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Online bar review is the future, and Jurists Bar Review Center is one of the trailblazing review centers who already mastered such field.

Before I graduated in law school, I decided not to enroll in a traditional review center. The main reason was that I wanted to stay at my home in Pulilan, Bulacan, where I would be more comfortable and relaxed. Staying in a familiar environment with my loved ones gave me the tool to balance the stress brought about by the bar review. More importantly, I was able to enjoy reviewing all the eight bar subjects without having too much pressure. Personally, watching or attending a bar review lecture is useless if I have not yet finished my first and second readings of all the bar subjects. With Jurists, I had my own pace in studying and was not dictated upon by the schedule of the pre-bar lectures imposed by the traditional review centers.

However, I also recognized that I cannot do the bar review alone. I needed guidance, and Jurists Bar Review Center was there to provide all the help that a bar reviewee needs.

Great Roster of Lecturers – Watching a bar review lecture consumes time. With the quality of the lecturers in Jurists, however, I guarantee that your time will not be wasted. Some of the lecturers were my professors in law school, and I can personally attest to their excellence and dedication in helping the reviewees pass the bar exams.

Organized Lectures and Review Materials – It may be a small thing for some, but organized lectures and review materials will save you so much time. For bar reviewees, time is a luxury. You would never want to waste it by searching for a particular lecture or review material, which is stressful.

Jurists Staff – Enrolling in Jurists gave me my own bar ops. They were very helpful and responsive to the bar reviewees’ needs. They even went to the extent of offering transparent bags for the bar reviewees.

Answering Techniques – Knowing the answer to the question is just one part of the equation. The examinee must know how to communicate his/her answer to the question, considering that the bar examiners will be checking thousands of booklets. Jurists taught me how to answer the bar questions properly. Their technique is very flexible, so that during the times when the submission of booklets was already nearing, I was able to revise my style without sacrificing the form and substance of my answers.

To all the lawyers, lecturers, and staff of Jurists Bar Review Center, thank you so much for being my bar ops in the 2015 bar exams.

Kind regards,



(Ateneo de Manila University)


In Jurists Bar, they will let you establish your goal, make you believe in yourself, and eventually hurdle the BAR Exams.

LET YOU ESTABLISH YOUR GOAL- I was among the thousands who aspired to get the period on my four-letter title. On my very first day at Jurists, I listened to the testimonials of former examinees who succeeded in passing the 2014 BAR. My study buddy (now fellow Atty.) Paolo and I cherished every single word, got motivated, and eventually promised that next year we should get back and give our own speeches.

In Jurists Bar Review, you will have a FAMILY. It is not just a review center, but a home where you can form your dreams. Atty. Manny and Atty. Hazel will stand as your BAR Parents. The coaches will be your elder brothers and sisters who will guide you on how to surpass your struggles. The staff members are like your uncles and aunts who are always smiling, indirectly telling you that you must go on. Your fellow reviewees are like your siblings, your twins, who will not abandon you along the way. In short, you are in a home away from home.

MAKE YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF- Jurists will provide you with the BEST Lecturers. I will never forget Atty. Manny’s lectures on Remedial Law and Commercial Law which enlightened me on concepts that I never understood before. Atty. Duka’s Labor Laws gave me a concise explanation of the entire code. Atty. Uribe and Dean Viviana’s Civil Law made me feel like I was inside the classroom listening to their discussions which became very useful when I took the Civil Law Exam. Of course, the legendary Atty. Riza Lumbera made Taxation easier for us.

Aside from that, you will have your one-on-one coaching. The coaches are very helpful. I used to give very long answers to a question, but the Jurists Method made me answer briefly and precisely. Moreover, they will give you tips that are based on their experience and mind you, these are useful tips like color of pen for your penmanship, how to overcome over-discussing, etc. With all these with me during the exams, I knew I was fully equipped in addition to my self-reading.

EVENTUALLY HURDLE THE BAR-You are a product of Jurists. By the time your review ends you already have the knowledge, the emotional support from Jurists family, the best way to answer, and the confidence in yourself. Thus, you have everything that it takes to become a full-fledged lawyer.

I was once a High School teacher, a College Professor, and a Corporate Paralegal. As a working student it took me six years and three law schools to finish Law. Nevertheless, all my difficulties became my motivation to work harder and fulfill my dreams. With the help of Jurists, my journey to lawyerhood became a reality. It matters a lot being in another HOME when you are working hard to fulfill your dreams. Now, I am a Lawyer. My dream has come true. Allow Jurists to help you achieve yours.



(Philippine Christian University)



I chose Jurists among my other five choices for the 2015 bar review because after comparing their respective review courses and schedules, Jurists had the most organized review course and schedule. Most importantly, the mock bar and the one-on-one coaching appealed to me the most.

The weekend review classes were convenient for me since I could spend more days in reading and working (yes, I was working during review). The classes would just be confirmation of what I have read, except for additional updates and tips the lecturers would give.

I recommend the new reviewees to take ALL the mock bars and enjoy being coached. Those were the 2 things I was always excited with during review. I looked forward to mock bars and being coached thereafter because it gave me the opportunity to know where I had gone wrong and how I should correct myself in order for me to outperform in the Bar exams. I have seen some reviewees cry or complain after coaching, but I advise reviewees to take every criticism positively. The coaches are there to help us, not to humiliate us.

The lecturers were great. I especially loved attending the lectures of Prof. Manny Riguera, Prof. Tranquil Salvador III, Prof. Riza Lumbera (ang galing-galing sa Tax!), Prof. Carlo Cruz, and Prof. Gorospe. Yung mga hand-outs nila are so precious and useful talaga during the Bar. Aside from my textbooks, I only used the reviewers they distributed since they already cover almost everything and updated nila. I noticed that their hand-outs are prepared by the professors themselves judging from the language, the format, and the choice of topic. In fact, I have kept yung mga hand-outs ng fave professors ko.

During the Bar exam, I did not accept nor clamor for "tips" from friends and bar supporters. I only brought with me my codals and Jurists handouts which were filled with handwritten notes during lectures and personal study.

Prof. Manny's tip that we should always be "ARGUMENT DRIVEN", not conclusive driven, helped me in confidently answering the questions.

I had a great time at Jurists. I met new friends who are worth keeping. I befriended the staff, especially the videographers na madalas kachikahan namin sa likod (hehe). Another thing is, nobody cared kahit matulog ako during review, kaya masaya!

I love the Jurists family! They are so accommodating all the time! I would like to thank Prof. Manny Riguera for the priceless and very useful tips in how to outperform in the Bar and granting my request to be my coach sa last mock bar. I was so honored to be coached by you. Likewise to Atty. Hazel Riguera who was very accommodating and approachable. She regularly saw to our convenience like our mother. Tapos may after-Pre-Bar-review party pa kami ang daming malalaking pizza! Ang saya saya!



(Universidad de Manila) 




The Jurists Online Bar Review and Coaching Program (Jurists Online) of the Jurists Bar Review Center (JBRC) provided me a really great experience for my preference of online learning.

Here are some features of the said program which I consider as very contributory to my efficient bar review:

1. ROSTER OF GREAT LECTURERS – Prof. Riguera was my favorite. His lectures in Evidence were well supplemented with cases and presented meticulously to really suit a review setting, complete with mnemonics and emphases.
2. FRESH ONLINE VIDEO LECTURES - a 24/7 video access which may even be conveniently accessed through a mobile phone.
3. AVAILABILITY OF REVIEW HANDOUTS ONLINE – available for online download in pdf format.
4. MOCK BAR EXAMS – they were very similar to the actual bar exams, from the number of questions to how the questions were framed.
5. COACHING SYSTEM - it gave me confidence and helped me to become polished in answering the bar questions using the format taught by the program. My penmanship was even assessed.
6. SYSTEMATIC – the entire program was very organized. Complete instructions on how to use the program were given. Constant updates and announcements of video, handout, and mock bar availability with occasional suggestions during review were sent through text messages.

Thank you very much JBRC!



(San Beda Alabang) 



I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Jurists Bar Review Center family. Thank you to my mentor, Atty. Manny R. Riguera and his wife, Atty. Hazel R. Riguera for all their help and support during my bar journey.

Thank you to Ate Cynthia and Ate Nilda for the notes and the encouragement. I would also like to thank all the professors/lecturers who were patient in imparting to us their knowledge and the necessary attitude to face the bar exams.

I recommend the Jurist method in answering the bar examinations. The method taught me to answer in a direct and responsive manner. I believed in this method and I faithfully followed the same method during the bar exams.



(University of Perpetual Help Dalta Law College)



Some lecturers will tell you that the questions that will be asked in your bar exam are very hard to predict. Believe them for they are right. In 2015, some of the questions were from areas of law that are not frequently or repeatedly asked in the Philippine bar exam. Some questions require a high degree of specialization such as definitions of “depacage” in Civil Law and “equity of incumbent” in Labor Law. This is where the training in Jurists Review Center comes in.

I did not think the examiners were expecting the correct answer, but to test how the examinee will handle himself when confronted with questions that he is likely not to know. So when I answered using the method taught by Jurists, my aim was to demonstrate my legal knowledge and ability to answer gracefully even when in truth, I was racking my mind for the correct answer. My answer was readable and showed lawyerly thinking enough to convince the examiner that while my answer may not be the best and correct answer, he can, without hesitation, justifiably give me a passing mark. Of course, you still need to master the fundamentals of the law to merit a passing mark overall!

The Jurists method helped me to be more organized and allowed me to manage my time. I was able to think through my answers at least two times. First, when I was outlining them in my questionnaire, and second, when I was preparing to write them down. This enabled me to write legibly and in an organized manner. This also gave me at least thirty minutes marginal time to check my answers before submission.

I like the accessibility of the venue and the school-neutral environment in the Jurists Review Center. Atty. Hazel Riguera, Atty. Manuel Riguera (Do not miss Atty. Manuel Riguera’s lecture in Special Proceedings, Evidence, AMLAC, and Banking Law) and their staff are very welcoming. The lecturers in Jurists are top notch, particularly, the brilliant Prof. Carlo L. Cruz for Political Law, Prof. Tranquil Salvador III for Remedial Law, Atty. Eric Balmes for Legal Ethics (Pre-week) and Atty. Modesto Ticman III and Judge Mario Lopez for Criminal Law. It’s a very competitive and pioneering review center.

Special thanks to my coaches Atty. Markova Jacinto of UE and Atty. Ronald Santiago of PUP. They were very kind in their coaching, but effective.

Thanks to the Jurists Review Center!



(Manila Law College)



At the start of May 2015, I wasn't ready to take the bar.

Being a working student in law school, I didn't feel confident that I had the best foundation. After all, my study time consisted of post-class and lunch-break reading. To compound my anxiety, I deferred for two years after graduating to focus on work concerns. My law books stood at the bottom of the pile.

Therefore, I'm blessed to have discovered Jurists that May. Their holistic approach filled my deficiencies by focusing on the following:

1) Employing the Best Teachers.

When talking to fellow bar reviewees, most if not all of the lecturers were recognized for their excellence in teaching the material

2) Test-Taking.

The 4-paragraph methodology was introduced, emphasized by the mentors and practiced during the mockbars

3) Study-Time Management

The weekend-only class schedule allowed me to spend the weekdays on reading the upcoming material, and if time permitted, to advance to the weeks ahead. This way, you are certain to get at least two readings of the material.

4) Confidence-Building

Answering the mockbars, getting immediate feedback and improving on your results after each succeeding mockbar results in increased confidence

These four factors, emphasized by Jurists, served as my foundation in passing the bar.

Many thanks,



(University of the Philippines)



The e-mail title says it all.

I am so happy that I went with my gut feel and enrolled in Jurists. A decision that will change my life forever.

I am the only one in my batch who enrolled in Jurists and I didn't regret it one bit because I know that I made the right choice. First, the line-up of lecturers is superb (you had me at Dean Tranquil hehe). Second, the schedule fits my study plan. I get to read on weekdays, and attend lectures and coaching during the weekends. Third, the one-on-one coaching style which really helped me assess and improve my skills fit to pass the bar exams. Lastly, the very helpful staff who willingly accommodated the requests and needs of every reviewee (including mine) just to make sure that our review will be a breeze.

Thank you po Atty. Manny, Atty. Hazel and all the staff of Jurists! Please send my regards to all my coaches: Atty. Kookie Jacinto, Atty. Paul Cunanan, Atty. Vanessa Bugayong and Atty. Nicole Jamilla.

I am so grateful and proud to have been a product of Jurists Review Center. See you in court! Hehe

With so much gratitude,



(Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila)



Coming from Bulacan, I was not familiar with review centers in Metro Manila. I only looked for one with complete schedule for the duration of the review so I could plan my study accordingly. That was how I chose Jurists Bar Review Center. Its schedule of review from start to end is complete. Jurists, however, provided more than what I looked for: The lecturers were among the country’s best in their fields. Mock bars were fairly reasonable, testing not only knowledge of law but legal reasoning as well. Mock bar coaching allowed me to identify and address my weaknesses in answering essay-type format examinations. The whole Team Jurists, including all the administrative staff, provided a welcoming and supportive environment throughout the whole review. Special mention to my idol lecturers: Atty. Carlo Cruz, Atty. Tranquil Salvador, Atty. Manuel Riguera, and Justice Mario Lopez. To Team Jurists, thank you!



(Bulacan State University)



Enrolling in Jurists is the best decision I made before the 2015 Bar Exam.

I was kind of hesitant at first since most of my classmates enrolled in a review center somewhere in Morayta. But then, I went on to consider the nearest review center from where I live to save time in commuting. Hence, Jurists was the best option.

That decision did not fail me at all. I passed the 2015 bar exam with the help of the brilliant lecturers and of course the mock bar coaches.

I would like to commend the mock bar and the one-on-one coaching program of Jurists which the other review centers don't have. This program really helped me a lot in analyzing and answering essay questions within a time frame. The coaches taught me how to construct my answers well and how to write legibly since I have a very poor handwriting.

Because of this program, I managed to answer the bar questions straight to the point, brief, and concise. I must say that the mock bar and coaching program really prepared me for the actual bar exam.

Thank you Jurists! I really can never thank you enough in helping me to hurdle the bar exam. To all the lecturers, coaches, and other staff, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are all a big part of my success!

Cheers to more years of helping aspiring lawyers! Hope that you'll continue to produce new lawyers each year.



(Lyceum of the Philippines University)



I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Jurists Bar Review Center. Enrolling here is a great factor for me in surpassing the grueling 2015 bar exam. Every possible way of passing the bar exam will be shared and imparted to make sure that you are ready to take the bar - from FORM to CONTENT and from WHAT to answer to HOW you are going to answer. Also, I would say that the mock bar exams and one-on-one coaching style is the best! It helped me to answer responsively, spot the issue on a very long question and taught me how to make my booklet favorable in the eyes of the examiner. Thank you Atty. Manny and Atty. Hazel Riguera for establishing Jurists for us. The staff were all accommodating and very encouraging as well. I would also recommend the book of Atty. Riguera in Remedial Law Review, it's very friendly and for easy reading plus it is updated with recent jurisprudence. I am truly grateful that I was once a reviewee and now a product of of Jurists Review Center. Thank You Jurists Family!



(Jose Rizal University)



What sets Jurists apart is the training. Here, we were taught that all examinees all over the country knew the answer to a particular bar exam question. Thus, we need to stand out. We were trained to answer a question not only when we know the correct answer but most especially, when we don’t. We were made to focus not only on our strength but on how to overcome our weaknesses. We were made to trust our training so that we will see the bar exam not as something to be feared but one to be embraced with arms wide open.

The important highlights of Jurists training are as follows:

1. The four-paragraph method: Helps you answer in a concise, direct and organized manner.
2. The coaching system: It takes another person to spot your mistakes. When you are too preoccupied during the review, the coaches play an important role in overseeing the areas on which you have to improve or even change, so you can surely hurdle the bar.
3. The weekend lectures: This is very strategic. You can study your way from Mondays through Fridays and attend lectures on Saturdays and Sundays. Thus, there is no room for the excuse of not studying during weekends. Yes, they saw it coming.
4. The mock bars: Some mock bar questions were unbelievably asked during the bar. It then confirmed my theory that Jurists indeed takes time using their well-researched method of selecting the mock bar questions well suited to the bar examinees of a particular bar exam.

Thank you Jurists Review Center for giving us the support, devotion and confidence at the time we needed it most. Just when we thought that it was only our law school which can support us unconditionally, you proved us all wrong. You cared for us, as one of your own. I will be forever grateful for being a part of the Jurists Family. MORE POWER!
To all bar aspirants, Jurists is home. It does not matter where you’re from because here, we are one family. I WISH YOU WELL, GOODLUCK!



(Polytechnic University of the Philippines)



I was a working student when I took up law, thus, I felt that I was ill-prepared to take the Bar. My confidence was so low that I initially decided I would not take the 2015 Bar. All that changed after the first mock bar exam. The first mock bar was Remedial Law, my weakest subject and true, I had a terrible time answering the questions. But I was uplifted during the coaching questions; my coach did not focus on my incorrect answers but rather, on how I presented my answers. Using the Jurists Method, my coach was able to pinpoint my weaknesses and gave me tips on how to address those weaknesses. Eventually, I gained more confidence as I took on the subsequent Mock Bar exams and had my coaching sessions after each exam.

These coaching sessions truly helped me during the Bar Exam. In the Bar itself, when confronted with a difficult problem, I would always recall what my coaches and Atty. Riguera often emphasize - do not panic and be logical. The Jurists method enabled me to present organized and logically driven answers, which I think, was the reason why I passed the Bar.

Thus, a big thank you to Atty. Manuel Riguera for developing and sharing this method, to Atty. Hazel for taking care of us (I loved the pizza after the review), the Jurists staff who would text to remind me of my coaching schedules, and of course, my coaches for sharing their time and expertise.

Thank you!!!



(Mindanao State University)



Thank you Jurists Bar Review Center for helping me pass the 2015 bar exam. It was my first time to take it and I am so happy and proud that I was able to overcome the fear and was able to gain the confidence that I needed with your help. The mock bar exams and the coaching made me realize that it is not a matter of giving the right answers but a matter of how one expresses the answer. You taught me the technique of answering intelligently even in those cases when I really have no idea of what the answer is. Now, that’s hard core…  Thank you Jurists and more power!!!



(Arellano University)



My days with Jurists had been one memorable and joyful learning experience. I was not only able to avail of efficient, effective and systematic learning, but also found a home away from home. This is mainly because of the friendly and caring environment that was offered to us by the lecturers and the staff. Atty. Manny, in fact, refers to us as Jurists family.

I truly appreciate the fact that all possible techniques and tips on how to be armed and ready for the bar exams were freely shared to us. I am, specifically, so thankful that they shared with us the "Jurists Method" of answering. My first impression of it is that it will take us more time to answer questions following the said strategy, but eventually, I realized its effectiveness. It actually made my thoughts more organized, thus, enabling me to finish answering questions faster. Applying it (Jurists Method) on the day of the bar exam, I usually found myself finishing the exams earlier than the time allotted.

I also believe that Jurists has one of the best line-up of lecturers. They made sure that complicated/hard to comprehend topics are made easier to grasp. Atty. Lumbera, for one, made sure Taxation won't take its toll on us.

To my Jurists Family, my heartfelt gratitude to all of you. Thanks so much for all the learning experience, care, support and encouragement.



(Central Philippine University)



Reviewing style for the bar really depends on the person. Some prefer reading by themselves while others choose to listen to lectures. In Jurists I didn't have to choose, instead I had the best of both worlds. Here's why:

1. Jurists Schedule - the lectures are only at the end of the week which means I had 4.5 days to read and 2.5 days to listen.

2. Coaching/Mock Bar - Jurists concentrated on the manner of answering. Even if I have not finished reading I still took the mock bar to practice. I was able to practice my handwriting, logical analysis, time management and composure.

3. Superb Lecturers - Most lecturers are truly worth listening to. They discuss the main points, go straight to the point and gave me a clear vision of the big picture. During the bar exam I could hear the words of some of the lecturers as I write my answer.

4. Reviewee welfare - Jurists has a friendly environment which is good for a stressed and tensed bar reviewee. They are positive and encouraging to everyone. The review approach is holistic, not only are they guiding reviewees academically but they were also concerned with the mental and psychological state of the reviewees.

5. THE NOTES - I love the fact that the notes are made by the lecturers themselves. It only contained the points that the lecturers deemed necessary, that is a good thing because with the amount of review topics I had to read, less is more.

I am sincerely grateful to Jurists for the wonderful experience I had during the review that helped me pass the bar. Your holistic approach to reviewing made all the difference in my review. Thank you.



(San Beda College)




Jurists Online met and exceeded all of my needs and expectations for an online bar review. The materials were truly spot on as they were personally prepared by seasoned bar lecturers. You will never miss updates regarding lectures newly posted because texts were sent to remind reviewees that they were already up in the website. The mock bar exams together with their online coaching gave me confidence to answer essay questions in a very logical and appealing fashion.

Thank you Team Jurists!



(University of Santo Tomas)




Passing the bar is a dream come true and I owe a huge amount of my success to the Jurists Bar Review Center.

Choosing Jurists Bar Review was for me, one of the best decisions I made for my bar review journey. Their review program is very well organized. The line-up of lecturers is composed of equally brilliant lawyers who are generous enough to share everything they know to help you prepare for each subject in the bar exams. Their lectures are scheduled mostly during the weekends which allowed me to study on a particular subject during the weekdays then I would attend the lecture on the weekend, at the same time affirming what I have learned beforehand. This gave me a solid mastery of the subjects in the bar exam.

What made me finally decide to enroll in Jurists Bar Review is their mock bar and coaching program. Their mock bar and coaching program will help you determine your strengths in written exams and will help you improve your weakness. I for one benefited a lot from my coaches who taught me techniques and strategies on how to properly answer the bar.

That is why, for the 2016 bar examinees, I would highly recommend Jurists Bar as your bar review center!

Again, thank you to my Jurists family!



(San Beda College Manila)



I was not confident in taking the Bar Exams because I wasn’t an exceptional student in law school. Written exams were my weakness. This is why I chose Jurists – because of their mock bar exams and one-on-one coaching. Through that method, I trust that they will be able to train me on how to properly answer the Bar Exam questions. True enough, it worked. During the bar exams, I faithfully answered using the Jurists method. I took to heart everything my coaches told me and I no longer listened to other tips (which they would tell you to just answer in one/two sentences or don’t follow the Jurists method because it’s time consuming). Other than the mock bars and coaching, I also chose Jurists for its organized schedule. The lectures and coaching were only on weekends which gave me more time to read during weekdays. Listening to lectures during weekends are my only rest days. The schedule (reverse order of the Bar subjects) also matched my personal reading timetable.
The lecturers are indeed the best in the field! Especially for Remedial Law (Atty. Tranquil and Atty. Manny!) and Taxation Law (Atty. Lumbera!). Reviewing in Jurists was the best choice I made! I can say that my coaches, lecturers, Atty. Manny and the rest of the Jurists staff were indeed a huge part of why I passed the Bar Exams. They were very accommodating and all of them made us believe that we can do it! Again, my heartfelt gratitude to Atty. Manny and my Jurists family! To this year’s reviewees, I highly suggest that you faithfully attend the lectures, take all the mock bar exams, and attend the coaching sessions. Congratulations in advance!



(San Beda College of Law – Manila)



My first attempt in taking the bar, I fell short by 0.65 to make it to the passing cut off. I was full of resolve then to bounce back but fate will give you a hard beating sometimes, and I once again failed. I remember I was speaking then with Atty. Manny Riguera telling him that I felt so frustrated and was already doubting if lawyering is really for me. He told me that perhaps there is still something that I needed to work on when it comes to appreciating the question and answering the bar. I have to make an honest assessment of myself and with the help of Atty. Manny Riguera and Atty. Sacel Chua, my coaches in Jurists, I was made aware of my weak points and blind spots in responding to the mock bar questions they gave.

One of my mistakes was each time I took the bar, I did not manage my time well and thus always felt that I will fall short of time so I would rush through the remaining items of the exam. As a result thereof, I was not able to answer in the three to four paragraphs rule which is the method that Jurists teaches. There is truth in what they say that you have to know yourself well so that you can win your battles. Oftentimes, it is but some personal issues that we must honestly and courageously deal with and we need objective people to help us realize these, that is what Jurists team did for me.

Another thing was, during my first two attempts, I did not invite my family and friends to the seminar that Jurists gives to parents and loved ones of a bar reviewee. During my third review I invited my mother, sister and closest friends to attend and after that I recognized a difference in the way they treat me. There were no extra favors and demands, it became a team effort to just support me and help me pass the bar. Later on I found out through my mom that listening to the talks of Atty. Hazel Riguera during that seminar, it was the first time that she understood what a bar reviewee has to go through in preparing for the bar and what she needed to do to help me. So I encourage the incoming bar reviewees of Jurists to invite your family, friends and loved ones to attend this seminar that Jurists conducts, for them to fully understand the plight of a bar reviewee. After all, our success in the bar is as much theirs as it is ours.

Such is the dedication of Team Jurists that they go out of their way to think of ways to help us slay the bar dragon. It is difficult but believe me, it is possible to pass the bar. Lastly, I would like to share my fighting verse while going through all of the review season and the four Sundays of the bar: I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. To Team Jurists, words are not enough to thank you, special thanks to our Ate Cynthia and Ate Nilda, whose unwavering support and dedication helped all of the Jurists reviewees a lot. My congratulations to the entire team Jurists as well, not only did you produce new lawyers but also, bar topnotchers! So if you are a bar reviewee reading this and are still in doubt as to what review center you would choose, I’ll tell you this, nothing compares to Jurists!



(Aquinas University)




I first encountered the word on the second Sunday of the Bar Exams. I had no clue what it meant. My saving grace was what Jurists lecturers and coaches taught me. I extracted the definition of this word from the two prior subquestions and wrote it on my notebook following the Jurists method of answering. I prayed to God that my answer would be very close to the definition and that I would not look stupid to the Civil Law examiner. I promised myself not to look for the meaning of this word until the release of the 2015 Bar Exam results.

Last May 3, I learned that I passed the Bar Exams. I was beyond elated. But there was this lingering thought if I was able to correctly answer Civil Law Question I(c). I finally had the courage to look for its definition.

I actually got it right!

The Jurists answering method was my saving grace. It was my lifeline when I was absolutely clueless about what was being asked. I broke questions down mentally through CRARC and zeroed-in to key lines in the facts that I could use in my answers. I followed the Jurists method religiously in answering throughout the four Sundays.

The mock bars helped me strategize on the spot how much time I need to answer all the questions, how many questions I must answer in an hour, how many in 30 minutes, and how long must it take me to answer one question. I was able to finish all my exams with 30 minutes to spare for each of the 8 subjects during the Bar Exams.

I would like to thank Atty. Manny Riguera for establishing Jurists and coaching us during the Bar review. I specifically want to thank Atty. Kookie Jacinto for encouraging me to believe in myself and in my answers, Atty. Tin Castillo for scrutinizing the way I write and for telling me the pen I should use, and to Atty. Wilson Siy, Jr. for directly telling me what my problems were that I needed to fix and it was his advice that overhauled my entire review focus giving it the direction I needed.

I met many new friends in Jurists and in Madison. My discussions with them, together with my law school classmates, helped me cover all the bases in the subjects I reviewed. This is the environmental factor that I did not read in Jurists advertisements that I believe is another important factor in passing the Bar exams.

Jurists Bar Review Center helped me pass the Bar Exams on my first take! Thank you very much!



(University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City)



I will be forever grateful to our almighty God and Jurists for the help and guidance given to me in hurdling the 2015 Bar exams.


Jurisprudence classes – recent jurisprudence provided by Jurists is an important aspect considering that the 2015 bar exams reverted to the traditional problem type-essay questions;

Unique coaching style – Jurists one-on-one coaching sessions helped me ascertain my strength and weaknesses;

Renowned lecturers – Jurists pool of lecturers are the best in their respective field, plus, their great forecasts especially from Atty. Carlo Cruz, Atty. Lumbera, Atty. Castro-Villanueva and of course, the man himself, Atty. Manny Riguera;

Intense mock-bar exams – 7 difficult and time pressured mock bar exams. But most importantly some of them appeared in the bar, sa’n ka pa?!;

Schedule – Jurists schedule allowed me to maximize effectively and efficiently my precious bar review time;

The four-paragraph rule – Sir Manny always reminds us to “work for the convenience of the examiner”. Indeed the four paragraph rule gave me an edge in answering and ultimately passing the 2015 bar exams;

Staff – friendly and approachable Jurists staff;

In fine, to all bar reviewees Jurists is the best review center for you!

Thank you very much!



(University of Eastern Philippines, Catarman, Northern Samar)



Passing the bar is a dream come true and I owe a huge amount of my success to the Jurists Bar Review Center.

Choosing Jurists Bar Review was for me, one of the best decisions I made for my bar review journey. Their review program is very well organized. The line-up of lecturers is composed of equally brilliant lawyers who are generous enough to share everything they know to help you prepare for each subject in the bar exams. Their lectures are scheduled mostly during the weekends which allowed me to study on a particular subject during the weekdays; then I would attend the lecture on the weekend, at the same time affirming what I have learned beforehand. This gave me a solid mastery of the subjects in the bar exam.

What made me finally decide to enroll in Jurists Bar Review was their mock bar and coaching program. Their mock bar and coaching program will help you determine your strengths in written exams and will help you improve your weakness. I for one benefited a lot from my coaches who taught me techniques and strategies on how to properly answer the bar.

That is why, for the 2016 bar examinees, I would highly recommend Jurists Bar as your bar review center!

Again, thank you to my Jurists family!



(San Beda College Manila)



For two years, I reviewed under Jurists Bar Review Center. When I first took the bar, I studied at Jurists on-site, and learned how to properly answer questions with their Three-Paragraph Rule. Last year, I took their online review and it still proved helpful. Last year's result is truly a testament to the efficacy of their technique.


I have always feared Remedial Law. It is my Achilles' Heel. Here comes Atty. Tranquil Salavador. He explained Civil and Criminal Procedure like it was nothing. Reciting provisions from the Rules of Court without looking. Truly amazing.

Prof. Carlo Cruz is another wonderful reviewer. He can recite, verbatim, provisions of the Constitution, without breaking a sweat. A fantastic person, in and out of the classroom.

Taxation is one subject almost every law student hates. Here comes Atty. Lumbera. A true goddess of Taxation. A good part of her reviewer actually appeared in the bar exams. A lot of us simply read her reviewer before the exam, and we came out smiling.

These are only a number of the professors that showed me how to tackle Law subjects. All of them will show you how to understand the subject and prepare for the exams.


Jurists Bar Review instills to their reviewees the Three-Paragraph Rule. They have coaches properly trained to teach reviewees how to apply the technique. Through the course of numerous mock bar exams, reviewees will be ready and have the confidence to face the bar exams.

There are no words to express my gratitude to Jurists Bar Review. Prof. Riguera and his cohorts certainly began something that delivers results to this day. Cheers to Jurists and more power!



(University of Batangas)



Failing the bar for two consecutive years (2013-2014) was not easy. It pulled my confidence down and made me doubt myself and even tried to test my fate. But Jurists helped me to rise up to reach my dream of becoming a lawyer.

Thank you Jurists for giving me my key to open the gates of the legal profession.

To the lecturers, thank you for all the learning, tips and jokes you have shared to us. You have planted the seed of hope in my heart.

To all my coaches, thank you for all the bar tips. From my penmanship, crafting good paragraphs and even to the extent of what ballpen to use, I also owe you my success. Thank you for encouraging me to never give up.

Sir Manny, thank you for establishing Jurists. Many dreams came true because of Jurists. Thank you sir!

Special thanks to Ma'am Hazel, who talked to me one time. I felt so blessed and "kilig" at the same time as we had our heart-to-heart talk. Thank you for listening to my pains, struggles and disappointments. Ma'am thank you for those words of encouragement. Talking to you is the relief I needed those days.

To the staff, thank you for all the patience in guiding me in my mock bar schedules and test booklet. Thank you for laughing with me during those days when the pressure almost killed me.

Jurists made me realize my dreams.

Jurists helped me to redeem myself after two consecutive Bar failures.

Jurists gave me a home away from home.

I will forever be thankful to you Team Jurists. God bless!



(University of the Cordilleras)



It was March of 2015 when I finally decided to enroll in Jurists Bar Review Center.
How did I finalize my decision to enroll?

1. I researched all review centers available in Tacloban, Cebu and Manila.
2. I checked all the class schedules of each review center and analyzed which among them suited my budget, study time and class period.

I didn’t know about Jurists until one of my friends requested me to search about the review center. I had no friend or relative who is a lawyer. The school where I obtained my law degree was just new in the field and so I had no one to ask about the review center.

Jurists’ website was enough advertisement to entice me to enroll. I read all the testimonials posted by new Jurists lawyers. I was inspired by them all and I finally said to myself, “I found the review center which suited me best!”

What did I like about Jurists?

1. Schedule – Jurists’ class schedule was the right schedule for me. During law school, I was a working student and hence, I would always crave for more reading time. Their schedule would allow me to read from Monday to Friday with a quota of 10-15 hours and 200 pages a day and attend classes/lectures from Saturday to Sunday.

2. Lecturers – The roster of professors was the best. I attended all the lectures and I could hear their voices lecturing during the bar as well. I read all the materials they prepared for us.

3. Jurists Format – Indeed, there is a science of answering for the bar exam as lectured by Atty. Riguera. The format helped us barristers to become confident during the actual bar exam. It also helped me to answer briefly but logically.

4. Mock Bar Exams – The mock bar exams were almost similar to the bar exams. It was lengthy. I took the mock bar SERIOUSLY as if it were the real bar exam in order to practice myself to allot time for each number and coordinate my thinking and writing speed. I finished all 7 mock bars. I started and finished them all on time so I can practice myself not to leave any unanswered item while maintaining good handwriting with fewer errors.

5. Coaches – Other review centers may have mock bar exams but they do not have coaches that give you constructive criticisms of how you presented your answers, give you commendation when the answers we presented were good and provide us technical assistance on how to use the Jurists format. We were not rated on whether we got the correct answer but HOW we presented our answers in a logical manner using the Jurists format.

6. Jurists Staff – They are like family. They are very sincere in helping you hurdle the toughest exam in the country! I will never forget the pizza party right after the review.

7. Venue – Jurists venue is located away from the busy streets of Manila. It is located in a hotel where barristers from the province like me can comfortably stay during the pre-bar review. Since there was no need to travel, I was able to make use of my time for reading.

8. Neutral – I did not feel discrimination especially so that I came from the province. Everyone is friendly.

I am one proud Jurists lawyer here! Thank you for helping me achieve my dream of becoming a lawyer!

My sincerest thanks to the following:

  • Jurists Bar Review Center headed by Atty. Manny Riguera, Atty. Hazel Riguera, Ma’am Cynthia and staff;
  • Jurists Lecturers;
  • Jurists Coaches – Atty. Morgan Nicanor (Taxation and Labor), Atty. Conrad Leano (Criminal), Atty. Ralph Barcelona (Remedial), Atty. Leonor Garcia (Civil), and Atty. Manny Riguera (Commercial)!

To GOD be the glory!



(St. Paul School of Business and Law)



I am truly happy and grateful to my Jurists family for they played a huge role in my success in the 2015 Bar Examinations.

They have one of the best line up of lecturers, to name a few, Atty. Manuel Riguera himself in Remedial Law, the famous and one of the country's best Atty. Carlo Cruz in Political Law, and my personal idol Atty. Rizalina Lumbera in Taxation Law who went beyond what is expected of her just to make Tax Law easier to understand.

The schedule of their lectures on weekends allowed me to read on my own during the weekdays and be able to listen and affirm what I have learned beforehand during their lectures.

But what I most admired about Jurists is their one-on-one coaching session after the Mock Bar. My coaches made sure to look into and comment even on the minute details of my answers, gave very useful tips on how to spot the correct issue/s on a particular question and made suggestions on the color of the pen that we must use. Before I enrolled at Jurists, I had a very bad handwriting and I tend to prolong my answers. With the Jurists method of answering, I learned to make my answers brief, concise and organized, to make it appealing to the examiners.

I sincerely believe that Jurists is one of the reasons why I have successfully hurdled the 2015 Bar Examinations; thus I highly recommend it to the next batch of aspiring lawyers. Kudos to Jurists for a job well done. May you continue to inspire and help your reviewees to make their dream of becoming lawyers a reality.



(San Beda College Manila)



Dear Atty. Riguera,

I am one of your reviewees last year who luckily passed the 2015 bar exam. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for all your support. Without Jurists, I don't know if I would have made it, especially that I am already a refresher.

Sir, thank you so much for giving us the best lecturers, including you. I hope you will continue to help others who are ambitious like me . Nirekomenda ko po ang Jurists at may friend po akong nag-enrol na.

Salamat po ulit sa Team Jurists! Mabuhay po kayo!







Having flunked the previous year, I was not sure how to prepare for the bar exam again - what to change or how to study differently. Thankfully, the lecturers in Jurists were not only brilliant, they were also the warmest professors who genuinely did their best to help. Apart from affirming what the reviewees were supposed to have read, their lectures were encouraging and on point.

The mock bar and one-on-one coaching were very helpful too. Grateful to Atty. Morgan for the constant check on handwriting, format and presentation. Your methods make so much sense.

Jurists is effective because of the passionate team behind it. We hope you continue guiding and inspiring future lawyers. God bless all of you and thank you very much!!!



(Lyceum of the Philippines University)



Good day Atty. Riguera, I am Lowell Fredrick Madrileño, a graduate of San Beda College of Law-Manila and a passer of the 2015 Bar Examinations now waiting for the oath-taking and the signing of the Roll of Attorneys in order to become a full-fledged member of the Integrated Bar. First, I would like to express my gratitude to Jurists Bar Review Center for being an integral part of my Bar Review. I can confidently say that I have attended ALL the lectures, including the Pre-week lectures as well as the Mock Bar Exams. And I think that having such perfect attendance in all the lectures propelled my chances of passing the Bar Examinations. I can also vouch for the effectiveness of the Jurists Method of answering the Bar Examinations. In fact, during the Criminal Law exam when we were advised to answer briefly and straight to the point, I still maintained the Jurists Format and I think that extra effort paid off. In fact, I was surprised that the passing rate for Criminal Law was the lowest among the eight subjects. I also would like to particularly mention my coaches – Atty. Ramiila Quinto, Atty. Donvic Torio and Atty. Philip Cartagena for helping me improve my mock bar answers and reinforcing the Jurists Format in the way I answer questions.


Thank you.



Lowell Fredrick Madrileño



(San Beda College of Law-Manila)



I made the right decision in choosing Jurists Bar Review Center for my review. The schedule helped me study in my own phase. The lecturers made the review efficient by focusing on the important topics. The Jurists Method of answering the bar exams is very effective as it helped me answer in a brief, concise, but complete and impressive way. The mock bars gave the reviewees the feel of taking the bar exams, and served as a training for the reviewees to apply what they learned during the review. The one-on-one coaching is what made the review different because the do's and don’ts in answering the bar were handed to the reviewees individually. The reviewees can see their progress as the review goes.

To Jurists Bar Review Center, a fabulous thank you!



(San Beda College Mendiola)



To My Jurists Family,

Please accept my heartfelt respect and infinite gratitude for your valuable and priceless contribution to achieving my yet, biggest dream. To be a Lawyer.

It was an honor spending my review at this institution. The guidance and direction in which you have honed me along with other reviewees ushered us to a humbling success we are now experiencing.

I thank God that I was part of your family; looking back it was apparent how you shared a distinct relationship with all of us. I know that you are most delighted with our achievements. It is little wonder why you produce such excellent professionals.

To recap my appreciation, besides refining me to pass the 2015 Bar Examination, I believe I now possess a distinct perspective having been your product. I know that these acumens will be useful in performing my responsibilities as a full-pledged Lawyer.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Atty. Hazel and the management, my coaches in my mock bar exams Atty. Manuel R. Riguera (Remedial Law) and Atty. Sacel Anne Chua (for all the other subjects) and to all the Bar Reviewers. Thank you for your encouragement and support during the entire review season.

More power to Jurists Bar Review Center!!!




(University of the East Manila)



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