to help me avoid taking a trip for several hours to get the CODAL at their Office. By doing that, I can really say that Jurists really exercises extraordinary diligence in leading their reviewees to the BAR EXAM.








Taking the Bar Examination is grueling, it is physically abusing, mentally consuming and psychologically exhausting, and it requires a lot of determination and perseverance. 

Completing the exam is fulfilling, but passing it is truly exhilarating. 

#353! Yes!  I made it, I finally made it. God's time is always perfect.


My deepest gratitude to Jurist Review Center for the continuous support since Day 1 until the last Sunday. Special thanks to my dear coach,  Atty Taguiam; through your guidance I succeeded!!








I got more than I expected when I enrolled in Jurists. Being in a review center, I thought they would only be discussing matters that could appear on the bar exam questionnaire. I thought the lectures would be purely about law school subjects. I was wrong.


During the orientation, I realized that it is not only my knowledge of the law that would be put to test. I spent years in law school so that I could pass the bar, and so pass the bar I must. Thinking about passing the bar brings excitement, but it also brings anxiety, pressure and stress. To address these mixed emotions that could bother me while reviewing, Jurists pointed out the possible obstacles that I could meet along the way so that I could immediately address them when they come, down to the smallest of things like stocking up on pens so that I won't have to leave just to buy a pen. Together with the coaching system, I was prepared not only to answer the bar exam questions, but also to take care of myself so that I could enjoy the fruits of my labor after the bar.


You don't go to war unarmed. Even if you are armed, you have to make sure that your weapons could beat the weapons of your enemy. And even if you are armed with weapons that could beat those of your enemy, you have to make sure that the weight of the weapons you carry is just right so that you would still have enough energy to fight and stay alive at the war zone. You have to strike a balance, and I am glad I let the experts tell me how to do that.


I was never alone during my bar exam journey. Jurists was with me all throughout. Thank you, Jurists, for helping me get my "Atty."






Enrolling at Jurists was the best decision I’ve ever made


When I failed the 2018 Bar exams, I wasn’t really planning on taking the 2019 Bar Exams because I thought I needed more time to study. I thought taking a year off will be helpful but decided against it after heeding some advice. I needed to keep going.


After days of discerning on where to review, I finally decided to enroll at Jurists—mainly because they offer one-on-one coaching, which I believe contributed a lot to my success in the bar exams.


I attended all the review classes (yes, I was never absent hahaha) and took the mock bar exams seriously. I always looked forward to my coaching sessions with Atty. Concepcion as he would always push me to improve to pass the bar exam this time.


Thank you, Coach!!! I would also like to thank Atty. Riguera and the rest of my Jurists Fam for making my dream of being a lawyer a reality! You guys are the best!!! I can now proudly say, I SLAYED THE BAR DRAGON!!!


To all the future bar takers, never give up on your dream of becoming a lawyer. A little setback should not diminish your determination but regard it as a motivation to strive more. Always believe in yourself. And most importantly, don’t forget to PRAY.






Jurists Bar Review Center was an integral part of my journey during my prebar and preweek review. They had provided me my needed materials to read. There is not enough words susceptible to describe the help they had extended to me especially those pertinent notes & highlighted jurisprudence they had given me during preweek. Thank you again Jurists Bar Review Center, I passed the bar exam on my first take! God Bless!






First of all, I would like to thank the Jurists Bar Review Center for helping me pass the Bar. Personally, I really thought that I would not be as prepared as I had been since our graduation was scheduled in mid-July of last year. But Jurists really enabled to study at my own time and pace. I wish to commend all the professors/reviewers and coaches who gave their time, their materials, and even faith - yes, faith - in us. Though I only availed of the online Bar review, I can say that Jurists never left me on my own during this 4 months of review. When the Bar month came, it was the Jurists notes and pre-week that I had in hand as I crammed for the Sunday's exam.


Thank you, Jurists. I wish I could all meet the professors and the staff behind such great institution someday to personally thank you. May God bless you! I will totally recommend this to the lower batches. More power!


Sincerely yours,




Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department

Angara Abello Concepcion Regala & Cruz Law Offices





I first heard about Jurists Bar Review from a colleague. When he passed the Bar, he believed that the Jurists method of answering the Bar Exam made a great deal of contribution to why he made it. Instantly, I became curious about the method he was referring to, so I searched for the review center's website and read the testimonials. I found out that they produced a lot of bar passers and topnotchers that attests to the effectiveness of the lectures and coaching sessions offered by Jurists. Right then and there, I knew that I had found my bar review center.

I enrolled in the advanced pre-bar in January 2019 to have a head start on the review. I was more interested in the lectures than the coaching; back then I didn't worry much about the way I answered because I thought it's okay since it worked in law school. When I received my first evaluation sheet, it was bleeding - almost all of my answers have notes and comments marked in red. My confidence in myself was shattered, it was hard for me to admit that I have a lot to work on and it was already the year of my Bar Exam; I was panicking. On the 2nd and 3rd mock bar, my evaluation only showed minor improvements; I was still hesitant to correct my faults - indeed, old habits die hard.

Come the formal review, we repeatedly heard from the 2018 Bar passers, Atty. Riguera and other coaches to fully trust the method.  It was at that time that I realized that I needed to let my guard down and just allow the commanders to prepare me for the battlefield. I listened to criticisms of my coaches, I never stopped practicing and eventually I was able to equip myself with the sword that will slay the Bar dragon - the Jurists method. Like a warrior of valor who does not run from the battle, determined to bring victory for herself and for the people who believe in her, I fearlessly conquered the Bar Exam and emerged victorious.


So, thank you so much to my Jurists family headed by Atty. Manny and Hazel Riguera, the staff, to my coaches Atty. Pau Granados and Atty. Che Guevara and to the amazing and competent lecturers. I am forever grateful to all of you and I will never get tired of recommending Jurists Bar Review to all the lawyer hopefuls. God bless you all!







I wanted to retake the bar exams and I wanted it to be my last. It's now or never. I enrolled in Jurists Bar Review Center because I wanted to improve my strategy in my review and also someone to pinpoint my mistakes in answering without being humiliated.  My coach, Atty. Manny Riguera and the Jurist Bar Review Center exceeded my expectations. Everything was so organized most especially the lectures. For us reviewees, time is gold so organized lectures are a big deal for us.  Also, I think taking the mock bar exam helped me in the actual bar exams. Mas kalmado ako compared to last year. Also, the Jurists format helped a lot.  In the bar exams, wala ng time magisip ng iba. Pagkabasa ng tanong, tamang sagot na lang iisipin. It's the fast way to answer considering na mahaba ang bar exams for the past two years. I was intimidated at first nung nalaman ko na Atty. Riguera was my coach. Honestly, I did not want to attend our first coaching session because I knew I did not do well in the commercial law mock bar exam. But I was wrong. He was very patient, keen and compassionate in pointing out my mistakes. Akala ko ipapahiya niya ko sa mga sagot ko. I think, mas prepared ako this 2019 bar exams compared last year 2018 through the help of my coach Atty. Riguera and Jurists Bar review center. All the hard work finally paid off! Thank you Jurists!







The Jurists Bar Review made me write better (penmanship, grammar, and logic-wise) not only during the Bar exams, but also after it. In my underbar work, crafting legal forms for the law firm became easier using the Jurists Method (Who would have thought?). In fact, I've received compliments from my boss regarding the structure, clarity, and sufficiency of my arguments. Jurists-mentoring, without question, gets the credit. 


Also, this one is understated: Jurists cares about the well-being of its reviewees. I have not experienced in law school (nor have I heard of other review centers) where loved ones of reviewees are made aware and recommended to actively care for their physical, emotional, and mental health - only at Jurists. Indeed, its Madison Hotel venue as well as online classes have also lessened my stress and anxiety. Lastly, the most emotionally uplifting part is the emails of Atty. Riguera giving heartwarming tips and advice after every Bar exam Sundays. 


Note: If you're planning to enroll in at least 2 Bar review centers, at least one of them should be Jurists. Surely, it will be worth your journey. 


I am very grateful for having chosen only 1: Jurists. No regrets. I passed the 2019 Bar exams mainly because of the positive experiences I had with it. 


Thank you, Jurists! 








Personally, Jurists remains as the top bar review center in the country. From its innovative online review setup, to its dynamic in-person coaching, to its groundbreaking study and BAR guides, and to its strategic method of teaching each subject,
you can never go wrong with Jurists. And the numbers show this. I am eternally grateful to Jurists for equipping me with the appropriate tools to face and conquer the BAR.








Passing the 2019 bar exam was the most humbling experience I ever had. Having been through law school, months of review and then finally conquering the gates of UST for 4 long weeks made me realize how small I was.


I learned how to empty my cup so that it can be filled with better thoughts and values. I learned how to be more grateful and appreciative to people supporting me. After all, I am the living manifestation of how my parents overstretched all resources just to send me to law school.


I was also able to know myself more during this entire journey. I discovered my strengths and weaknesses and welcomed them openly. Above all, I learned how to be kind to myself even in times of repeated failures.


To all aspiring lawyers, never give up your dream. The road to success will never be easy but there is no best way out but through. 







First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to express my utmost gratitude to the whole community of Jurists Bar Review Center. The team's patience with us students were eternal. Thank you! Secondly, I would like to thank especially my former coach, Atty. AS. Imperial.  Ma'am without you and your patience with my mistakes, I wouldn't have made it; for that I will be eternally grateful. 


To the current and/or future students of Jurists, I will say what a lot of people would say after passing the bar with the help of Jurists: trust the process. Like how the Philadelphia 76ers trusted their process and became a playoff team. The construction and the manners that the system provided worked, not only for me but for the other hundreds of reviewees. It would be difficult at first because the Jurists way is a lot different with what our former law school taught us. However, this difference helped me pass the bar examinations of 2019. Do not worry if at first, the review system is too difficult to master, just attend all of the mock bar examinations and the coaching sessions and you will surely pass the bar exam! Stick to your law school materials and find the best study habits that suit you. Never compare your process with other bar takers, this will only give you unlimited headaches. Trust the process and believe in yourself.


And most importantly, listen to your coaches!


May every one be blessed to become future lawyers!








A year ago, I was part of the 6358 examinees who cried for failing the 2018 Bar exams. It was one of the worst feelings ever because it is so hard to accept something you know you don’t deserve. I exerted earnest diligence and utmost effort. I did everything I could and I should, yet I arrived nowhere.


It takes so many guts for one to stand up from a downfall. You don’t say “okay lang yan, bawi na lang”, because it is not, really not okay! You just don’t know how it feels until you are the one experiencing it. You will have to undergo the same pain and sacrifices, and your life will be put on hold once more. You will then repeatedly ask yourself -- can I still redeem myself? Do I have something more to give or something left for me to begin with?

The scar is already embedded and the feeling will not fade unless and until you pass the Bar. I believe not everything you asked and prayed for will always be granted. In certain aspects of life, hard work and prayer aren’t enough. Destiny takes part in our everyday life and you can’t do anything but to accept it and move forward. Certain things are beyond controllable and failure is indeed inevitable. C’est la vie!


Today, I am now part of 2103 new lawyers who cried due to overwhelming happiness. Always remember tough times don’t last but tough people do. All the pain and hard work are worth it. Indeed, this is a dream worth striving for.


I would like to thank Jurists Bar Review because it helped me achieve my dream. I strongly recommend Jurists Online since you can watch and replay the lectures anytime and anywhere. The mock bar and coaching will also help you hone your skills and make up for your weaknesses. The materials and last minute notes were also well written and prepared. Lastly, the genuine support and encouragement of every lecturer, especially Prof. Riguera, inspires us to strive and study harder.    








If you're going into battle that is the BAR exam, you need to be armed with the right review center that is suitable for you.


I am a retaker (3rd try) and during that darkest time my self-confidence was in the gutter, the fight in me took a plunge, and I was drowning in excruciating pain.


I am very grateful that the Jurists Team helped me deal with those areas. By religiously doing the mockbar+coaching, my self-confidence slowly recuperated. They were a family away from home, most especially Atty. Manny.  I see him as a father figure (the cool kind ;) ).


To all the fallen warriors, LABAN LANG. It is worth it, believe me. You are worthy of the elusive title, believe it.







Jurists Bar Online Review is the BEST review school for aspiring lawyers in the country, in my humble opinion. 


You get to manage your time at your own phase by watching saved video lectures by the best law professors in our country. They also provide notes that are tailored for the upcoming Bar Exam. Getting to control which part of said lectures and its speed/phase, and having good reviewers on hand by the best law professors were definitely a great help with my bar exam journey. 


Enrolling in Jurists Online Review was indeed one of the best investments I have ever made. I have passed the 2019 Bar Exam because of it. 


Thank you, Team Jurist. 










Before reviewing at Jurists, I have failed the bar twice. In 2013, I filed for a study leave from my office and reviewed in Manila. While in 2015, I took a leap of faith and tried self-study. In the two bar exams I took, I was convinced I made good since I know most of the questions but I wondered why I kept failing. This made me contemplate on what is causing my failure and I realized maybe it was how I answered.


A lawyer-friend told me that Jurists offers coaching sessions on how to answer in the bar exams on top of their regular lecture-review. This made me decide to enroll and take my chance. I was so happy I made the right decision. Jurists helped me answer briefly and logically. I am sure that this was the reason I passed this time.


After the bar exams and up until now, I encouraged my law student friends and those who flunked in the bar to review at Jurists. They have the best line-up of lecturers and coaches which will help one prepare for the bar. 


Thank you my Jurists family for helping me achieve my dream. I am now a bar passer. 







For future lawyers looking for a Bar review center, do not hesitate to enroll in Jurists Bar Review Center. I chose Combo (online & on-site). For me, it is the best bar review center because of the following:


First, Jurists has the best line-up of lecturers; some of them were actual bar examiners of the previous years. You can gain a lot of tips & hints from them.


Second, the schedule is very convenient since it gives me more time to focus on my readings during the weekdays. Lectures are mostly on the weekends.


Third, online bar review is very helpful during those times when I cannot attend the lecture due to some circumstances. It can also be viewed at my most convenient time.


Fourth, mock bar exams & face-to-face coaching sessions have greatly contributed in presenting my answers logically.


Lastly, I could really say that Jurists Last Minute Tips are definitely reliable during the pre-week. Please take time to read them before the Bar. 


Above all, I could feel the support of the whole Jurists family. Their main aim is for all reviewees to pass (and even Top the Bar), regardless of what school you came from. The dedication of Atty. Manny and the whole Jurists family is incomparable. 


Thank you so much, Jurists! My Bar Exam

journey would not be a success without your help. Thank you and God bless!







Honestly, Jurists Bar Review Center was not our first choice when my friends and I were deciding on where to review for the 2019 Bar Exams. Later on, I realized that it was God's will that a batchmate in the law school told us that her final choice was Jurists. Joem told us that it's because of the coaching sessions here which were exclusive in this bar review center that would help her effectively compose her answers during the Bar month. After hearing that and being struck by her words, we came to realize that this is it. Finally, we found the review center that will help us become lawyers.

We attended the first on-site meeting beginning with the holy mass, the introduction of the Jurists team and then, the testimonials of some of the 2018 Bar passers who reviewed with Jurists. Even on Day 1, Jurists had already made me believe that after a few months if I would be obedient, I will also get that dot and be a lawyer. I was not really able to review for a full six months; I had to finish annual reports to be submitted at work prior to deadlines, so I had to travel from Manila to Bicol and vice versa on weekdays for at least four times while the review was ongoing. I also went home whenever I missed my family.  Since I availed of the Combo Review, I was able to access the uploaded materials and recorded videos of Jurists lectures that my mind was not able to absorb due to fatigue from travels or those which I totally missed attending on-site.

After each Jurists mock bar exam is the coaching session. When the reviewees were finally given the chance to pick our coaches, Atty. Manny Riguera was the only coach that came to my mind. Aside from being the review director who is one of the pioneers and experts in teaching the "Jurists Method," he is also a topnotch lecturer in Remedial and Civil Law. I told myself that if he will become my coach, I will definitely pass the Bar.  Despite being sought by a lot of Bar reviewees, I was so lucky to have him as my coach for three times, including my last coaching session where he congratulated me and told me that I was then ready to conquer the Bar Exams. In that critical time and from a man who is so hard to please, his words have such huge effect on me that even my then-doubting mind was flooded by positivity and determination. I was still teary-eyed when I requested for a hug, which I was so shy and hesitant to ask for before my last coaching session ended with my "lodi." I told myself that if I got the courage to request a power hug, then I also would get the courage to finish the Bar Exams. The ever so kind and approachable Coach Manny did not give me a hard time and granted my request as I may have looked both desperate and funny at that moment. Ha ha.


Due to that memorable coaching session, whenever I paused while I was taking the Bar Exams, I was always reminded to do my best in finishing all the exams and trying to apply the "Jurists Method" because I should not let Coach Manny down. 


Fast forward to Saturday night before the last Sunday of November, my pessimistic mind caused me to cry hopelessly asking myself whether all my efforts will be fruitless and whether taking the last two exams would still matter. Honestly, that's because I was not confident whether I could pass the first six subjects. I called my parents asking for loving words to strengthen me but still, my spirit was low and tired, confused on what to do next. Instead of worrying more, I prayed to God and asked for a sign whether I will pass the  2019 Bar Exams. After that I tried to read the Jurists last minute tips in Legal Ethics, the last subject. Somehow I thought that if I find my name in that handout, I would pass the Bar Exams. Until now, I still could not believe that near the end of such reading material, I found "Atty. Myra" in one of the problems. Tears blurred my vision after and with that sign, I became more hopeful than ever.


Aside from my family, friends and professors who were my prayer warriors in Bicol, the Jurists Family has truly been a huge part of my success. Like in the testimonials that inspired me when I was just then a reviewee, Jurists Bar Review Center is different from other bar review centers. It is a loving and caring family that will help you achieve your dream.

To God be all the Glory!




Going to the 6-month prebar review, I had no idea how it would be like. I remember vividly, how me and Diane (who is the bar topnotcher of our batch 2019) would come very early to reserve front seats in the live room. For us, being in the live room and seeing the passion in our lecturers’ faces was always an inspiration. What I didn’t know in law school, I learned in Jurists. The day-long, 8-hour lectures were definitely worth it. The one-on-one coaching also taught us that we can always be better than our best and that there is always room for improvement. 

Thank you to the Jurists family for preparing us for the biggest battle of our lives yet. The training helped us in overcoming the BAR and emerging triumphantly in one take. More power to Atty. Manny Riguera and the rest of the Jurists Family! I am confident that the Jurists family will continue to transform law students into great lawyers for the years to come. 






Good day Team Jurists,

I would like to say "Thank you from the bottom of my heart" to the whole Jurists Family. I would not have passed the 2019 BAR Examinations if I had enrolled in different review center. Jurists is more than a typical review center, but it is a family that treats all Jurists Barristers with equal importance. The "Conclusion-Rule (CR) Method" that Jurists has been teaching made real difference in the 2019 BAR considering the number of questions and its sub-questions. Eighty percent (80%) of my answers were based on (CR) Method, and I can humbly say that two-paragraph format is enough to pass the BAR. I am truly grateful that Jurists molded my maturity on how to read and answer a BAR question. I would highly recommend Jurists Review  Center to all the next batches of barristers. Again, thank you so much Jurists for helping me to pass the BAR, and I hope to return the favor soon.

God bless Jurists Family and stay safe everyone.







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