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After graduating from law school, I had nothing else in mind but to take review classes at Jurists. I have heard so much about Jurists -- its flexible schedule, personal coaching style, and quality reviewers -- hence, there's nothing more I could ask for. True enough, my review experience was exactly what I expected and more! Jurists matched my learning style as I was able to review on my own on weekdays and take review classes on weekends. The coaching program was superb! Not only did they check on my answers but they also guided me on the aesthetics of the bar exams – form and penmanship! I am so thankful for my Jurists family! I will always remember how it helped me achieve my dream and hopefully, I can also help others achieve theirs! Congratulations Jurists Bar Review Center for another excellent performance!



(Centro Escolar University)



The convenience offered by the Jurists Online review program has been invaluable in my quest to conquer the 2016 bar exams. Being able to access the review lectures anywhere and at any hour gave me more time to focus on my review; time which would have otherwise been wasted in a daily commute. The coaches were very thorough in their critique of the way I answered the online mock bar exams. I learned how to answer questions effectively and efficiently. They even gave me advice on my handwriting. I found these techniques to be very helpful in managing the stressful time constraints in the actual bar exams. To Atty. Riguera and the rest of the Jurists Family, maraming salamat po! Dahil sa inyo, natupad ko ang pangarap ko!



(Far Eastern University)



In the 2016 Bar exams, we were given twenty (20) Roman numeral problems per exam; most with sub-questions. On the average, you have to answer these twenty problem sets in four (4) hours, or five (5) problem sets per hour. This gives you twelve (12) minutes per problem set to read, analyze, and put down your answer in writing. Time is an essential resource which you cannot waste; a friend which you cannot take for granted during the Bar. This is where your Jurists training will serve you, and well at that. Aside from its roster of excellent lecturers, each being premier practitioners in their respective fields of law, the core of your Jurists' training will be the one-on-one coaching sessions. These coaching sessions are aimed at tailor-fitting your Bar exam answers to be as concise and specific as the examiner would want it to be.


There are two things you should keep in mind when answering Bar Exam questions: substance and form. And like the twins Castor and Pollux, substance and form must always co-exist in your answers; for substance without form is a disorganized syntax of ideas without a defined shape or aim, and form without substance is an empty dramatic wordplay. While substance can always be learned in books you read and the handouts you knead, form needs a specific precise skill - an execution of technique which, like all skills, is difficult to learn, nay, master without a guiding hand. This is the raison d'etre of the hands-on coaching, where your coach holistically oversees your sure progress: from the core substance of your answers, to the formation of your sentences and the development of your arguments, management of your limited time, and even on how to improve the strokes of your handwriting. You can even ask for advice on a suggested review schedule or timeline, or a few tips on how to manage stress and anxiety during this life ordeal. Remember that a rich plethora of legal knowledge, if untranslated into a form of answer understood in some way by the examiners, merits no credit and gives you no points.


This, I would like to emphasize, is the fundamental core of the Jurists experience: our Jurists experience. I wish to thank my Jurists coaches, particularly Prof. Manny Riguera (my last coach who coached me for the Labor mock bar exams), the energetic and reliable Ms. Cynthia, as well as all the friendly staff who were always willing to go the extra mile and help us in one way or another. I also wish to thank the outstanding Jurists lecturers, particularly Prof. Carlo L. Cruz for Political Law, Atty. Rizalina Lumbera for Taxation, Prof. Tom Uribe for Civil Law, Prof. Arthur Autea for Alternative Dispute Resolution, Dean Tranquil Salvador for Civil Procedure and. Criminal Procedure, and of course, Prof. Manny himself for Banking Laws, Securities, Land Titles and Deeds, Special Proceedings, and Evidence. Prof. Manny's "Primer-Reviewer in Remedial Law" is a lifesaver material in your Bar review and, digested properly, is likewise an excellent quick preweek reviewer. They are the lecturers you should NEVER miss out. The end result? Confidence to answer any question which may come your way; confidence that, like the hero Siegfried, Jurists has already provided you your own Balmung sword to slay the Bar exam dragon. My heartfelt gratitude to our Jurists family!


P.S.: I never used any codal during my bar review. I made my own notes and annotations on books and reviewers during Jurists bar lectures, and digested the Jurists handouts. I suggest you do the same as it saves you much time and effort during preweek. I managed to finish second read. Understand the law first, and memory work will effortlessly follow.



(UP College of Law, 2016)




"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."-Ecclesiastes 3:1

Indeed, everything happens in God's perfect time. I failed the Bar on my first take last 2014.The pain of failing made me take a year off. Hence, I tried again during the 2016 Bar Exam. Finally, my dream of becoming a lawyer came full circle. Yes, I finally put a period on my own ATTY.

I believe that this became possible through the help and prayers of a lot of people most especially the whole team Jurists.

To Atty. Manny and Atty. Hazel, who became the second parents to all reviewees, thank you for all the pangarals and the prayers sir and ma’am.

To my coach, Atty. Conrad Leaño, thank you for your patience, kindness, and for believing in me.

To all the lecturers, thank you for the knowledge and wisdom you have imparted to us.  (Shout out to Atty. Tranquil Salvador, Atty. Rizalina Lumbera and Atty. Carlo Cruz!)

And lastly, to the Jurists staff most especially to Manong and Ate Cynthia, for always looking after us.

So much love and respect for Team Jurists!



(Northwestern University) 



Thank you Jurists Review center!


I knew that I made the right decision when I enrolled in Jurists when my bar buddies who took the 2015 Bar exams, also reviewees of Jurists, PASSED.


It took me a long time to finish law school, 6 years to be exact, but I did not rush myself into taking the bar exams which was a good thing since I only took it ONCE.


Jurists helped me and my friends in so many ways:


1.            The review schedule was perfect since I had the entire week to finish all my readings for the scheduled lecture. When weekends arrived, I would listen to the lecturer and confirm what I had read and clarified those which I did not understand or were new to me.


2.            The schedule of subjects was very organized that I can concentrate on one subject and understand what I am reading for the scheduled week. If there were changes in schedule, we were informed ahead of time.


3.            The lecturers, i.e., Atty. Salvador, Atty. Lumbera, Justice Lopez, Atty. Manuel, Atty. Villanueva-Castro, Assoc. Dean Paguirigan, Atty. Carlo Cruz, Atty. Ticman and especially Atty. Riguera, gave thorough lectures and focused mainly on those topics which were trends on the bar exams and possible sources of bar questions.


4.            The coaching system was also very effective. It's actually a MUST that reviewees undergo the coaching session since it will help point out all your weak points, issue-spotting concerns and mistakes in answering the questions which you do not want to repeat once you are in the actual bar exams.


5.            The staff (Ma'am Cynthia, Stef, Eunice, Ma'am Lyn, Manong) made sure our notes were prepared beforehand and the venue conducive for lecture and mock bars. Although there were a few glitches on some occasions, they made sure we were well-accommodated.


At this juncture, I would like to thank Atty. Manny and Atty. Hazel for being our father and mother during the grueling 6 months’ review. Whenever moments of anxiety would arise, we can always approach them and tell them about our hesitations and they would always give a reassuring reply, sometimes a big hug or a quirky smile.


I also would like to give a BIG thanks to all my coaches, Atty. David Aquino, Atty. Chua, Atty. Riguera but most especially ATTY. NICANOR MORGAN, the only person who told me, "Yung sulat mo para akong nagbabasa ng libro pero sa sobrang ganda hindi ko mabasa." In all my stay in law school my professors would always compliment my handwriting but Atty. Morgan was hard to the core. However, had he not made such comment I would not have improved my handwriting and would probably stick to my old not so readable one.


To all future aspiring lawyers especially Jurists reviewees, YOU MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE, never doubt that for a second. Always remember that if we can make it then so can you. There will be humps and bumps along the way, it's inevitable but the journey towards becoming a lawyer will never be a smoothly paved road. This is just half of the battle. Borrowing the words of Atty. Morgan, "PREPARE FOR WAR BECAUSE YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET ONE."


Keep praying, never lose your connections with God just because you are busy with your readings. ALWAYS have time for Him because He will always have time for you.


BE HUMBLE AND STAY HUMBLE, the entire bar exam review itself is a humbling experience. Be thankful for all the graces you have received and will receive and when you pass the bar exams, PAY IT FORWARD. Good luck and may God always bless you! 



(University of the East-Manila)



We all know that the Bar Exam is not a walk in the park. It requires systematic preparation, utmost dedication and sheer hard work. But do not be afraid because Jurists Bar Review Center is here. They know these things. And they know it very well. 


The Jurists Method is the Key to success


The most valuable thing you’ll learn in Jurists is how to answer a bar exam question. It is often the most overlooked aspect of one’s bar review but it is in fact the most important one. In Jurists, you’ll learn how to attack a question in the most efficient way possible. Your answers will be concise but it will be more logical and persuasive. Just follow the Jurist method and trust me, you’ll have the Atty. attached to your name by May next year. 


Great roster of lecturers. 


There are some topics you may not have fully grasped during law school. But don’t worry. Jurists Lecturers would definitely clarify those things for you. Just attend or watch lectures. 


Reliable and updated materials. 


They usually give out brief but comprehensive and reliable notes. It’ll save you time and you’ll be able to capture more topics. 


The Jurists Team has faith in you 


In these situations, you need someone who truly believes you can do it. The Jurists Team has so much faith in you that you’ll be forced to have faith in yourself. 


Thank you and advance congratulations to those who will enroll in this year’s bar review.



(San Beda College, Alabang)



JURISTS BAR REVIEW CENTER was instrumental in my passing the 2016 Bar examinations!


As a working student who cannot afford to resign or leave her job to take the whole six months off for the pre-bar review, their system and schedule was perfect! I enrolled for the Combo Review, wherein I could attend the live lectures every weekend and watch them anytime during the weekdays.


They have a fantastic line up of lecturers! To all aspiring lawyers, I would strongly suggest that you ATTEND and LISTEN to ALL the lectures especially that of Atty. Tranquil Salvador III and Atty. Manny Riguera for Remedial Law, Atty. Zarah for Mercantile Law, Atty. Rizalina Lumbera for Tax (highly recommended! thank you for making tax exciting!), Atty. Marlon Manuel for Labor law and Atty. Carlo Cruz and Atty. Gorospe for Political Law.


I would also strongly urge the enrollees to take the Mock Bar Examinations (and take them seriously) and apply the JURISTS method in answering! During the actual bar examinations, the method helped me make my answer clear, concise and complete.


For me, what differentiates Jurists from other Bar Review Centers is their ONE on ONE COACHING program. I would like to express my special thanks and gratitude to Atty. Morgan Nicanor, who patiently read my answers, checked my handwriting and presentation of my answers, as well as the overall approach and attitude towards the bar examinations.


To all the staff, lecturers and coaches of JURISTS, my deepest thanks for helping me achieve my dream.





(University of Santo Tomas)



Dear Team Jurists,

I cannot say THANK YOU enough.  I was Jurists Ready, I was Jurists Strong the first time I entered and the last time I left UST. I was in limbo for 10 years. I was really petrified by the thought that I will not make it again considering that I graduated 10 years ago.

I am George Lyndon Cordero of PDEA and a product of Mindanao State University General Santos.

Special THANKS to Prof. Manny Riguera, your book and your pointers were a real help. I am promoting and passing down your book to my schoolmates. I am also promoting Jurists in General Santos and Davao.

Prof. Gafar Lutian, the best reviewer I met in Arellano way back 2006, and the reason why I was in Jurists in 2016.

Ma’am Hazel, I admire your motherly love for your reviewees.  You always had the time to tell us something good.

Prof. Rizalina Lumbera, your kind of teaching is beyond my description.

My coaches, Atty. Erika Alfonso (thank you sa last assessment) and Atty. Manrique (thank you for helping me decide between cursive and print).  :)

To all the reviewers and staff, thank you very much.  :)

My best regards,



(Mindanao State University)



My fate to become a lawyer, aside from "faith-and-trust-based approach", is essentially because I applied the "Jurists Format" of answering. I truly believe it made all the difference. During the 2016 Bar Exams, I strived to answer in 3 or 4 paragraphs, except for some items which I failed to answer due to lack of material time when answering the Political Law Exam.

I always looked forward to answering and taking the Mock Bar Exams, so I can simulate the exam and test my ability to answer coherently, logically, substantially and timely. It was a “confidence-booster” to be able to answer and finish answering everything on time.

The Jurists’ way, indeed, gave me the chance/edge to “finally” become a lawyer. Also, the message/encouragement of Atty. Manny after every Sunday, helped me to believe and never lose hope. It was very uplifting. I highly recommend Jurists Bar Review Center, especially that they now have the Online Review. Special mention and thanks to Coach Atty. Rhona Albarece, for sharing/recommending the use of uni-ball GEL IMPACT 1.0 Blue Ink Colour. My handwriting looked bigger and neater. Indeed, I became a lawyer following the Jurists’ Way.

Kudos to Jurists Bar Review Center and congratulations to 2016 Jurists Lawyers.

To God be the highest glory.



(University of Batangas)



Hi team Jurists!


I am Dale Perral, a registered civil engineer, a Jurists reviewee and a successful examinee in the recent 2016 bar exams.  

I would like to thank you for the systematic and scientific approach in answering bar questions. Your objective technique is an effective tool in slaying the subjective bar exam dragon. I pushed myself hard in order to understand your system and I am very thankful that I endured the torture of bar preparation only once because of your system.


Again, thank you Jurists!  And may you continue your advocacy in helping the bar hopefuls.



(New Era University)



Foremost, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Jurists Bar Review Center. I believe that Jurists significantly contributed to my success in conquering the 2016 Bar Examinations.


When I graduated from law school, I made a self-evaluation and came to a conclusion that I needed to improve the way I answered essay questions.


I chose Jurists because other than their brilliant lineup of lecturers and mock bar exams, their bar review program sought to address my writing composition issues through the one-on-one coaching sessions. These sessions emphasized the Jurists method in answering bar questions which made me present my answers in a manner that best reflects my knowledge and understanding of the law.


I found comfort in the thought that I had guidance while I was in the last few months of preparation for the bar. With this, I would like to thank Atty. Manny Riguera for instilling in me the Jurists method and sharing the numerous study tips in preparing for the bar. Thank you to Atty. Hazel Riguera for the words of wisdom and constant reminder on what to expect come bar month. To Ma'am Cynthia and the Jurists staff, many thanks for making the review a pleasant one by seeing to it that reviewees were properly accommodated especially when it came to getting hold of the review materials. Finally, special thanks to my bar review coach, Atty. Morgan Nicanor, for being my guiding light in conquering the bar exam.  Ultimately, he challenged me to achieve my full potential.


To me, Jurists is more than just a review center. It is an institution I heartily consider as family. I will forever be thankful for the love and care my Jurists family has showered me from the beginning up until now.


To God be the greater glory!



(Foundation University)



I reviewed for the 2016 Bar Exams while juggling work and family. I am a third-time bar taker last 2016 bar examinations.  I decided to review online with Jurists because of lack of funds and time. I would like to thank the Jurists Bar Review Center online for helping me a lot for finally having the atty. prefix in my name. It helped a lot to have an updated digested jurisprudence coming from the Jurist Bar Online Review. The discussions via video also helped especially if there are some topics which I cannot understand. The videos are new, the notes are uploaded faster and fresh. I failed to avail of the coaching for the mock bar exams (because I don't have enough time), but I read, understand by heart the tips on how to answer bar questions, and also the tips on how to understand well the bar questions. After every subject that I read, I always try to answer the mock bar exams, and I'm happy to share that it’s a good way of measuring yourself on how prepared you are for the bar exams. I will forever be grateful to Jurists Bar Review Center.



(Negros Oriental State University)



Hi! Thanks so much Jurists Family! I was enrolled in the Jurists Online Review and it helped me a whole lot! Reviewing while at the comforts of my dorm created a relaxed atmosphere; hence a relaxed mind.


Atty. Tranquil Salvador, Atty. Manuel Riguera, Atty. George Orta, Atty. Cruz in IPL, Atty. Paguirigan, and of course Atty. Lumbera, (whose bar exam experience was a lot like mine ;)) also Atty. Ticman's jokes and infectious energy! Thank you all so much! I have not met them in person but their voices filled my dorm room for months and helped me finally see the law in a holistic view. Also, the notes are superb.

All Sundays of the Bar Exams, I felt happy and ready, well at least psychologically :p so, thank you very much Jurists! I passed the bar on my first attempt! Verdict: highly recommended



(Arellano University)



LITTLE THINGS MATTER.  Last  May 3 of 2015, I failed my first take. I knew that I studied well but I'm sure that there was something that I missed which led to my failure.  When I enrolled at Jurists, I realized that the way I answered the bar questions was my problem.  I knew the answers but I DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO ANSWER.  Thanks to the Jurists magic because they taught me the proper way of answering bar questions.  Aside from learning how to answer, the Jurists team  made my review light and easy with the little things that they do.  They consistently sent text messages to notify me regarding the schedule of lectures and the available notes. The coaches' words gave me courage to believe in myself again.  The sweet smiles of the entire staff especially Ma’m Cynthia  :) made me feel that I am at home. These little things amazingly made a big difference in my review because on May 3 of this year,  I became a lawyer. From the bottom of my cute heart,   BIG THANKS from



(San Sebastian College, Recoletos)



I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jurists Bar Review Center for helping me in achieving my dream of becoming a lawyer. 


First of all, Jurists Bar Review Center provides topnotch lecturers who are updated with the recent cases which would most likely come out of the exam. Aside from that, these lecturers reiterate landmark decisions of the Supreme Court which would be very vital in answering may bar questions. 


The Jurists Bar Review Schedule is very conducive to the schedule of the bar examinee. They only hold lectures from Fridays to Sundays thus giving the bar examinee the whole week to read and study on his own. This is very advantageous to the bar examinee because less time would be wasted for travel from one place to another. Also, this schedule breaks the bad cycle of read- eat-sleep-read of the bar examinee since he would be listening to lectures during weekends. This schedule also prevents the bar examinee being burned out during the review. Remember that the bar review period is a long and arduous 6 months. Therefore, pacing the bar examinee is very important. 


Last but not the least, what helped me the most in hurdling the bar exams was its mock bar examinations. I believe this was the key in my success during the bar. Because of this, I was able to identify mistakes that I was unknowingly committing in answering bar questions and I was able to adapt a more effective approach in attacking every bar problem.   


On the whole, I have nothing but praises for the Jurists Bar Review. Jurists Bar Review Center is one of the best review centers in the Philippines. If you want to become a lawyer, enrolling in Jurists Bar Review Center is a must.


Atty. Richard P. Sarino

(University of Santo Tomas)



“That in ALL PERSONS and THINGS GOD may be glorified”




            Yes, you should choose JURISTS.


            According to the previous testimonials of JURISTS BAR TOPNOTCHERS and BAR PASSERS, if you are looking for a Bar review center which would provide superb lectures from the most brilliant lecturers, which would teach proper and very effective techniques in answering the Bar questions, which would provide well-prepared mock bars (which are very much like the actual Bar questions), which would let you undergo ONE-ON-ONE COACHING with the most passionate coaches (such as my dearest coaches, namely Atty. Manny Riguera, Atty. Girlie Mae Cuntapay, and, most especially, the most sought-after coach, Atty. Morgan R. Nicanor), the most supportive staff (Ate Cynthia and the other Jurists staff), and which would help you PASS or even TOP the BAR EXAMINATIONS, then you should choose JURISTS.


            In this case, JURISTS provides the above-mentioned services (and so much more).


            Hence, you should choose JURISTS.




            Yes, you should attend EVERY LECTURE.


            Based on my experience, you should attend (or at least try to attend) EVERY LECTURE since the lectures are given by the most brilliant, most passion-driven, and most sought-after lecturers such as Atty. Rizalina Lumbera (who is very much known for her “Parlor ni Lumbera”), Atty. Manny Riguera, Atty. Tranquil Salvador III,  Atty. Carlo Cruz and so much more.


            Hence, you should attend EVERY LECTURE.




            Yes, you should attend EVERY MOCK BAR.


            Based on my experience, as well as that of the other JURISTS Bar passers, you should attend (and take seriously) the mock bars since the mock bars prepared by JURISTS actually give you a run-through of the actual Bar exams. In addition, based on the previous testimonials of JURISTS BAR TOPNOTCHERS and BAR PASSERS, some of the questions asked in said mock bars ACTUALLY APPEARED in the ACTUAL BAR QUESTIONNAIRES.


            Hence, you should attend EVERY MOCK BAR.




            BEFORE THE BAR EXAMS, the things that you, as a Bar Reviewee, should take note of are the following:

            a. HEALTH

            b. HANDWRITING

            c. SANITY :)


            DURING THE BAR EXAMS, the things that you, as a Bar Reviewee, should take note of are the following:

            a. RELAX because whether you believe it or BELIEVE IT, you are very much PREPARED.

            b. AIM TO TOP THE BAR, so that the least that can happen is you PASSING IT:)

            c. PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY:)


            AFTER THE BAR EXAMS, the things that you, as a Bar Reviewee, should take note of are the following:

            a.  PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY (x100)

            b. CLAIM IT!




(San Beda College, Alabang)



While I was officially on leave from work during the bar review season, I was still preoccupied with work and non-work commitments. I was fortunate enough to enroll in a review center for regular review classes and with Jurists for the online review. When some of my other responsibilities came in conflict with my regular review schedule, I was still to catch up on my review through the online lectures. Further, the accessibility allowed me to listen to the lectures repeatedly even when I was stuck in traffic, or at work, or even while trying to rest at home. While I was initially only interested in specific lecturers, I later on realized the value of having different sets of lecturers because the variety allowed for alternative viewpoints, insights, and approaches. With my regular review and the online review offered by Jurists, I was able to cover more ground considering the limited period of time. I was fortunate enough to have the best of both worlds, so to speak. 


To Atty. Manny and the rest of the Jurists family --- THANK YOU. It was a great comfort to know that the Jurists family was there when we were chasing our dream. The bar review period, bar exams proper, and the wait were challenging, exhausting, and disheartening at times, but the Jurists family especially Atty. Manny was always there to give us the extra push we needed to finish strong.


The Lord has indeed blessed us with a gift and a responsibility--the gift of our dream and the responsibility to create positive change in society. May the Lord continue to bless Jurists with endless opportunities to help law graduates reach the dot at the end of "ATTY", more opportunities to inspire future lawyers, and more opportunities to allow new lawyers to give back. We may not be able to thank you each day for what you have done for us in our battle to become lawyers, but hopefully our actions as principled and honest lawyers will reflect the Jurists way.



(Centro Escolar University)



Attending Jurists Review Center has given me the confidence I needed to answer bar questions and eventually pass the 2016 bar. Among all, the 4-paragraph rule was effective for me for I was able to properly lay out my answers. Jurists has also taught me how to cite jurisprudence, my favorite so far is "The supreme court has held that..."  In fact, there was one subject wherein 90% of my bases were jurisprudence because I didn't know the law.  To the next batch, the Jurists system really works, you just have to stick to it especially the mock bars and the coaching and if possible choose one coach like I did for you to see better how you improved. 


Thank you very much.


Atty. Santiago L. Pagaddut Jr.

(University of Cordillera)



Why did I choose Jurists?

I chose Jurists because of the following reasons, among others:

1. As a working student, I have learned the art of work-studies-life balance; I wanted a balanced lifestyle and relaxed weekend schedule during the review; I wanted sufficient time for myself and my loved ones during weekdays and the Jurists schedule perfectly suits what I wanted;

2. Because my boyfriend, Atty. Montalvo, and most of my good friends who are lawyers are from Jurists as well; I guess, while Mr. Robert Frost encourages to take the road less traveled, it doesn't hurt to be wise and learn from Mr. Voltaire's rhetorical question "Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others?"

3. Because it offers online lecture which, for me, is efficient and a quality mode of instruction;

4. Massive complicated materials would overwhelm a bar candidate; With Jurists, I appreciate the outpour of judiciously selected compilation of review materials which are comprehensive yet simplified at the same time; 

5. Because of the consistency in sending out emails and text messages on reminders and words of encouragement; 

6. Because of the dreaded and laborious mock bar exam which I find exciting; it's not that I want to torture myself but I still believe the best way to conquer the bar is through preparation; and

7. Because of the lecturers - I am always in awe of the wisdom of Prof. Carlo Cruz (on political law), Justice Lopez (on criminal law) and Dean Salvador (on remedial law); I could feel the passion for Labor Law of Prof. Manuel as he lectures; I very much appreciate Prof. Paguirigan's discussion of cases especially on persons and family relations; while I am already a tax practitioner, I really enjoyed the animated discussions of Prof. Lumbera on taxation; the seemingly uncomplicated discussions of Prof. Riguera and Prof. Castro on commercial law are enlightening; and of course, who could ever forget the mnemonics of Prof. Riguera on evid and specpro? 

The lecturers likewise never fail to share stories on values and virtues, especially on faith, hard work and patience, towards becoming a lawyer. These lectures helped ease all lingering tension and anxieties.

Jurists family, congratulations for the high passing percentage. May you continue to impart not only knowledge but inspiration as well to more aspiring lawyers.

Thank you Jurists for being a part not only of our #relationshipgoals journey but for guiding us as we traversed the road towards becoming CPA lawyers. 



Atty. Rachelle Ann C. Baod, CPA

(San Beda College of Law, Mendiola, 2016 Bar)


cc: Atty. Henson M. Montalvo, CPA
(San Beda College of Law, Mendiola, 2015 Bar)


Sir, I am a Jurists reviewee po and I am one proud bar passer po. I am beyond thankful that I made the right choice in choosing Jurists Bar Review Center. Your coaching staff is really amazing and because of them, I realized my flaws in answering sample bar questions in the mock bar. Even though I spend most of my review sessions online, the quality of my review was not compromised. I know how busy you are Sir, but when I requested for you as my online coach, you did not hesitate to be one. Thank you for giving your honest-to-goodness suggestions and recommendations.

Truly, I can't really express how grateful I am to be part of the 85.79%. More power Sir, and please continue to help other aspiring lawyers to achieve their dreams of becoming one. God bless, Jurists! 


PS. Special shout out to Atty. Tranquil Salvador, who made me realize what's more to love in Remedial Law, and to Atty. Duka, who made me forget how stressful review sessions can be by throwing a bunch of punch lines which made me laugh inside my room, that made my mom worry a bit.


Atty. Jackelyn Joy B. Pernitez

(New Era University)



Being a student of Jurists Bar Review made me say to myself this (and to my friends who are asking for recommendations): if I had been this organized while I was a student, law school could have been a breeze. Jurists made reviewing for the bar both simple and exciting for me. They not only taught us what we need to answer in the bar exams, but most importantly, HOW we will answer the questions in the bar exams. Jurists made me confident I can do it. Thank you Atty. Manny and Jurists Family for your part in my journey to this profession we all worked hard for.  More power to you!


Atty. Alpha Grace M.  Bonifacio

(Far Eastern University)



Good day!


My friend recommended to me Jurists as a review center since I was looking for a review that would fit my schedule. I am a full-time mother to a five-year-old daughter and my husband who is a Police Officer cannot possibly take care of her full time.


I knew I could not take those reviews in Manila even if I wanted to because aside from money issues, I knew I had a responsibility of taking care of my family.  I knew I would break my daughter's heart if I would leave her, and I could not just imagine being away from her for too long. I could not learn this way. I knew in my heart God will always make a way for me because He has already done so much for me. And then I came to know of Jurists! 


I am truly thankful to the Jurists way because the method of answering the bar questions greatly improved my skills. You see, I am a Literature graduate, thus leaning more on the poetic style. It was really my difficulty since day 1 in Law school.


I thank all the lecturers who not only taught us the subjects but also encouraged us to do our best. Frankly, I was not sure how i would tackle the Bar before I reviewed in Jurists.  When the first day of the exams came, our Dean was there to meet us. She whispered to me, "Nubua lang (just make your answers short)." I just smiled. I had a secret weapon.


Thank you Jurists! I will be forever grateful!



(University of Ilo-ilo)



Invest in good mentorship. In this unforgiving world of reviewing for the Bar Exams, you'll be glad if someone has your back. Thank God for Jurists Review Center, a review center with a heart.


In my experience, despite studying hard and studying smart, I knew that something is still lacking in my preparation. Enrolling at Jurists is one of the best decisions I made. Their mock bar and coaching program provided me with what I need to slay the Bar Exam Dragon. I'm glad I trusted the Jurists format.


To my mentors at Jurists, maraming salamat sa naituro at naitulong ninyo. To Atty. Manny Riguera, I wish that God made more men like you. Thank you for sharing to us your wisdom. To Atty. Hazel Riguera, managing director of Jurists Review Center, thank you for sharing your story and for encouraging me to never give up the fight. To Atty. Jade Lee, my coach, thank you for the patience in checking my booklet and for the guidance in improving my answers.


Mabuhay ang Jurists and to God be the glory!


Atty. Pius G. Morados

(Western Mindanao State University)



Choosing a Review School at the start of the review for the Bar Exams is one of the biggest decisions any Bar Exam Candidate would take. For me, I mainly enrolled in Jurists for their promise that their handouts are new and regularly updated. That was a big thing for me since nobody wants to get hold of old pointers, especially in preparation for the bar. Jurists never disappointed me in this matter; it even gets better as it can be downloaded and can easily be printed.


As for the line-up of professors, they are all excellent! They are all knowledgeable on their subjects and confident in their lectures.



For the mock bar, since I am enrolled in the online bar review, I just sent my mock bar examinations through email. At first, I was hesitant to submit my exam. I always think that I was not prepared to take the exam and that the checker may give me a lot of negative remarks. But as I gathered my composure, I realized that these are just fears that need to be surpassed. True enough, at least for the first few mock bar exams, I received comments constructed to develop my skills and prepare me. As I continue to take more mock bar exams, I improved my technique and style and these contributed to my serenity in taking the bar.


Finally, the online bar review saved me a LOT of time. I didn’t have to spend hours on traveling to the review center. I was at the comfort of my home. If I don’t understand some points, I replay it. If I’m tired and don’t want to stop studying, I listen to the lectures. And by listening to and watching  these lectures, I am 100% focused. There are no distractions and side comments from my seatmates. It is like a one-on-one with the professor. I guess one way or another, the Jurists team made the program available for different individuals’ sweet spots.


To the Jurists team, thank you very much! I dedicate my victory not only to my family, but mainly to the entire Filipino people.


Atty. Miguel Paolo L. Adalem

(Far Eastern University)



I was one of those who availed of the fully internet based review and I benefited greatly from the guidance and checking of the mock exams.


I decided to go with Jurists Bar Review Center for my second take because I needed to improve on how I composed my answers and managed my time during the test. The first time I took their mock exam, I felt that it was an accurate and fair simulation of the real Bar Exam. I was truly challenged by the questions posed by Jurists. The critiques provided by the coaches of my answers really helped me change how I answered the Bar questions and how I reviewed. They gave me valuable insight into how examiners checked papers and what mistakes to avoid. 


I am so grateful for the patient guidance provided by those who checked and evaluated my answers. Their guidance allowed me to package my answers in a concise and logical way during the 2016 Bar Exam. 


Once again, I would like to thank Jurists Bar Review Center for their guidance and patience. I am now a lawyer.


Rafaello "Alfie" R. Caballero

(Lyceum of the Philippines)



I am 100% certain that Jurists helped me pass the 2016 Bar Exam! I highly recommend Jurists to all first-takers and repeaters without any reservations. First, the ENVIRONMENT. Jurists becomes your FAMILY. The staff, coaches, lecturers, and fellow reviewees are very welcoming. You’ll be spending 5-6 months with these people, so it’s important that you feel comfortable. I never felt any judgment re the number of readings I’ve completed, everyone was friendly and you felt that they GENUINELY wanted to see you succeed and do well in the exam. Second, the LECTURERS and their HANDOUTS are carefully selected and very thorough. You can survive bar review just by attending lectures, reading codals, past Bar Q&As and Jurists handouts. No need to read other materials or books! Just master the selected materials. The lecturers and coaches give invaluable advice on the mental aspect of preparation. Their inspirational quotes and tips helped keep me going.


Third, the MOCK BARS and one-on-one COACHING SESSIONS replicate exam conditions and help you realize your weaknesses. I worked with my coach, Atty. Gilbert Pilar. He noticed all the small mistakes that I wouldn’t normally catch if I checked my own practice exams. Atty. Pilar pushed me to improve my handwriting, formatting of paragraphs, and even the proper presentation and phrasing of answers. I am certain that I would have done better in law school exams if I knew the Jurists techniques and method of answering. Fourth, Jurists is PROFESSIONAL. Classes are NEVER cancelled (even during storms!) so you know that the schedule will be followed, and you’ll maintain the scheduled pace for review. The staff always updates you if they’ve emailed you new handouts, and if there are changes in the lecture schedule. THANK YOU VERY MUCH JURISTS FAMILY!!! I AM A LAWYER TODAY, BECAUSE OF ATTY. MANNY RIGUERA, THE LECTURERS, ATTY. GILBERT AND THE REST OF THE JURISTS STAFF. MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT!


Atty. Paula Pelaez Plaza

(University of the Philippines College of Law)



Dear Atty. Manny,


Lawyer now, thank you for your help, thank you for the personal touch, thank you for being a part of the “dreaded journey” I once thought I had.


Three years back I sent an email to Jurists Bar Review Center inquiring about my status and asking for recommendation/s on how to pursue my dream. I was then 55 years old. You emailed me back, gave me options. That single act touched me so much, Jurists is not just a business, it is a soul, it is a heart , it is a feeling.


I told you my case, I failed when I first took the bar in 1996, failed for the second time in 1999, fed my family for 20 long years till my youngest, now 23 was done with schooling. Who thought I would ever reach my dream?


You told me to go back and take a refresher course.   I was hesitant, I knew it would be hard for me to be embarrassed on daily recitations in front of classmates very young enough to be my kids, others might be calling me not just mommy but lola. You advised and said I must enroll on line if I had that discipline and strong determination within to finish the review and religiously do it , but that you strongly advised me to attend a refresher course.


Despite the hesitancy, I enrolled in law school. A year after, I enrolled at the Jurists Bar Review, got everything I wanted, a lawyer now. Sir, thank you , thank you, thank you. Thanks too to the staff and to the mentors, and thank you very much for having been a family to me.


A lawyer at 57?  Thank you , Jurists. You deserve the praises. God bless you for making my seemingly dead dream into a reality.



(University of Iloilo)





This testimonial may be a little late, but I could not just let this pass without thanking my Jurists family for helping me “slay the Bar dragon.”  To the Coaches and the staff who worked tirelessly to provide us with quality review materials as tools in passing the Bar, thank you!


I have only heard of Jurists from my other classmates since we were talking about where to review for the 2016 Bar Exams. 


I finally decided to enroll in the Online course of Jurists after Atty. Morgan Nicanor had a lecture in Iloilo.  It was primarily for financial reasons and because, being a single mother,  I could not leave my daughter for six months.  I had to find a compromise, and Jurists came to the rescue just in time.


Prior to his lecture, I have a friend who also reviewed with Jurists for the 2015 Bar Exams.  She encouraged me and my classmates to attend the lecture of Atty. Morgan because he would be teaching us not only how to answer the Bar exams the Jurists way, but also how to have the proper mindset during the review and during the 4 Sundays of November.  We were given more or less 5 mock bar questions to be answered.  Our notebooks were checked when Atty. Morgan arrived and then we were individually evaluated after the lecture.  Yes, Atty. Morgan lives up to his name and reputation.  But that’s a good thing!  Sometimes, all we need is brutal honesty for us to acknowledge our shortcomings and improve on them. 


During the lecture Atty. Morgan talked about a different field of the law that most people would often ignore or have not heard of – the Law of Attraction.  That helped me a lot with regard to the mindset during review and the exam proper. 


While I was reviewing, I found the video lectures, as well as the notes, very helpful.  There were lectures that do not have uploaded notes, but I made it a point to make my own notes based on the video lectures and whatever review materials I had.  I made it a point not to lose track and to just trust what I had with me.  The mock bars were also very helpful.  The coaches pointed out my mistakes & suggested what or how I should answer or attack the question.  They also indicated “good answer” to the questions whose answers of mine they were satisfied with.   My handwriting was likewise evaluated, as well as the format for writing on the notebooks (margins and indentations) in a way that would make it easier for the examiner to read, thus giving the examinee a higher chance of getting a higher score.


Although answering the Bar Exams was all on me, Jurists had a part in it too.  I would not have known about the Jurists format in answering the exams, among other things, had I enrolled in a different review center.  So once again, thank you Team Jurists for everything!  Atty. Morgan, Atty. Riguera, the lecturers and staff of Jurists, thank you!  From the bottom of my heart.  I will pay it forward.  To God be the Glory and may you continue to inspire more reviewees and help  them slay this year’s Bar dragon!


Atty. Therese Lorraine Grace S. Arcones

(University of San Agustin, Iloilo)



When I graduated in my Bachelor of Laws last  April 2016, I felt that I was not yet ready for the 2016 Bar Examinations so I looked for a review center that will make my preparation of the bar examinations complete. Then, I found Jurists Review Center.


I like Jurists Review because of its one-on-one coaching sessions after every mock bar.  After every coaching session, a bar candidate will realize his performance on the mock bars,  if there are things needed to done so that his answers will conform to the standards that the examiners are looking for or if his answers will already warrant him to become a lawyer. After my first and second coaching sessions, I cried because there were many corrections and suggestions on my examination notebook. However, this gave me a challenge to strive more, to study further, and to memorize laws. On the third coaching session, things changed, I did perform better. On the last coaching session, I felt I was so ready to take the bar examinations that year.


Truly, Jurists is a home away from home. For provincial bar candidates like me, I found my home in Jurists. The staff of the review center are very accommodating as well as courteous. They will provide whatever you want to give you comfort while you are in their care. But most of all, the Head Coach Atty. Manny and his wife Atty. Hazel are very much approachable and friendly. A bar candidate can disclose any problems that is bothering him while he is on his review.  Plus, the review center provides the best of the best reviewers and hand-outs.


 With this, I express my gratitude to Jurists Review Center. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream. Long Live Jurists!  May you continue to help the Filipino people to achieve their aspiration of becoming a lawyer.  Mabuhay po kayo!



(University of Eastern Philippines)



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