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Knowing how to answer bar exam questions is just as important as knowing the right answers. It is for this reason that Jurists Bar Review Center offers the most complete review program in the country. Aside from the regular lectures conducted by law professors who are the best in their respective fields, the mock bar and coaching program at Jurists equips each bar reviewee with the proper tools in preparation for the rigors of the bar exam. Through its unique coaching program, Jurists is the only review center that actually makes an assessment of a bar reviewee's progress. Above all, Atty. Manny Riguera and the entire Jurists staff exert conscious effort to make all reviewees feel confident and ready to hurdle the bar exam. I can honestly say that Jurists Bar Review Center played an instrumental role in helping me place 6th in the 2014 bar examinations.

Atty. Jose Angelo A. David

(San Beda College Mendiola) (6th Place, 2014 Bar)



I would like to thank Jurists Bar Review Center for helping me pass and place in the 2014 Bar Exams. The following are the features which make it one of the best review centers:
1.    - Jurists has one of the best line-ups of lecturers who are known for their expertise in the assigned subjects and topics.  They were very accommodating with our questions and patient with the complex topics. They made sure that a little bit of interaction and humor is injected.
2.    - The handouts provided by Jurists and its lecturers are very comprehensive yet able to focus on the favorite bar matters and provide the latest jurisprudence.
3.    - Aside from the lecturers and handouts, Jurists has provided the most in-depth guide on how to prepare for the bar. The 1-on-1 coaching sessions have helped me determine my strengths and weaknesses. The coaches were very kind and had their own inspiring stories to share. Their formula for answering bar questions gave structure to my answers. Even matters such as handwriting, spacing, ink color, etc. were tackled.
4.     - Jurists’ schedule was right on spot. It started a little late compared to other review schools which allowed me to study the subjects prior to their scheduled date. Also, the Fri-Sat-Sun schedule compelled me to study during the weekends. Listening to the lectures became a form of relaxation away from the books and readings.  
5.     - The Online Bar Review allowed me to catch up on missed lectures when events such as weddings, baptisms etc. prevented me from attending.
6.     - The mock bars were given with a sense of urgency. It prepared me on how I should take note of the time limit, answer fast, be punctual, etc. The variety and difficulty of the questions made me realize I still had topics that I needed to study again.
Thank you to Jurists and more power! I am forever grateful for the guidance and support you have given me. Please continue to help people achieve their dreams!!!

Atty. Adrian F. Aumentado 

(San Beda College Mendiola) (7th Place, 2014 Bar)




I am a proud product of Jurists Bar Review center - and so was my sister, Atty. Angelica Recto.  In the future, I trust that our next generation will be, too, if they decide to pursue a legal route.
My sister recommended that I attend the Jurists Bar Review - and I am glad she did. More than a review center or company, things are personal. To the owners and administrators of this esteemed institution, it's not about the business - but a pledge to help people achieve their dreams to become lawyers. Both Atty. Hazel and Atty. Manny stay after classes, counseling us and freely make themselves available for consultation.
How will I begin to describe this review center? Excellence is a short word that ought to do it. But beyond that, Jurists is dedicated, hands-on and personal. I am not proud to say that I had the worst handwriting in my family. But due to the persistence of the Jurist coaches, as well as the very owners and founders of Jurists, I was urged to practice my handwriting and my exam answering techniques, and now, here I am with the title I have always wanted.
This review center goes beyond the call of the exam and the syllabus itself. Their handouts are spot on, the professors, even more so. But beyond all that, the dedication of everyone who makes this institution is probably what makes it the best in its field. 
I first came to this center due to the recommendation of my sister, and now, allow me to recommend it to you. If you want that title, look no further, you came to the right place.

Atty. Michelle Anne B. Recto 



I'd like to express my sincerest gratitude for helping me pass the 2014 Bar Exam. Although I enrolled in your Online program only, this has truly helped me prepare and pass the Exam. I used as main reference during pre-week the jurisprudence notes I downloaded from your site. I understood Taxation through the video lectures of Prof. Lumbera, thanks to her! Most of all, I was trained to answer the exam the Jurist way which I believe is the foremost reason why I passed. My heartfelt thanks to my coach Atty. Ralph Barcelona who patiently went through my mock bars and comprehensively gave me feedbacks and tips. Truly, I am proud and thankful that I was one of your Jurists Online Reviewees.
May God bless more the Jurists Team and Kudos to all of us!


Atty. Marydine L. Cambri

(Cagayan State University)



My journey towards this (law) profession has been filled with two failed attempts and a lot of lost confidence. After the second try, I was torn with just accepting the thought that maybe this is just not for me and my desire to really make a difference (in my heart I know I can make a lot if I become a lawyer). After a period of soul-searching, waiting for a sign, acknowledging my weaknesses, I made a decision to take it again and this time I also MADE A DECISION TO PASS BAR, part of that decision is the search for THE REVIEW CENTER. Honestly, Jurists Bar Review (pre-bar) was actually my first choice; the coaching, the mock bars, the schedules and the lecturers, they all appear very appealing and I knew, that is exactly what I need. There may be no right or wrong answers in the bar but I am sure that there is a right way to present your answers and that is what I learned and applied in mine. Jurists Bar Review has helped me in the way I present my answers, the rest were just bonuses! Thank you Atty. Riguera and the rest of the Jurists Staff (family) in helping me fulfill my belated destiny!


Atty. Karen Fancubilla Laurito

(Far Eastern University)



To my Jurists Family,
First of all, THANK YOU. It is not exaggerated to say that I could not have passed the 2014 Bar Examinations without your help, that through your means and methods, I was able to achieve the coveted “period” at the end of my ATTY.
Second, I learned in Jurists that in everything I say, I must provide my basis for the same, hence, here are some to substantiate my claims:
1.)   Jurists taught me the most effective way to present my answer, to package it in a way most convenient not only for us, the examinees, but also to the examiner.
2.)   Jurists line up of lecturers are no “push-overs”, they will make you want to attend (not through force or intimidation :p).
3.)   Jurists mock bar and coaching method can be aptly called “THE REAL DEAL”, for not only does it provide for an accurate depiction of what the actual bar exams would be, but the latter coaching provides for a steady and sure way of building confidence through both positive and negative criticisms from the coaches (All of which are amazing). One simply must experience it to believe it.
4.)   Jurists provided the most convenient schedule for reviewing for the bar exams, it shall neither suffocate you nor will it leave you to prepare by yourself.
Lastly, yes, I call them my “Family”. I was the first one in my family, nay, my entire family tree to become a lawyer, and although I had the support of my family, I had none to look up to and ask for advice when I decided to take up law, I had none to fully understand what I went and was going through. That feeling of loneliness faded away when I enrolled in Jurists.
Future Barristers, put your trust and confidence in preparing for the Bar Exams in an institution that has faith in you and what you are capable of, JURISTS BAR REVIEW CENTER. J


Atty. Wilson E. Siy, Jr.

(San Beda College)



The kind of lifestyle that I had during my four years in law school made me fear the bar. I was a working student who worked in the office the entire day and ran all the way to school at night. While I had great professors in law school, I knew in my heart that there were still so many things that I needed to do to fully prepare myself for the bar. So when I was choosing a review center, I had two things in mind - Substance and Method. I firmly believe that the Bar Exams is not all about having the legal knowledge but also about having the skill and methodology to answer the questions. Jurists Bar Review Center offered everything I needed and more, so I had no hesitation in enrolling for their Combo Review Program.
The schedule in Jurists made me adopt a well-organized and systematic review program for myself. I studied at home from Monday to Thursday and then attended all the lectures at Jurists from Friday to Sunday. It also helped that the classes were organized per subject which made me more focused. The lecturers were all very good. The handouts given were made by the actual lecturers so you can trust that they contain the correct information. The staff were kind and helpful. There was no discrimination and everyone was welcome. I met and made friends with some reviewees who came all the way from different parts of the Philippines. The environment in Jurists was very positive  and encouraging that it didn't bother me at all to travel from Makati to QC to attend the lectures.
But of course, the best feature of Jurists Review Center is their mock bar exams and the coaching sessions. I participated in the all the mock bar examinations and listened attentively to my coaches. I took note of their comments especially the techniques in responding to different kinds of questions and grasping the core issue of the question. Honestly, I believe that the method I learned from Jurists, particularly from Prof. Manny Riguera, helped me manage my time during the 2014 bar exams which is now labeled as one of the longest and toughest bar examinations in history. 
I never knew I could make it on my first take given my lifestyle during law school. But I had the best review experience courtesy of Jurists Bar Review Center. That's why upon learning that I passed, I immediately e-mailed Prof. Riguera to thank him and the entire Jurists family for all their help. Thank you again and more power, Jurists!


Atty. Sharwina W. Gonzales

(CEU School of Law and Jurisprudence – Makati)



I first took the bar exams in 2013. Unfortunately, I did not make it. Took the second right away and enrolled at Jurists as per recommendation of my cousin from Beda. She said Jurists Review Center has these coaching sessions and mock bars which are very helpful. At first, I thought all the testimonials were for business purposes until I enrolled. They have the best lecturers in the country who were a big help for me most especially in Taxation, Remedial  and Mercantile -these dreaded three for me. The coaches, most especially my closest one, Atty. Morgan, were full of compassion in guiding us. I felt the personal touch of these people. Atty. Manny once said that all of us already know the answers to the bar questions and so their role is to teach us howto present these answers the way the examiners wanted it to be. They are there not just to simply teach but to help us all pass the bar exams. Their passion in helping us is truly a gift from God.
My heartfelt  gratitude to  these  people.  To  Atty.  Manny,  Atty.  Hazel,  Atty. Morgan and everyone in the Jurists family, thank you so much.


Atty. Ma. Monica Leticia T. Espinosa

(Central Philippine University)



I work from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  The voluminous workload at the City Accounting Office of Baguio City, where I work as an Accountant, hindered me from attending review classes due to scarcity of time. Thank God, I came across Jurists Bar Online Review. Jurists Bar Online Bar Review offers 24/7 access to lecture videos which I really appreciate. The best part is the mock bar exams!!!  Answering techniques are really superb. I mastered the three paragraph  rule:  Conclusion  (Premise),  Rule  (Legal  Basis)  and  Application;  Conclusion (CRAC), which the coaches taught me from the start. For full-time working students like me, you will never regret enrolling with Jurists. I swear.
Thank you very much Jurists! Kudos to your great program!!!


Atty. James A. Fernandez, CPA

(University of Baguio)



Jeremias 29:11
I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.
This is God’s promise that I held on to when I faced the most difficult licensure exam in the Philippines. However it took me sometime before I had my period in my ATTY.
I first took the Bar Exam in 2012 and I was short of 1.8 to pass. I asked for a piece of advice from Atty. Manny Riguera whether to take it again and he said, “Hold your head up Ms. Imee. Cry your heart out then roll your sleeves up. Ignore negative people”. With barely 1.2 points, I failed in my second attempt to become a lawyer. It was a tough battle for me and my family. My faith was tested. Only few of my friends were left. I almost gave up. But my family stood firm in the conviction that I will make it in God’s perfect time. As I looked into the eyes of my baby Andrei, I took the courage to try again.

I enrolled in Jurists Bar Review Center. On its first day, I was touched by the story of a new lawyer. A few days later, I approached Atty. Hazel Riguera. I opened my heart and shared my story of failing the bar twice. I talked to her about the pains and struggles I was going through because aside from failing, my father had recently died in a car accident. She sincerely listened. She cried with me. She encouraged me to pour out my emotions and if I am ready, to stand up again and fight. Her confidence in me was overwhelming. I attended almost all the lectures even their last minute talks. The schedule of Jurists was very convenient because I was able to prepare for the weekend lectures. The lecturers were brilliant and they have a sense of humor. They displayed mastery of the subject matter.  The coaches were  very  good  and  approachable.  They  are  systematic  and  committed  in  improving  the answering  style  of  every  bar  candidate.  The  three  paragraph  rule  of  answering  was  very effective. The Mock Bar Exams were very helpful to test our preparedness for the Bar Exam. Some of the questions were exactly the same in the Bar Exam.

I will be forever grateful to the Jurists Family especially to Atty. Manny and Atty. Hazel. They are very  humble,  dedicated  and  passionate  in  helping  bar  candidates.  God  bless  Jurists! Agyamanak la unay!


Atty. Imee Rose S. Sinco-Gaspar

(UE College of Law)



When I graduated from law school, I really had doubts. I always looked at the mirror asking myself if I was ready to take the bar. I couldn't help it but smile while recalling how messy my preparations were. My four years law proper was more than just a roller coaster ride, I almost quit after I took a leave from school for a year. You could just imagine how painful it was for me to take up law while being a full-time employee of one of the most demanding GOCCs in PH,while being a full-time husband and a full-time parent to my 3 kids, plus a full-time guidance counselor to my 5 siblings. I was thinking I should get it double big time in my review to be able to make it to the bar. But such doubts were replaced by hopes just moments after I attended my first Jurists lecture.That was when Jurists made me feel and claim the phrases “I belong!” and “I can make it!” Big thanks to my Jurists Family. The lecturers were superb, exceptional, and updated. The schedule was great and suited very nicely to the demands of breeze-through reviewees like me. The coaches were nice, well-trained and straight to the point. The mock bar questions were “hard”and very challenging, some of them even appeared in the bar (Thanks again). The management and staff were very accommodating, and cute. And such hopes turned into confidence and some certainty, after the pre-bar lecture series. Not to mention how hair-raising the predictions of Hon. Manny Riguera and Atty. Carlo Cruz were.
Words then could never describe how helpful Jurists was in making me nail the 2014 Bar Exam.Words still  could never define how thankful  I  was in having Jurists as my bar exam buddy.
Anybody could dispute my statements about Jurists, but before you do it, taste first the Jurists method, and look at the results. Congratulations to my Jurists Family! I belong!


Atty. Herbert B. Miscreola

(University of Eastern Philippines)



Let me thank Jurists Bar Review Center for unleashing the best in me during the Bar Exams 2014. As a bar exam candidate/reviewee, I simply needed the following in selecting a review center: 1. Review schedule that will fit my lifestyle; 2. Accessible review lectures; 2. Practice exams; 3. Well-researched review materials; 4. Competent and dedicated reviewer-professors; and 5. Assessment of my writing and answering abilities needed during the actual bar examinations.
The aforementioned are important to me more than anything else because I have too many responsibilities, albeit being a bar exam candidate that time, namely, a wife, mother to two (2) elementary kids, a company manager, a corporate officer, and a court-annexed mediator of the Supreme Court.  My bar review schedule should be as flexible as it could be; hence, I enrolled in the online review offered by Jurists Bar Review Center. It was only from 29 September 2014 up to the last bar exam day of 2014 that I gave my full and undivided attention to the bar review and bar exams 2014.
As a bar exam candidate then, I was given the opportunity by Jurists Review Center to answer mock bar examinations in all bar exam subjects. After each mock bar exam, coaching follows. Jurists Bar Review Center through their well-trained and talented coaches assessed my answers and taught me ways to improve my style in answering bar exam questions. Since I was enrolled in the Online Review, I could listen to and watch their uploaded videos of lectures on my own pacing and discretion. Indeed, 'over-practice' during the mock bar exams lead to proficiency, if not mastery. The review center, based on a methodical and well-studied procedure, gave the much needed training any bar exam candidate will profit from. Through the coaching sessions after each mock bar exam, my strengths are reaffirmed, the coaches constructively assisted in correcting my blunders and gave the assurance that their insights are nothing but honest assessment of your 'would-be' performance in the actual bar examinations.
THANK YOU Jurists Bar Review Center (Sir Manny and his wife, coaches and review center staff) for helping me in fulfilling the elusive dream of passing the Bar Exams. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


Atty. Aimee Cepe Moraña, CPA

(University of Northeastern Philippines)



Ever since I was a kid, I already wanted to become a lawyer. For reasons I can’t remember, I have high respect for lawyers and without even knowing deeply their jobs, I became a fan of those in the legal profession. My law school life in San Beda was not that easy but those four years were my best moments. I grew up literally and figuratively in every aspect of my life. I am beyond thankful to my mentors/professors for their perseverance and generosity in sharing their knowledge.
Like any other graduate, after graduation I still do not know what to do and where to start. I remember I had a dilemma deciding on whether I should still enroll in Jurists or I should review on my own. On that time, I only have 2 options: I will enroll in Jurists or I will not enroll at all. Still, I decided to enroll in the review classes in Jurists.
In the beginning, my mindset was that I enroll for the sake of only having a review center. There was no intention for me to follow their schedules and attend their classes. As review started, I find myself following their schedules and attending almost all their classes. Never did I miss any mock bar and coaching session. I think that attitude helped me a lot during the bar exams.
Perhaps, what I am saying is you should examine deeply yourself what you really want to focus and decide what you think will best help you to prepare for NovemBAR. No words can also express what I am feeling right now and part of where I am now is because of my learnings in Jurists Review Center. Jurists taught me how to properly answer every question. That could mean technically and literally also. Knowing the law and knowing how to answer the law problem gave me the edge in passing the 2014 bar exams.
I can say that the 6 months before the bar were the most challenging yet the most enjoyable time of my life. The most important tip I can share with the 2015 examinees is to enjoy and seize the moment. Remember, those 6 months will only happen once in your life. Never let the pressure and stress stop you from what you want to become. To the retakers, I salute you for your courage. Keep fighting for your dreams. To everyone, pray always. Do not let another day pass without offering a prayer to God. Thank you and God bless us all!


Atty. Nicole Rose Margaret D. Jamilla

(San Beda College)



I was a working student when I studied law. It was very hard for me because my work required me to attend most of the executive and board meetings of the company, thus missing some of my classes. I honestly can say that my knowledge of the law before the review proper lacked depth and detail.
I immediately started researching for the best review center right after graduation. I searched the Internet and asked my lawyer friends about the review schools they attended. Jurists Bar Review Center (“JBRC”) came on top of the list because of the one-on-one coaching and the extensive mock bar examinations.
During the lengthy bar examination, I diligently followed the Jurists style of answering the bar examination questions.  My diligence paid off.
JBRC is highly recommended to all aspiring lawyers. To the re-takers, don’t lose hope. I am sure that all bar candidates have substantial knowledge of the law but the issue is in the presentation. JBRC will certainly help you in that department.
Thank you to Jurists Bar Review Center, all the reviewers and staff.  I know that had I enrolled in a different review center, I may not have made it.
God Bless…

Atty. Ernani T. Tadili, CPA

(Jose Rizal University)



I would like to express my gratitude to Jurists Review Center for helping me in my preparations for the 2014 Bar Examinations.
During pre-bar review, I worked on improving my handwriting as I was constantly reminded by my coaches that handwriting, in addition to the substance of my answers, is a factor in passing the bar exams. They’re probably right.  To affirm what I read during my personal readings, I religiously attended lecture sessions in almost all bar subjects. I learned a lot from review lectures, conducted by a roll of competent lecturers, which proved to be useful during the actual bar examinations.
More importantly, Jurists Review Center offers the best review schedule. The lectures were conducted during Fridays (6-9pm) and weekends (8am-5pm). This schedule gave me enough time to read at my own pace during weekdays then listen to lectures during weekends. Using both reading and listening skills helped me easily recall legal concepts during actual bar examinations.
Thank you, Jurists Family!


Atty. Edrian M. Apaya

(San Beda College-Manila)



Choosing Jurists Bar Review Center was the best decision I made as a bar reviewee. Passing the 2014 Bar Exams will not at all be possible without its invaluable contribution. Jurists provided us with the most competitive and dedicated lecturers for each bar subject. Focus was given on important and favorite bar topics; hence, we were able to study well despite the shorter review period. The hand-outs were distributed ahead of time so we were able to follow the pace of the lecture. The schedule of review classes was just as good. Classes were held on weekends so we did not get exhausted in attending lectures and had more time to read our review materials.
Jurists’ unique coaching session, which highlighted the review, allowed us to see our weak points that needed improvement. Jurists taught us how to improve our answers by giving emphasis on handwriting and on the presentation of our answers. Through this, we were able to assess ourselves and to address the problems that may probably hinder us from successfully hurdling the bar exams.
But Jurists did more than these. It also provided us with the psychological and emotional support that we needed. The Review Director, Prof. Manny Riguera, his family, the lecturers and the review staff were so accommodating and supportive. They will make you feel like you’re part of their growing family; hence, they want only the best for you. They are more than willing to help you in your problems as a bar reviewee and would even go the extra mile to help you concentrate in your bar review. Indeed, no bar review center in the country can equal the services offered by Jurists Bar Review Center.


Atty. Yani N. Salivio

(University of Nueva Caceres)



You do your best when you have the best teachers and mentors to guide you, people who care about your success. Jurists Bar Review is designed to give each bar candidate a balanced schedule where you can attend lectures without sacrificing your own reading time. The lecturers are experts in the topics they teach and make the law come alive through captivating lectures. The mock bar exams and personal coaching will strengthen your knowledge through better engagement and will help you recognize your areas of strength and shift your areas of concentration to areas of improvement. Jurists already helped me become a lawyer – Jurists will help you too. Experience the best bar review program.


Atty. Ramiila L. Quinto

(San Beda College Manila)



I am Girlie Mei D. Cuntapay from the University of Cagayan Valley. I passed the 2014 Bar Examinations and I owe it all to Jurists Bar Review Center. Last year was not my first time to take the bar. I took the 2012 Bar and failed. While my unfortunate fate during the 2012 exams was a blow I was able to accept wholeheartedly, it became the reason for my confidence to dwindle. During my review for that exam, I opted to stay at the province and review on my own - one mistake I knew I should not commit again. I swore that the next time I take the exams I will enroll at Jurists Bar Review Center, just like my friends did.
I am happy to say that Jurists exceeded my expectations. It was like home to me where there was no barrier among reviewees. Your staff made us feel like we truly belonged. Atty. Hazel and Prof. Riguera were like our parents who were always there ready to help in every way possible. Most of all the strategies you taught us were my weapons during the four Sundays of the BAR exam. You taught us that the BAR Exams was not an unbeatable foe. You gave us a taste of how hard the exams will be through the mock bars that you prepared. Your coaching sessions were truly helpful because you did not only lead us to the right answers but you trained us to do what most review centers don't teach their students - you taught us how to package our answers in the way that the examiners will have no other option but to give us high points.

My dream of becoming a lawyer is now no longer a dream and I owe it all to you. Thank you very much. God bless!


Atty. Girlie Mei D. Cuntapay

(University of Cagayan Valley)



My journey in hurdling the Bar Examinations consisted of five years of law schooling, having had the difficulty of transferring from one law school to another, until I finally found a home and met supportive classmates/friends in UE. It also consisted of two years of preparation, of reviewing first on my own, and then attending the Jurists Bar Review Center (JBRC) sessions. It was a journey of many difficulties, of sufferings, of disappointments, and so to speak, of dying.
When I turned in my last examination booklet last October, I felt that my hope of passing the bar had died. The last Sunday of October 2014 was the day when I buried my dream of becoming a lawyer. I have already accepted the fate of flunking. I have vowed never to take the Bar again. I have surrendered to the idea that lawyering will forever be my frustration in life. Though prayerful for a miracle, I was ready for the worst as I have planned the next few years of my life on the premise that I will not make it. However, as it turned out, it was also a journey of resurrection of a dead hope, a redemption from struggles and pains, and of answered prayers.
How I hurdled the Bar is still a mystery to me. Having expected failure, I do not know completely how I made it, at least not until now. Maybe it was because of the things that I did and did not do. Maybe this and that, these and those. A lot of maybes, really. I do not know for sure, as many examinees that I know did the same things that I did and even more, but they did not make it. Also, many examinees did differently than what I did, and they also made it. One thing I am willing to admit is this: The Jurists’ coaching and the Jurists’ way of answering the Bar worked for me. Also, one thing I am totally convinced of is the presence of divinity in all that has happened.
In conclusion, as ineffable as my feeling upon learning that I made it is my feeling of gratitude to all those who have helped and inspired me along the way. However, they are way too many to be enumerated here. Also, my prayer warriors to whom I owe a lot of thanks are countless. I have decided that it is more appropriate and meaningful to thank each of them personally. As of this writing, I have already met with most of them for the said purpose, and I intend to find the time for the rest of them. But, I will be remiss if no mention is made here of Atty. Manuel Riguera, the reviewers in all bar subjects, the coaches, and the staff of the JBRC. It is without exaggeration that I say that much of my success in the 2014 Bar Examinations I owe to JBRC, and more specifically, to Atty. Riguera, who has been my mentor-tormentor, my bar coach, my inspiration, and my idol rolled into one.
Hail, Jurists Bar Review Center! More power, Atty. Riguera!
Glory to God!


Atty. Rolando A. Bernales

(University of the East)

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