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Conquering the bar examination will never be an easy feat but will not be impossible through the help and support given by Jurists Bar Review Center. The Center will teach you various methods on how to present your answers clearly, briefly and logically. It will also help you on how to deal with difficult bar questions. In my experience, if I really have no idea on what is being asked, I just phrased my answer on what was taught here in Jurists - using the four paragraph rule/CRAC. Do not worry because the coaches will help you understand the Jurists’ method and make sure you execute the principle well. The mock bars given by the Center mimic the real experience during the bar exam itself to make you feel less nervous on the day of the exam. It was also convenient that the Center uses a booklet that is very similar to what was used during the bar. It helps you choose the right pen, and practice your handwriting to make it more legible, and neat. More than a review center, Jurists was like a family to me when I was reviewing. They will do everything that they can to make your review easier and manageable.






Dear Attys. Riguera and the Jurist Family,


First and foremost, on behalf of my wife who cried along with me when I heard the jubilant news and my kids back in Pangasinan who jumped and shouted at the top of their lungs in joy, I thank you all!  You are, in my honest belief, the key ingredient in my success in the 2017 Bar. 

I am a product of the public school system: I studied in J.P. Rizal Elementary School, Florentino Torres High School, and Universidad de Manila, the lattermost in both my undergrad in B.S. Accountancy and in Juris Doctor. I came from a poor family, having been supported for most of my undergrad student days by my mother who took ironing jobs from neighbors in order for us to eat and pay rent. When I passed the CPA Board Exam, I finally had a financially comfortable life, but my dream of becoming a lawyer did not wane in the slightest. 

As a result, I resolved to enroll in a law school. I could have chosen other schools for my law degree, as I could have saved enough to enroll in them, but I decided that I would bring honor to my Alma Mater UDM by gaining my law degree there and hopefully passing the bar as one of its alumni-lawyers. 

But the going got tough at the end of my 2nd year in law school; I had to stop studying for 2 years as me and my wife were experiencing some hardships in our relationship. With God’s grace and the support of friends and family, we overcame our struggles and I had the opportunity to resume studying law. Finally, I graduated in 2017. 

I have heard of Jurist from a former schoolmate and my initial reaction was, “This is the review school I would enroll into, by hook or by crook.” I was thoroughly interested in the coaching method and the Jurist format, and luckily, I have had the chance to learn both through the mentorship of Atty. Morgan.  

It was a grueling 4 months of review, and the only way my classmates and I dealt with stress was to drink booze and chide each other with jokes, both law-related and otherwise. As November approached slowly, the pressure was slowly mounting to unbearable levels, but the Jurist family and reviewers pushed us on with motivating messages and encouraging remarks. In the Bar proper, I put my faith in the Jurist format and hoped it could carry me through the hardest parts of the exam. 

The agony of waiting for the result in the months that followed haunted me, but I took faith in God’s grace, my family and friends’ support, and the Jurist method. Then came the fateful day, and my faith was repaid tenfold, seeing my name in that coveted list of passers. It was, in so many ways, one of the most profound and unforgettable moments of my life. 

To the 2018 Batch and those who will come after, I have a challenge for you: I challenge you to overcome your doubts and inhibitions, to push yourself to study as hard as you can while still having the presence of mind to enjoy the experience, and to have complete faith in the Almighty One and the Jurist family. Know that the sacrifices you have given and are continuing to give for that much sought-after license are never wasted; there is a proper time for everything, and all it takes is to keep on going. 

To paraphrase a quote I have read somewhere in the internet, “If they say the mountain could not be moved, then climb it.” Only you have the power to achieve your dreams, and all it takes to start your journey towards that goal is a single step forward. 

More power to the Jurist family! To the amazing spouses Attys. Riguera and the wonderful and untiring reviewers and coaches, I am forever indebted to all of you. Know that with each future case I attend to, each future student I teach, and each future client I defend, you are there with me, sharing in my successes. No amount of gratitude can ever compensate for the chance of having reviewed for - and passed in - the Bar under your care and support. Cheers! 


Gratefully yours,





Thank you Jurists Review Center for helping me pass the 2017 Bar Exam and now I'm a lawyer. The Jurists lectures and materials were very helpful during my review. The coaching and Jurists format enhanced my answers in the bar exam. I am truly grateful to Sir Manny for his all-out support to us reviewees as well as to all the staff and lecturers of Jurists. Thank you so much and God bless you more!





Coming to Manila for the bar review was never easy. I had to leave my three kids under the care of my husband who also has a full-time job. Those who already have a family would understand how hard it is for a mother to leave their children and not to see them for more than six months. It was the greatest challenge for me not to see my loved ones for a long time. However, the orientation done by Jurists to the family members of the bar reviewees helped my family and I understood what it was that I had to go through. Jurists is the only review center I know na ginagawa ang ganito. Ramdam na ramdam ko at ng aking pamilya ang malasakit nila sa reviewees. 

I came from a provincial school but I never felt insecure, instead I felt that I was home. I even made friends with co-reviewees I have only met in Jurists, to Flo and Mhay, wherever you are keep going, your time will come. 

Looking back I would not have passed the 2017 bar if not for the mock bars and the coaching method of Jurists. My handwriting improved and so did my answering style. I must say thank you so much to my coach Atty. Sacel Chua. You are my lucky charm. And yes, you are so right Atty. Charm Sison, Jurists is the best choice. 

To the power couple Prof. Manny and Atty. Hazel, please continue what you are doing. May God bless you! Good luck Batch 2018, my prayers are with you.


To God be all the Glory!





“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war.” – Sun Tzu.


A well-equipped band of warriors yet not trained rightly ventures into the uncertainties of the road leading to victory. The pursuit of triumph must not only be packed with arms and self-rule. More than those are motivation and perseverance coming from ourselves and most importantly proper guidance we derive from others. 

The outstanding service and excellent training which Jurists Bar Review Center provided me played a big part of my victory in conquering the bar exams. I could not have been much prepared if not because of the lectures and notes offered by the brilliant professors of Jurists, the guidance and pointers given by the admirable coaches of Jurists, the warmth support of the Jurists staff and the feeling of being protected and guided knowing that I am reviewing in the number 1 review center in the Philippines, the Jurists Bar Review Center. 

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to manifest my gratitude to Atty. Manuel R. Riguera, Atty. Hazel Riguera, to all the brilliant Jurists lecturers and coaches, and to all Jurists staff. I would also like to specially thank Usec. Erickson H. Balmes, Asec. George O. Ortha II and my cousin-coach Associate Solicitor Paulo Jay Abasta Granados. God bless the Jurists family!






Thank you to the Jurist Family, all staff members and support group. It made the environment light and cut the tension and stress. 

Thanks to classmates who made the review a memory to remember. Regardless of the results, the time spent was all worth it.  

With all that being said, things to remember: 

1) Prayer. In all great undertaking, first kneel before taking the first step. When stressed, kneel. Kneel as much as you study 

2) To a prospective reviewee/student reading this, listen and do as your reviewers and coaches tell you. They are there for a reason. Always come to class with purpose. 

3) Other than studying, practice answering written exams. Practice makes perfect. If not perfect, then just betterer. Hihi 

4) Make studying as fun as you can. Have a laugh at certain provisions or doctrines. Relate them with your favorite movies and books or any example that will help you remember.  Ex. Did John Wick commit a crime? Is Kris Aquino liable? Share your jokes with seatmates, friends just to lighten the mood. 

5) Last, wag maging madamot. An example, I've noticed some students would come so early and reserve all those seats for their friends. You paid for one seat but your bag gets a seat and your water bottle and your books. Wag ganun.





Preparing for the bar exam is not an easy process. Several factors, like money, lecturers and schedule, are needed to be considered before making a decision as to where a barrister should do his/her review. I was enrolled at Jurists Online Review. I heard about Jurists Bar Review Center from my lawyer-friends who were enrolled at Jurists while they were preparing for the 2016 Bar Exam. They were the ones who recommended Jurists to me. Upon hearing that Jurists offers an online class, I decided to enroll myself. 

One of the advantages in enrolling in an online class is that I can always watch the videos and download the materials any time I want. The convenience that Jurists provides is such a big help for reviewees. Jurists has a great roster of lecturers. Not only that the review class is very informative and systematic, it also very enjoyable. The review materials are reliable, updated and most importantly, made easy to understand. In fact, I mainly relied on Jurists notes during the pre-week. 

Also, the mock bar exams help me to assess my strengths and weaknesses in every bar subject. The comments made by the coach help me to improve my style in answering the bar question. In total, Jurists provides the reviewees the necessary preparation for the bar. 

Thank you, Jurists Bar Review Center and Atty. Manny, for helping me in reaching my goal. I am so grateful and proud to have been a product of Jurists Bar Review Center. To all 2018 Barristers, work hard for your dreams, have faith in Him and believe in yourself.





Three things that make Jurists the best review center:


  1. Weekend schedule
  2. Line up of lecturers and their well-crafted review materials
  3. Mock bar and coaching


All these definitely helped me in my review. The Jurists schedule allowed me to read on weekdays and study on my own because come November, it will just be you, your pen and what you have memorized.  

The lectures on weekends helped me retain and clarify what I have read because as we all know, repetition is the key, so I never missed on that too and I made sure I am done with my readings before I sit on lectures. Also, the bar exams could have been less difficult if not for its wide coverage. Believe me, you cannot finish everything so focus on the basics and read your materials a number of times if you can (again, for retention). I completed 2 readings before November. I read all the review materials provided by Jurists to make sure I did not miss any update or amendment. The pre-week notes were very helpful as well. 

Lastly, since the exams are purely essay, it is very important to not only hone your writing skills but also to know how to answer briefly and logically. I took the mock bar seriously, as if I was taking the bar exams already and attended the one-on-one coaching with an open mind. My coaches Atty. Riguera and Atty. Gonzales criticized my answers but at the same time encouraged me to do well and improve. Remember, there is only one examiner per subject who will check all the thousands of papers so human error is inevitable and they don’t have all the time in the world to decipher your answer. Hehe. Good luck!!





“Ano to, Palanca essay?”


Those were the words of my coach, Atty. Jade Marquez, when she first read my mock bar answers.  I was never a fan of criticism, but boy, I knew she had a point. Polite but frank, my coach made sure I knew what was off with the way I answered – my essays were too long, full of fluff. She noticed how I wanted to show off what I knew about a given topic, without really responding to the question.

Atty. Marquez wasn’t impressed with the way I wrote my answers, so how in the world would I be able to persuade the examiner? Feeling anxious, I thereafter worked on my writing style, in tandem with a thorough study of how suggested bar answers were phrased. The patented four-paragraph guideline I also took to heart, until I was able to write concise answers with conviction.

When the bar results came out, I was astonished! I would not have accomplished the feat of making it to the top 20 list without the extensive training and learning acquired from the Jurists team. The excellent lectures (especially the per-rule approach of Atty. Tranquil Salvador and Atty. Manny Riguera during Remedial law) and simulated mock bar exam and coaching honed my arsenal of weapons, sufficient enough to deliver the knock-out blow to slay the feared Bar Dragon, once and for all.

As I bask in this victory, I’d like to take this opportunity and say… THANK YOU VERY MUCH Jurists team! I am forever indebted!  More power and God bless!





I failed my first bar exam in 2013. I did not immediately retake it and instead made a reassessment on how to approach the bar review. Then I realized that the best chance of passing the bar exam is having a short, solid and legible answer that would make the examiner think that the examinee is ready to meet the minimal requirements of being a lawyer.

Preparing for the bar is no easy task since one has to consider several factors such as: financial, physical condition, emotional and spiritual aspects. Hence, one should consider strategizing on how to approach and slay the bar exam dragon.

My strategy was to divide the bar review into three (3) phases, namely: before the bar examinations, during the bar examinations, and after the bar examinations.

Before the Bar Examinations:

Choosing the right bar review center is very critical in this phase.

In enrolling with the Jurists Bar Review Center, you made a crucial step in your preparations for the bar exams. I strongly recommend that you attend the Bar Review Methods and Strategies by Atty. Manny Riguera. Pay particular attention on the several logic driven methods in answering bar exam questions.

Make an inventory of your bar review materials and update it. Nonetheless, the Jurists Family would provide you with the up-to-date materials. For remedial law, I highly recommend you get a copy of Atty. Manny’s Remedial Law Reviewer. Trust me it will sell like hot cakes and other barristers would be trying to avail of it, so if there is any chance grab it immediately.  Pay attention to the conciseness of Atty. Riguera’s suggested answers.

Always try to find time to exercise. Running, going to the gym or engaging in simple calisthenics will do wonders in prepping your mind for the vigorous readings that lie ahead. Sleep early and wake up early.

Start and end your day with a prayer. Trust me on this one, prayer will do wonders.

During the Bar Examinations:

No matter what happens in the bar examinations, always trust the Jurists System in answering the bar examinations.

After finishing a subject, just focus on the next one. 

Again, start and end your exam with a prayer.

After the Bar Examinations:

Pray like you have not prayed before. Spend quality time with your loved ones. Enjoy.

Congratulations future compañeros and compañeras. You are in good hands with the Jurists Family.



(Philippine Law School)



Thank you so much Prof. Manny Riguera and the entire Jurists family! 

It was a remarkable experience to be a Jurists Bar reviewee, and I owe my success to my consistent mock bar coach, Atty. Clarolyn Jane A. Capellan. Aside from the Jurists method of answering tricky Bar exam questions, it was Atty. Capellan who gave me an efficient advice on how to save time while answering the questions effectively. The roster of legendary lecturers at Jurists really inspired me, not only to pass the Bar, but also to remind myself to stay grounded. Whenever lecturers share their interesting stories during their time when they took the Bar, I can't help but feel motivated and excited that one day I will share my experience to the aspiring lawyers in the future. 

It is understandable that we all have our own strategies which worked for us to make it this far, however, we have to keep in mind that there is always room for improvement, and that's exactly how I describe my journey with Jurists.

Jurists Bar Review Center is not just an ordinary review center out there, it felt like a community of my fellow young dreamers. Cheers to everyone who dedicated their time for us. It's definitely worth a shot.





I first heard of Jurists Bar Review Center even before I enrolled in law school since my uncle who is now a lawyer was also a former Jurists reviewee. This is why as early my first year in law school I already knew where I will be reviewing after I graduate. My reason was simple - the name “Jurists” has a nice ring to it. It was only when I was about to graduate that I checked the schedule of Jurists and did some research. I did not entertain any other review center despite their cheaper review fees. To my delight, their schedule is flexible and suited my study habit. This is the answer to my dilemma since I personally preferred reading on my own but I also felt the need to be updated on laws and jurisprudence which only a bar review center can provide.

Thankfully with Jurists you will get both since the review program they offer gives you plenty of time to read on weekdays and they have their lectures schedule on weekends only. Other than the flexible schedule, Jurists also boasts a roster of topnotch lecturers. The tandem of Atty. Manny Riguera and Atty. Tranquil Salvador will surely make Remedial law easier for you. Atty. Lumbera is a legend in Taxation law review. As a non-CPA, I never truly understood Taxation until I attended her lectures. You must be thrilled. Atty. Modesto Ticman (Criminal law) and Atty. Cecilio Duka (Labor law) are easily the funniest lecturers I have ever seen. You are guaranteed to learn while having a stand-up comedy type of fun.

Jurists also features unparalleled post-mockbar one-on-one coaching sessions. Speaking as a former barrister, we often get caught up in trying to read and absorb as much as we can while conveniently disregarding an equally important part of the bar examinations which is presenting your answer in a logical and persuasive manner. All those provisions of laws and Supreme Court decisions that you have studied for years in preparation for the bar examination will only be laid to waste if you do not know how to properly frame your answers. Jurists has a battle-tested JURISTS METHOD to prevent that from happening and make sure that you will be able to express your answers ever so convincingly. Their coaches will also point out areas for you to improve on. They will take you under their wings and push you to be your best self when you finally set foot inside your bar exam room come November.

Above all, in Jurists you are not just a bar reviewee. You are part of a family. They will welcome you with warmth and send you off with unlimited slices of Pizza. Thank you, Atty. Manny Riguera and to the entire Jurists family. Because of your guidance I have slain the Bar Exam Dragon on my first try.



(DVOREF College of Law, Tacloban City)



“Whoever told you that the bar examination is fair, is lying!”

These were the words that started my first coaching session with Atty. Morgan.  From this point I had a mindset that I should give the bar exams everything I have to make it appeal to the examiners. 

The Jurists review method provides good balance of how to properly address both substance and form.  The notable pool of lecturers provides good discussions to address the substantive part while the roster of coaches provides good mentoring as to improving your form. 

The battery of lecturers provided concise yet substantial lectures that have pointed out significant doctrines, provisions, and latest jurisprudence that may become possible bar questions.

The coaches were also passionate not only in discussing the correct answers but in making the barrister realize his weak points and exposing them so they would not do the same mistakes.

The notes provided by the lecturers were spot on.  Most of them were the only things I read during pre-week. 

I thank Atty. Morgan for letting me realize that the Bar exams is a lopsided exam.  There are far too many factors that I do not have control i.e. the examiner, date of the exam, room, number of questions, etc.  Considering all these, he advised me to never give up and do my best on the things I have control i.e. my handwriting, grammar, spelling, etc.  He advised me to attach these to the people I love (like my kids) and always ask myself if they would be happy of the mistakes I commit.  These thoughts kept me going doing my best during the four Sundays of the bar. Many times I was already tired of writing or would want to give up studying, but these thoughts, together with how Jurists prepared me, helped me to keep on.

So, to the accommodating staff, Ma’am Cynthia, Sir Manny, and Ma’am Hazel – thank you because we do not feel like just another source of revenue.  We really felt like family.  God Bless you and more power to Jurists Review Center.





Thank you JURISTS BAR REVIEW CENTER. You really made the big difference in my success in “slaying the 2017 Bar Exam Dragon”.


First, the lecturers in the Jurists Bar Review Center are experts in their respective fields. They have been conducting the review for a long time such that they know what areas to concentrate and focus on. This allowed me channel my precious time and energy to areas which are very vital in the Bar Examinations. This fact increased my chances of passing the Bar.  A special shout-out to these great lecturers  - - Atty. Tranquil Salvador, Atty. Zarah Villanueva Castro, Atty. Manny Riguera, Atty. Rizalina Lumbera, Atty. Elmer “The Civilist” Rabuya, Atty. Carlo Cruz, Atty. Rene Gorospe, Atty. Marlon Manuel, Atty. Modesto Ticman, Jr., and Atty. Ramel Muria.

Second, the schedule of the Jurists Bar Review Center was very conducive for me. I do my review daily from Monday to Friday then attend the lectures from Friday evening to Sunday. This allowed me to avoid being burned-out by reading every day. I felt that I needed a break from reading so I used my weekends as breaks by listening to the lectures that the Jurists Bar Review Center offers.

Third, the Combo Review worked wonders for me. In some days during the review, I was having momentum reading so I had the option of forgoing attending the lectures to finish the readings and then watch the lectures on a later date.    

Fourth, the Jurists Bar Review Center offers an outstanding area for studying and listening to the lectures. Madison 101, the site of the review, was perfect. The room was always cold and well-lighted. The reviewees were seated in an arm chair which was very comfortable and conducive for note-taking. I stayed in Manhattan 2 which was located in the 2nd floor.  The audio was outstanding. I was able to hear the lectures as if I was staying in the live room.  

Fifth, the mock bar examinations and the personal coaching style equipped me with the required weapon to slay the bar exams. The Jurists Bar Review Center offers 8 mock bar examinations, with personal coaching with coaches trained by Atty. Manny Riguera, to assist the bar examinees to improve the presentation of their answers and handwriting. This facet of studying for the bar was my best improvement in taking the 2017 Bar. After listening to the preliminary lectures of Atty. Manny Riguera on English and Presentation of Answers in the Bar, I took the mock bar exams in Remedial Law to be diagnosed and be informed of my bad habits in formulating my answers. Throughout the 8 mock bar examinations, my coaches Atty. Kim Baltazar and Atty. Jackie Lamug made an outstanding job in helping me improve the presentation of my answers. After the last mock bar, Political Law, Atty. Lamug told me “YOU’RE READY AND GOOD TO GO.” This affirmation by my coach gave me a boost in confidence in facing the bar the following month.

Sixth, the mock bar discussion of answers helped me formulate on-point answers that helped me save time. Atty. Manny Riguera discussed with us the different types of questions and answers that would merit a full credit. I learned that in some cases, answers require only two paragraphs. This helped me save precious time which resulted to the fact that I finished the long and arduous exams 10 minutes before time.  

Seventh, I found the notes/recent jurisprudence of Jurists to be helpful. The Jurists Bar Review Center always gave us notes prepared by the lecturers. This gave me the opportunity to be informed about recent developments in the 8 subjects as well as recent landmark cases that will most likely appear in the Bar. I specifically liked the notes prepared by Atty. Manny Riguera in Remedial and Commercial Laws. These notes are roadmaps of his lectures such that it is easier to follow his lecture because of the handouts given.

Eight, the Jurists Bar Review Staff are amazing. The Jurists Bar Review Staff are very accommodating and hardworking. I felt their genuine concern for the Barristers. Every time I needed something, they would gladly accommodate me (if possible). I specifically would like to commend Ate Cynthia and Stef for a job well done regarding the distribution of the notes and the facilitation of the coaching program. You really keep the Barristers in the loop regarding the schedule of lectures and the availability of the notes.  Thanks also to Atty. Hazel Riguera for always accommodating me because I am so “kulit” all the time.

Ninth, the coaches of Jurists brought out the best in me. My coaches, Atty. Jackie Lamug and Atty. Kim Baltazar, worked hard in reviewing my exams and made insightful comments to help me improve. They always came in well prepared during the coaching sessions and I felt their genuine concern to help me pass the Bar. They also motivated me to bring my “A-game” during the Bar.

Lastly, the Jurists Bar Review Center gave me moral and spiritual encouragement. I always felt being alone in taking the bar. I was always at the library reading, reading, reading, reading, and reading. It was a very difficult and challenging task. I felt I needed moral and spiritual encouragement and the Jurists Bar Review Program gave me that. After every week in the Bar, Atty. Manny Riguera gave us encouraging words and told us that the Jurists Family was praying for the Bar Examinees. I remember after a very difficult first week (Poli and Labor), Atty. Manny e-mailed us to let us know that as we were taking the exams during the first Sunday, the Jurists Family was praying hard for us. Because of this, I felt that I was not alone in taking the Bar and that my Jurists Family was there for me every step of the way.

I couldn’t stop thanking the Jurists Family for the love you have given us, the Barristers. Thank you to Atty. Manny Riguera and to Atty. Hazel Riguera for an excellent job in your administration of the Jurists Bar Review. May you continue to help many barristers like me achieve their life-long dream to become lawyers in the Philippines. You really have magic in you.

The message is simple: If you want to make it in the Bar, review in Jurists. 



(University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Civil Law) 



Since I passed the 2017 Bar on my first take and fresh from Law School, I can say with all certainty that Jurists Bar Review Center is the best choice! The Jurists Method of answering Bar Questions saved my life during the 2017 Bar, especially in Taxation. The Jurists Method helped me to spot the core issues, identify which Law/s the Examiner wanted me to discuss, and aided me in arguing my points and in leaving no question unanswered.

Also, the Jurists rigid Lecture Schedule of “mirroring” the Bar Exam schedule was an immense help, such that I was able to pattern my own study schedule after the Jurists Lecture Schedule. So, my study time became very systematic because of the Jurists “mirroring” schedule. Also, since the lectures were only on weekends, I had ample time during the weekdays to study and catch up with the pace of the competent Lecturers. I religiously attended the lectures, took all Mock Bars, and had a very patient and encouraging coach who mentored me one-on-one.

Thus, I will forever be grateful to dynamic spouses Atty. Manuel and Atty. Hazel Riguera, and to the excellent lecturers, coaches, and staff of the Jurists family. You are a very big part my victory. Thank you!



(Mindanao State University College of Law)



When I was a third-year student in law school, I started to search the internet for bar review centers. I was a working student who was not that good in law school so I told myself that if my boss will allow me to take a six-month leave for the bar review, I need to go to a review center which will give enough training to pass the bar. I found Jurists in the net and was fascinated by the comments regarding the one-on-one coaching style.

From then, I decided to enroll in Jurists in preparation for my 2017 Bar Examination. As early as February 2017, before graduating in law school, I enrolled in Jurists. I came from the Province of Nueva Vizcaya who knew no one in Manila, who knew nothing about the life in the city. I was the only one from my school batch who enrolled in Jurists so I had to stay in Madison 101, the hotel where Jurists is housed. I stayed alone in the four corners of my room reading my books from Monday to Thursday, listened to Jurists online lectures on the daytime of Fridays and attended the Jurists lectures from Friday night to Sunday.

From the first day of pre-bar review, up to the last day of pre-week review, I found myself relaxed and happy because of the homey ambiance in Jurists. The lecture room was clean and organized. The sound system was audible. Ma’am Cynthia and other staffs were approachable and friendly. Lecturers were superb, indeed outstandingly brilliant in their own field. These made me pass on my first attempt the 2017 bar examination.

I would like to thank Atty. Manny for teaching us the techniques on how to answer bar questions. I would not have passed the bar examination without these techniques. The construction of my answers during the bar exam was easy because you taught us how to spot questions and how to attack them in a lawyerly way. I religiously followed the Jurists format during the bar exam and I always had minimum of thirty minutes spare time to review my answers. Although I was not sure with my legal basis to some bar questions, I was sure that the examiner would give points because I used each advice that you gave during my bar review.

To Atty. Sacel Chua who was my coach in all my mock bars, thank you for the training. You helped me to improve my penmanship, to the extent of helping me to choose my pen for my bar exam. Your advice to purchase ten kinds of pens for me to see the pen that bests fits my penmanship and bests fits the muscles of my fingers was effective. While answering during the bar, as if I was hearing your voice telling me, “wag tayong makampante sa salitang PWEDE NA, kailangang SIGURADO na papasa,” referring to my answers. Thank you Atty. Sacel!

To Atty. Lumbera, you made Taxation easy. The way of teaching was SUPERB. Parang parlor! Pagdating ko po sa Taxation lecture, ang pangit ko. Paglabas ko after your lecture, ang ganda at ang haba ng hair! The lecture was clear. You made me fall in love with taxation.

To my Jurists family, I would not have passed without you. The one-on-one coaching helped me a lot to face the bar examinations. The line-up of lecturers was well-planned. The whole review program was organized. You helped me in my overall approach during my review. The fear before the bar examinations was conquered because I was Jurists ready. With these all, I am now a LAWYER and I will be forever grateful to Jurists Review Center.



(Saint Mary’s University, 2017)



Choosing the right review center is crucial for one’s journey to the Bar Exams. Your Review Center would solidify and refine whatever knowledge you have acquired from the crucial years in Law School. Frankly, Jurists was not my first choice but I am proud to say with all my heart that I made the right one. While there are numerous review centers from which a candidate can choose from, the Jurists Bar Review Center has one distinguishing mark -- its one-on-one coaching.

The 2017 Bar Examinations turned out to be one of the most unexpected bar examinations. During the first week we were confronted with highly objective questions and come the second and third weeks we were confronted with a combination of objective and case-law questions. During the fourth week all I can think of is this: “whatever it is, sasagot na lang ako. Sa paraang kaya ko using Jurists method. Di baling mali basta logical. Fight for whatever point I can get”

It was not just one roller coaster ride. It was the most tiring yet fulfilling experience I went through. With such complicated questions, the Jurists Method had helped me a lot. In my mind I already had a format. If the question is like this, I would frame my answer this way. It was not enough that the Bar candidate has a good grasp and understanding of what the law and recent jurisprudence is but it is equally important that he is eloquent in delivering and presenting his answers in such a logical and methodical manner.

Our coaches have emphasized that one must be persuasive such that the examiner would see that not only is the bar candidate knowledgeable with the law but also he can argue, explain and convince that his answer is correct (even if it was not the examiner’s suggested answer). As future members of the Bar, Jurists bar candidates are trained not only on what the answer is but also on how to answer a specific type of question. In simple math, having the right answer (or even a logical answer) plus a logical and methodical presentation of it would give the examiner the impression that this candidate is worthy of being called a member of the Philippine Bar.

This is what my Jurists family taught me and I think this was the reason I slayed the Bar exam dragon and hurdled the Bar. Jurists did not just teach me the answer it taught me HOW TO ANSWER. Knowing the answer is just one part of the equation, showing the examiner that you know it (through presentation) is another part of the equation. It was Jurists that taught me this and even as I practice the profession, the Jurists method will always be my tool.

Apart from the Jurists Method, it is the spiritual guidance, camaraderie and being one big family that made me feel that I made the right choice. From the first day I stepped in Madison 101 I knew in my heart that I made the right choice. In Jurists we are one big family: Sir Manny and Ma’am Hazel are our loving parents, the lecturers are our uncles and aunties, our coaches are our elder brothers and sisters and the staff our ninongs/ninangs who are always looking after us -- their “babies” who are set to take part in the greatest show of our lives, the Bar Exams.

During the Sundays of the Bar we know that we were not alone, our Jurists family were praying for us. I honestly look forward to the Mondays after the most excruciating Sundays because Sir Manny would send us e-mails to boost our morale and encourage us not to give up. I would like to thank Sir Manny and Ma’am Hazel, our lecturers and the staff for everything they have done for us. I would like to thank my coaches, Coach Ida, Coach Tin, and my hero, Coach Daniel. Coach Dan was patient enough to point out to me not just my mistakes but also my strengths. He guided me throughout the last run of my Journey and provided the spiritual guidance and support I needed. He even reminded me some days before the first week of the things which I might forgot. Honestly, kay Coach Daniel ako natutong wag mag-assume! =))) Thank you Coach!

My words would never be enough to express how thankful my heart is to my Jurists family. I am one proud Jurists Baby and I hope for my future siblings’ success as they embark on the greatest show of their lives! Slay that Bar Exam Dragon with our Jurists Method! God bless you always and more power! 





Enrolling in Jurists was one of the best decisions I made in preparation for the 2017 Bar Exams. The availability of the lectures and handouts online allowed me to study at my own pace. The lecturers knew how to make dreaded subjects engaging by explaining complex concepts in layman's terms. Some of them are so good, I'd like to attend their lectures again this year for fun! :)





Eleven (11) Reasons to Choose Jurists: 

  1. The “Jurists Formula” in answering essay questions really works.
  2. Jurists has an amazing line-up of lecturers.
  3. Jurists reviewers and handouts are really helpful. They are made by the lecturers themselves so you can be assured of the quality of the materials.
  4. The online feature helps you save time by eradicating travel time.
  5. The mock bars are extremely challenging. They simulate the real bar exam experience.
  6. Atty. Manny and Atty. Hazel are like your parents. They are very passionate about your welfare during the bar review. 
  7. The coaches are your motivators when you feel like giving up.
  8. The staff is really nice and accommodating.
  9. Jurists is so accessible. It is a stone’s throw away from LRT Line 2 Gilmore Station.
  10. It is near Robinsons Magnolia. If you need to relax and unwind, feel free to do so. You deserve it.
  11. It is near Mt. Carmel Shrine. #OraEtLabora is the key in slaying the “Bar Exam Dragon”.





After graduation, the next challenge that I had to face was the 2017 Bar Examinations. It was no chilling matter, since it was an examination which was very different from the midterm and final examinations that I had taken in law school. I was not confident that I had a chance to make it despite the years that I had spent in studying many subjects. That chance almost disappeared when I learned that presentation of the answers was a major factor in answering the Bar questions. With all the instructions that our professors had given in answering their exams, I really didn’t have a standard format to present my answers. I didn’t know the “proper” way of answering the Bar examinations.

That is where Jurists Bar Review Center gave me an edge. Their review program helped me a lot on how I should manage my time in studying the various Bar subjects and how I should be keeping up with the pace of the lectures. Their roster of lecturers gave me an insight on how difficult the Bar examinations would be and what I should expect from the four Sundays of November. The accessibility of their lectures gave me an opportunity to study and/or listen to recorded lectures wherever I go and whenever I want.

But most importantly, their review program had coaching sessions where I learned my strong and weak points in presenting my answers. Their coaches really worked hard to make sure that we fine-tune our writing and thinking skills before we take the 2017 Bar Examinations. For me, the way they criticized my answers in all aspects (substance and form) helped me improve how I present my answers. The Jurists format really helped me a lot in working my way out of difficult bar questions. Because of the Jurists team, I managed to survive during the four Sundays of November, and eventually see my name in the list of the successful examinees of the 2017 Bar Examinations.

To Jurists Bar Review Center, Sir Manny Riguera and the team, thank you for all of your efforts in helping us prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for the 2017 Bar Examinations. Your reminders and text messages, particularly every after Sunday of the Bar Exams, gave us hope that we can finish it. To the lecturers, thank you for sharing with us your knowledge and expertise. Your years of experience in giving bar review lectures gave us confidence on what to expect during the Bar Examinations. More power to all of you!

To Batch 2018, the 2018 Bar Examination is just a few months away. Imagine that it is just a few steps away from your dream of becoming a lawyer. Believe in yourself, give it your very best shot, and if you’re curious, see for yourself the wonders of the Jurists format! Jurists Bar Review Center got it all for you! See you next year, future pañeros and pañeras!



(San Beda College-Manila)



I am a probinsyano and a working student. I honestly doubted my readiness because my application for leave from work was approved only on the last days of September, meaning I still worked full-time during the review until October of last year. But Jurists Bar Review proved just appropriate for reviewees like me.

It is in this context that I am so thankful  to Prof. Manny and Atty. Hazel Riguera for their all-out support during my review with the Jurists. I witnessed their genuine passion of helping the dreamers like me to get that most coveted dot.

Their lecturers were all brilliant, their materials were all recent and user-friendly.  The support staff, despite the heavy load of handling our different concerns, remained composed and very warm to  respond to our needs.

The mock bar and the coaching every after the mock bar gave me the feel of the real bar exam. They greatly improved my pace in reading and analyzing the questions,  and proffering my best answer in a quick manner. Just like in the actual bar exam!

With this I sincerely thank my coach, Atty. Jackie Lou Lamug, CPA. She was thorough and honest in her critiques of my booklets. She was so patient in dealing with my many out-of-this-world answers to many bar questions during our coaching encounters. She was able to see my weaknesses and rightly pointed out measures to address them. Daghang salamat ma’am!

My review with the Jurists has brought me to this realization: There is no such thing as a secret in passing the bar.  Adequate preparation in law and on how to write the answers  in the booklet is the key. The Jurists Bar Review of Prof. Manny and Atty. Hazel provided me such a key. Daghang  Salamat! 



(Misamis University, Ozamis City)



Yes, it was indeed the Jurist Bar Review Center that helped me a lot in hurdling the 2017 bar exam.

My coach in Jurists once told me that correct answers may be presented in a wrong way and may not earn full credit but there are instances that incorrect answers may be presented in a nice way which may earn partial or even full credit.

Hence, present good answers that will make the examiner take notice. These are the unique strategies and tactics that I have learned from Jurists Bar Review Center. Following the Jurists way of conquering the bar exam helped a lot especially in drafting my answers. I took the exam immediately after I graduated in law school and Jurists was the only review center that I have attended for my review.

I am so grateful for the things you did for me. Thanks for the great time and the great memories.


Atty. Mark Anthony M. Alemanza, CPA

(SPSPS School of Law)



To the Team Jurists:


I am expressing my heartfelt gratitude to you guys for helping me make my dream a reality.

I was able to pass the bar examinations at first take, thanks to YOU.

I graduated from Tarlac State University. Our graduation was in mid June of 2017. Most review programs have already started then. Because of that, I first enrolled with a review center that started their program at third week of June.

But at day 1 of attending their review program, I knew I was wasting my time. The pacing was slow, and I thought I would be better off using the time according to my own schedule.

I decided to enroll with Jurists because your materials and videos are uploaded anyways and that would allow me to follow my self-set schedule.

True enough, everything fell into its right place. I was able to follow my schedule according to my pacing and I was able to meet my goals within the time I set for myself. I would watch your videos according to my schedule. The soft copy of the lectures, I read them all as well.

Thank you so much to the bright lecturers specifically Atty. Manuel Riguera whose genuine concern for the bar reviewees is really commendable; Atty. Tranquil Salvador who really puts up with the long hours of lecturing Civil Procedure; Atty. Carlo Cruz; Atty. Lumbera who is really funny but such a genius in Tax;  Atty. Ticman whose sense of humor is priceless as well; and all the other lecturers who are equally brilliant and were truly heaven sent for us bar reviewees then.

Because of how grateful I am to you guys for being such a big part of my success, I recommended to my friends who are to take the 2018 bar to review with you and they did enroll with you.

Please continue to support bar reviewees especially those from provincial schools like myself.

You are a gem to us and I will forever know in my heart that I have such a huge debt of gratitude to you for helping me realize my dream.  Now, I am a LAWYER because of you. Thank you so much.


Atty. Glaize Shaye A. Cuaresma-Santos



Having heard glowing reviews from peers, my mind was made up that Jurists Bar Review Center (Jurists) will be my bar review center of choice to guide me in my quest in slaying the proverbial bar examination dragon. So enrolled in Jurists I did. It turned out to be a watershed moment in what has been, so far, a long, challenging journey to become a member of the Integrated Bar.

Indeed, Jurists has been akin to a North Star, a guiding light to its enrollees from the first step of the review process until the very end of the Fourth Sunday of the examinations. From the get-go, starting with the welcoming remarks, Jurists exudes a familiar, comforting sense of family -- one will understand upon experiencing it. It is worth noting that Jurists even extends an effort to brief the enrollees’ “loved ones” on the enormity of the undertaking the examinees will face, and what these important people can do to help.

I advise prospective enrollees not to miss the first two days. It is during this time that one will be introduced for the first time to the Jurists method of preparing for the bar examinations. Atty. Manny will lay the foundation on the holistic approach to the bar review that will help one push through until the end of the Bar Exams. It cannot be emphasized enough that the Jurists method, as espoused by Atty. Manny and the rest of the coaches, has been crucial in my navigation through the stormy waters of the bar examination preparation period, and I trust that other Jurists colleagues will vouch for the effectivity thereof. Inevitably, there will be challenges during the preparation for the exams. But Jurists is there to ensure that the bow will only bend, but not break.

Speaking from experience, initially, I had a bar study program patterned on Jurists schedule of activities. But given the rigors of the bar review that will really test one’s will power, eventually, I fell behind schedule. Thankfully, with Jurists Combo, I was able access online lectures at my convenience to ensure that I could still catch up.

During the examination proper, the Jurists Method was my crutch in the face of challenging questions that are seemingly the norm in the bar exams. While these questions will typically sap one’s confidence, guided by dedicated coaching beforehand, I felt that if I applied the Jurists method in answering the posers, the examiners will be able to at least recognize the effort and favorably consider my answers. And perhaps the examiners did find merit in the Jurists approach, as I was elated to see my name among those who have successfully slain the bar examinations dragon.

Through it all, I extend my utmost gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to Atty. Manny, Atty. Hazel, the Jurists lecturers, Ma’am Cynthia and the Jurists staff, and the rest of the Jurists family for their defining roles, in their own right, in helping me realize this elusive dream. And I know, I am one among many that Jurists has influenced, and will continue to influence, for the better moving forward. Mabuhay and more power to Jurists!


Jose R. Ruiz III

(Arellano University School of Law)



JBRC’s excellent lineup of lecturers, its convenient online review feature and unique one-on-one coaching system are the reasons I chose to enroll in this review center. Looking back, I realized that it was the best decision I made when I prepared for the most important examination of my life.

What sets apart JBRC from all the other review centers in Metro Manila is its coaching system. This, for me, is the most important inclusion in JBRC’s review program because I believe that knowing how to answer properly a given question is just as significant as knowing the correct answer.

My coach, Atty. Niel Borja, was very patient and keen in helping me improve the way I answer the questions in the mock bar examinations. Various aspects on how to answer, such as writing style, structure, citation of legal basis, handwriting, punctuation, and spacing, were assessed and corresponding points for improvement were given. I can honestly say that I would not have made it in the list of the Top 20 were it not for JBRC, particularly its coaching system.

Thank you, Jurists Bar Review Center! May you continue to help aspiring lawyers to achieve their dreams!





“Don’t forget that your Jurists Family loves you and is always praying for you. When you were there in the bar exam room, grappling with the Exams, the Jurists Family was on bended knees praying that God enlighten your mind and strengthen your body in order that you may give your level best in the tests.” – Atty. Manny Riguera

Reading this heart-warming message after the first Sunday of the Bar made me realize that I was truly blessed to be on Team Jurists.

The witty Atty. Honorio Buccat Jr. (one of my mentors in law school and also a Jurists coach) recommended Jurists Review Center to me. Since I decided to stay in Baguio, I opted to enroll in the Jurists Online Review Program. The program gave me the convenience to review in our home without sacrificing quality. Because of its flexibility, I was able to read in the morning when my mind was at its peak, make my own notes after lunch, and watch the video lectures before I sleep in the evening. That way, I was able to master my materials visually and aurally without stressing myself too much.

The matters that distinguish Jurists from the rest are their format/style in answering questions and their one-on-one coaching. My great Coach, Atty. William Ray Manuel, helped me spot my weaknesses after each mock bar exam. We also discussed some answers we did not agree with and exchanged ideas on how they should be resolved. Because of the continuous training, I learned from my mistakes and I never committed them in the actual bar exam.

I have never been to the Jurists office. I have never met Atty. Lumbera (my Savior in Taxation) or my idol in Special Commercial Laws (Atty. Riguera). All my communications with the staff were done thru email or text messages, but I never felt disconnected. The members of the staff were very quick in responding to my queries; they were always on time in giving me updates; they were so thoughtful and sweet.

I guess that was the essence of being in the Jurists Family.

So to you, future lawyers, if you still have questions on what review center will help you slay the dreaded Bar Dragon, look no more.

You have just found the answer.



(University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City)



Thank you Atty. Manny and to the rest of the Jurists Family. The Jurists method helped me a lot during the 2017 Bar Examination. Because of the Jurists method, I was able to spot the issues quickly, give responsive, organized and logical answers, answer all the questions within the allotted time, and review these answers for last minute corrections. Even the smallest of things like pen color and handwriting were scrutinized during my coaching sessions in Jurists which I believe, helped me realize early on the things that I needed to improve.

The lectures and handouts were also instrumental to my success. I remember bringing my Jurists handouts every Saturday for some last-minute reading before I go to bed. Again, thank you so much Atty. Manny and to Jurists Bar Review Center for being part of this victorious journey.





To accomplish one’s goals, it is inevitable that we ask, seek and receive help. The road to the bar examinations and to successfully hurdling it is one of the most difficult tasks any person can endure and I believe that every soon-to-be-lawyer can never do it alone.

One of the biggest support and help a bar reviewee needs and can get is by choosing the right review center. This was also my third time taking the bar so I need to discern properly.

I initially opted to enroll in Jurists because of convenience. Reviewing online gives you the freedom to choose when to listen to the lectures and adjust it according to your own personal schedule.

However, the assistance given by Jurists was more than just convenience on my part. It was beyond my expectations. This is why I am very pleased and grateful that I chose Jurists and I never regretted such decision.  

Content and substance-wise, the notes and lectures were more than sufficient but Jurists Review Center goes beyond law-related matters. The review center has so much heart and generosity. Although I only reviewed via online, I still felt and received Jurists’ generosity. I think this is because when people sincerely help us, we can actually feel it regardless of the distance. This is what I felt while reviewing

Jurists also has one of the best and inspiring set of lecturers and hardworking personnel. The lecturers’ discussion came across its audience and the comic reliefs they all provided were a big plus, especially for the already stressed audience. The staff was very accommodating and would immediately respond to any questions or queries. All of the lecturers gave a lot of encouragement and assurance in between lectures.

Aside from words of encouragement, after every exam day, Atty. Riguera would write a letter to all the reviewees of Jurists. Personally, I would read this every Monday morning to gather enough courage not to give up. I know this was just small gesture on his part but I know in my heart this has inspired not only myself but also hundreds of baristas who read the letter.

I hope this short testimony may serve as a little encouragement for all future lawyers. I want to tell you that doubts and insecurities are normal as we are mere humans; but rest assured, people are rooting for your success and your Jurists family is one of them.  

I am absolutely grateful to my Jurists Family during my review and I hope all the future lawyers that Jurist will help produce, will feel the same way as I did. To God be the Glory.



(University of San Agustin)



When I was already in the last semester of law school, it dawned upon me that I will be soon taking the BAR Exams. Just thinking of the BAR Exams gave me chills; I was scared of taking it. Choosing a review center became a constant topic among us graduating students. I narrowed down my choice to three review centers. I researched, asked around, and read comments about the three. My choices were: the review center of my alma mater, Recoletos Review Center, which gave me a scholarship; a new review center, Academicus Review Center, which was run and operated by my fraternity brothers; and Jurists Review Center(Jurist), a review center where more than one-third of those who passed the 2016 BAR Exams came from.
I weighed all the pros and cons, from the travel time to the review center from our house, the lecturers, the schedule of the review, the passing rate, whether they have a reading area, etc. One of the things which always stood out from my research and which got me curious about Jurists is their fabled Jurists format and the one-on-one coaching. I wondered how different it was from the three-paragraph rule which our former dean and who was to be our remedial law examiner, Dean Willard Riano, taught us when we were still in our first year, and how will they be able to conduct the one-on-one coaching considering the number of reviewees. I ended up choosing Jurists.
When the review started, Atty. Riguera lectured on the fabled Jurists format, I realized that it was not very much different from the three-paragraph rule, only that it was more cohesive and more convincing if used and applied properly. At first I was not really sold out on it, as I was content with the three-paragraph rule I was using all throughout law school. And then came the mock bars and the subsequent one on one coaching. I was lucky to have been assigned to Atty. Guevarra; he was very patient and adept with the Jurists format. He pointed out to me my mistakes and how I can better improve in answering, especially presentation of my answers. After each mock bar, my confidence grew. Even when faced with difficult questions or questions of which I have no idea what the correct answer was, I was confident that I have a weapon which can help me come up with an answer which was both logical and with legal basis. The Jurists format really comes in handy in such situations. Aside from the Jurists format and the one-on-one coaching, the line-up of lecturers was comparable to any other review center, if not better.
Come November, it was time for the real deal, the dreaded bar exam dragon. Walking to our assigned rooms, I was confident knowing that whatever questions would be asked, I had the Jurists format in my pocket which I could rely on. I made sure to use the same for questions which were given more weight to at least ensure that I get a fighting chance to get full points; and questions the answers to which I was not sure of, and there were a lot of them. Because of the Jurists format, I was confident I was able to formulate and present answers which will somehow give me points for being logical and having legal basis.
Surely, without Jurists, I would not have been confident to take the BAR Exams and eventually be among those who have successfully hurdled and slayed the dreaded bar exam dragon! I will forever be grateful and thankful to God for guiding me to making the right decision of enrolling at Jurist.





If there's something I learned after the results of the 2017 Bar Examinations, it's that the Bar Examiners really place a premium on how you write and present your answers. And that is what I like about Jurists Bar Review. They recognize that how you answer a Bar question is just as important as what you answer. Being coached early on by Jurists coaches made me see my bad habits and tendencies in answering Bar questions; hence, I was able to address them. Thank you, Prof. Manny Riguera, to all the Jurists lecturers, coaches and staff who sacrificed their weekends to help us.


Atty. Lorenzo Luigi T. Gayya (6th place)



Even before the release of the list of the graduating students in UST, my law school friends and I already paid the enrollment fee for Jurists Review Center to reserve slots. Why? Because we heard that it is one of the best review centers in town. Well, to be perfectly honest, I believe that Jurists Review Center is not one of the best review centers in town…

It is THE BEST review center in town, not just “one of the best”!

Thank you, Jurists family, for making our dreams a reality. Thank you for being one of God’s instruments in turning this TEST a TESTIMONY! We will forever be grateful! Special shoutout to Atty. Manny Riguera and Atty. Morgan Nicanor for the tips on how to slay the bar dragon! Indeed, you guys are the real (king) slayers!




During Bar review:

1. Get a flu shot (June = rainy season).

2. Try to be healthy (eat veggies, avoid too much black coffee or try to eat first before drinking coffee).

3. Do not cut classes during lectures (my friends and I once skipped a lecture para makauwi nang maaga. Lo and behold, nasira yung LRT. #karmaisdigital).

4. If possible, try to attend lectures inside the Live Room (para hindi unli tulog).

5. Nine days before the 1st Sunday of the Bar Exams, try to complete the Novena to St. Jude (knowing that I was able to finish the Novena to St. Jude definitely boosted my confidence while taking the bar because I know that St. Jude never fails.).


During Bar Exams:

1. Drink Diatabs/Imodium (I took 2 tablets per Sunday just to be sure! Hehe).

2. Bring bananas (anti-ngalay).

3. Bring biscuits/crackers that are easy to eat (the lunch that the UST BarOps provided us during the 4 Sundays were great but due to extreme stress, I was not able to eat them AT ALL. So nabuhay ako sa saging and biscuits. OOOH and CHOCOLATES! Lots and lots of chocolates for the much-needed sugar rush.).

4. When in doubt, remember the Jurists method of answering questions.

5. Once you’ve passed your bar booklet, MOVE. ON.TO.THE.NEXT.SUBJECT.


After Bar Exams:

1. Complete the Simbang Gabi/Nine Mornings (your wish/prayer will come true!).

2. Try not to think about the Bar Exams.

3. Pray for the examiners/bar exam checkers.

4. Let go and let God work his wonders.


Good luck and enjoy your review, future lawyers!





Many people would ask, what were the reasons why I enrolled in Jurists Bar Review Center (JBRC). Simple, because JBRC CARES for you and will go with you every step of the way. To emphasize the CARE they’ve given us last bar review season, I used the word CARES in highlighting the things I loved most in JBRC, to wit:


C - Coaching Sessions. JBRC is equipped with competent bar review coaches which will truly help the barristers in slaying the bar dragon.


As for me, I was fortunate to be coached by passionate and determined coaches. Atty. Morgan, among others, inspired me to push myself to the limit and believe in my capacity in not just passing the bar but on topping it.


A - Accessible lectures. The 5-month bar review season is too short a time to prepare for the bar exam. You need to manage your time well. Visiting the review will entail a lot of time, effort and energy. Sometimes, you can catch any form of sickness during travels to and fro.


Gladly, aside from on-site review sessions, JBRC offered online review sessions. It saved me so much time and energy and spared me from stress in commuting. Thus, it enabled me to view the lectures anytime, anywhere, at my own pace.


R - Reasonable mock bar exams. One of the best ways to conquer your fears in answering the bar exams is through practice. JBRC simulated the bar exam by giving us, under time pressure, questions which will likely be encountered during our actual bar exam. This activity truly enabled me to improve my handwriting, observance of margins, and the way how I answer the bar.


E - Esteemed bar reviewers. JBRC has a very good line up for its bar reviewers. They are equipped with rich experience, training, and knowledge which they can impart to the reviewees.


S - Schedule is organized. JBRC's on-site review sessions are scheduled only during weekends, giving you more time to study during weekdays.


At the very start of my bar review, I made a decision to pattern my schedule with the schedule of JBRC. Not only did it allow me to focus and concentrate with the scheduled subjects but it became my drive as well in doing my best to finish my readings on time.


JBRC is not the only review center I enrolled but I am happy and grateful to JBRC for it became an instrumental part of my success. Thank you so much, JBRC family!


ATTY. EMMA RUBY J. AGUILAR (10th placer)





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