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When I was in law school, I excelled in Remedial law.  So I thought taking the mock bar exam of Jurists will be a walk in the park for me.  Heck no! I didn't even get a single correct answer.  It was very embarrassing on my part and enlightening at the same time.   It reminded me of my favorite quote from Socrates- "Wisest is she who knows she does not know." 

Taking the mock bar exam was basically an epiphany for me. It was then that I realized that I actually have so much to learn and to change, specifically with my ways of attacking and dissecting a law problem.  Thus, I am forever grateful to the Jurists Review Center for awakening that dormant part of me before it was too late. 

Some of the questions in the mock bar exams in Taxation and Commercial law were asked during the actual bar exam.  Hence, I was grinning from ear to ear and was even doing a mental cartwheel while telling myself:  "Thank you Jurists for these freebies!" 

I am now a bona fide lawyer partly because of Jurists. So thank you to the Jurists family.  :)


Atty. Melissa Fina U. Maristela

(Arellano University)




Thank you Jurists for making my bar review ordeal a lot more bearable.  I wouldn’t have made it without you.  I will be forever indebted to you. 

The mock bars and personal coaching helped me a lot. The jurisprudence classes also played a key role in my success in the 2013 Bar Exams. And of course, the fearless forecasts offered by some lecturers especially Atty.Rabuya and Atty.Riguera couldn't be more helpful. 

My sincerest gratitude to the lecturers, most especially to Atty.Riguera, for their dedication and noble intention in helping barristers conquer their dreams.

To all the future barristers out there, Jurists Bar Review is your best choice. :))


Thank you. 


Atty.Rosario Joy F. Nebrida

(University of Eastern Philippines)



Jurists Bar Review Center has been one of the main reasons I passed the 2013 Bar exams.  Here are a few of the reasons why I say so:


1.  The three-paragraph rule:  This manner of answering bar exam questions being taught at Jurists is a very effective way of giving your answers, short and simple, but complete.  Using this format will also help you save/manage your time in answering the questions. 

2. One-on-One Coaching:  This is very helpful because  reviewees will be evaluated individually, your strengths and weaknesses will be pointed out to you to help you improve.  I would like to commend my coach/mentor in 3 subjects, Atty. Sacel Anne Chua, for helping me not only in evaluating the manner of presenting my arguments, but even to the extent that she bought  the pen that I used for the bar exams.  I would like also to thank Atty. Riguera, who was my mentor/coach for the other 3 subjects, for helping me polish the presentation of my arguments.

3.  Schedule of lectures:  I find the schedule of lectures very convenient and it will help you cover the topics on your own.  Attending the lectures will be like going over said topics again, which will help youbecome more familiar with, if not master them. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Jurists for helping me achieve my dream of becoming a lawyer.



Atty. Jackie Lou D. Lamug

(San Beda College Manila)



To all the people behind JURISTS BAR, I can’t thank you enough po! The review formula that you have is very effective. (Lectures plus Mock Bar plus Coaching equals Good Result). With this let me share the three (3) sayings that best describe this formula:



"The more you sweat in training, the less you will bleed in battle." -Motto of Navy Seals.


By attending the lectures conducted by the best selection of Lecturers/ Professors, the topics learned in law school are refreshed, and the “gray areas” most law students/graduates have, were clarified, thus removing confusion. Plus, the schedule of the lectures allowed me to read in advance the topics to be lectured, making it easier to retain the important details.


    2. MOCK BAR.


“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”~ Conrad Hilton.


Jurist Mock Bar exams helped me prepare for the real “battle”. It is like taking a real “graded” exam, there will always be a question to which you don’t know the answer, and for me that was a rain check, it made me remember those questions and recall the answers.




“Champions keep playing until they get it right.” ~ Billie Jean King.


This component made me cautious in answering the questions during the Bar Exam. The Lawyer-Coaches are so diligent that they are not just after the substance but they are also after the form. They really read the answers and agree if it is correct. The answers to the Mock Bar will also be discussed so that the reviewee will be enlightened on the questions that appeared to be difficult. As to form they will always remind you to follow the three paragraph rule and to interlock your answers.  (I followed this rule, it worked).

To wrap this up, one saying that will remind me of Bar Review “the JURISTS WAY”: In order to win a battle, know your enemy and know yourself” – Sun Tzu (Art of War).I heard this quote during the Orientation, (of course everyone knows how serious taking the Bar Exam is, so it’s a given), but Jurists formula showed me my flaw and helped me improve. I may not be a notcher, but I feel like one. hehe..

Why choose JURISTS BAR? Simple, it’s the BEST!


Atty. Jade Lee Marquez

(San Beda College Manila)



I first took the bar exam in 2012 on a self-review mode. When the results came out, my grade was short by a mere 0.6  of a point when the national passing rate was barely 18%, the lowest in 10 years.  

My entire family and my husband strongly advised that for my second take, I enroll in a regular bar review school. The first reason I chose Jurists - their classes started late, which was good for me because I had to finish the campaign, election, and post oath-taking matters of my father. It was also the same review center recommended by my good friend who is now a lawyer at the Office of the Ombudsman. I enrolled only in early July. 

Despite the late enrollment, I was able to catch up because of the strategic schedule of Jurists' review classes. The free coaching session after my first mock bar exam prompted me to calmly make adjustments in my handwriting, the way I answer the question, and the overall appearance of the notebook page. By the second coaching, my grade greatly improved and my confidence soared high. In the final coaching conducted by the director himself, AttyRiguera told me that my mock bar exam was above average, all aspects considered. 

Now that they are launching their online review, I strongly recommend that future reviewees take the combo review. 

To Jurists, thank you so much. God knows how thankful I am. May God's overflowing graces endlessly pour over you. May your tribe increase.


Atty. Joshelle Bentrez-Bancilo, CPA

(University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City)



JURISTS, a Solution Artist!


A line-up of outstanding and easy-to-understand lecturers is what every reviewee receives as a welcoming greeting. Its review schedule is reasonably feasible. Its coaching technique is evidently effective. And its training competence is manifestly brilliant. 

A wise method of approaching bar questions correctly is what every examinee learns to instill in mind. Its fundamental system impresses simplicity in answering bar essay questions. Its genuinely scientific approach in analyzing MCQs portrays technical ease. 

JURISTS! A team that supplies adequate review and reading materials. A staff that assists significant reviewee concerns. An organization that tenders a supportive and accommodating review environment.JURISTS surely offers the best!

THANKS to all personal coaches especially to Atty. IdamaeFajardo and Atty. RosFormoso.

THANK YOU Atty. Manuel Riguera and the Jurists family.


God Bless!




Atty. Arwin F. Dioquino (FEU)



Thank you Jurists Family for your guidance during my bar review, especially on the area of issue spotting and how to give concise and logical answers on the bar examinations. 

Almost all the questions during the 2013 bar examinations can be culled from your review materials, particularly your updated jurisprudence on all bar subjects. 

Your great one-on-one coaching, particularly with Atty. Sacel Chua, difficult mock bar examinations and  a good line-up of lecturers helped me a lot in hurdling the 2013 bar examinations.


Thank you very much!!


Atty. Abraham P. Guiao (Arellano)



Jurists Bar Review is a breath of fresh air for me in the midst of my jam-packed bar review schedule. Attending the lectures became a venue for me to affirm what I have read for the whole week and intensified difficult and critical areas that I needed to focus on. The schedules of lectures were well organized and gave me a balance of reading and listening time. The first lecture on bar methods and techniques became very handy for me during the actual bar examinations. The roster of reviewers is superb and very complimentary to have a more holistic understanding of every bar subject and helped me recall the important topics. I deeply appreciate the coaching and took all of the comments in consideration.

Thanks for being part of my journey in achieving my dreams! All the best and more power!


Atty. Ruhjen S. Osmena (Arellano)



Hi Jurists!  Thanks for the help! :)

Jurists has helped me a lot in my preparations for the bar examination 2013. By taking every mock exam and listening to the coaches, I was able to get bar techniques and gain confidence and the right attitude in facing one of the most difficult examinations. With determination and will to succeed, coupled with faith and proper guidance like that of Jurists, every bar examinee is close to getting his/her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Thank you Jurists and more power!


Atty. Julie Ann G. Silva



The Jurists Review format was a big help on my part, especially for someone who has graduated from the province. The review schedule is very convenient for me because it gave me time to read in advance the topic which will be discussed in the succeeding review class since the review schedule was given to us in advance. 
The Jurists 3-paragraph rule was also a big help since it helped me present my answers in a lawyerly manner. It also gave me enough time to finish and go over my answers since I was no longer worrying on how to present my answers. 
Thank you Jurists! You were such a blessing for me! As of now, I am encouraging my schoolmates to enroll at the Jurists Review Center in order to mold them from an examinee to potential bar passers.

Atty. Eman Michael M. Mendiguarin

(University of Pangasinan)



Thank you Jurists for equipping us with “tools” that helped us hurdle the BAR. Many thanks for honing my skills and augmenting what I already know from law school. Because of the techniques you introduced, I was able to answer the bar questions much easier.
I appreciate the fact that the schedule is very convenient, reasonable and close to reality for barristers to follow. The schedule gave me time to read and do self-review before ending the week with lectures from distinguished and top bar reviewers. I also commend the very comprehensive yet condensed exclusive hand-outs. They really served me well during the pre-week. Also, the mock-bar was really a good exercise for me. I was able to gauge the extent of my knowledge, sort of a wake-up call for me to get my act together and study more.
Most importantly, thank you for imparting the three-paragraph rule. Applying the same helped me in answering the essay questions and presenting my answers in a logical manner. With this technique I was able to convey my answers effectively. I may not have aced all the questions but I’m pretty sure that I was able to present my answers in such a way that would make the examiner see what I know and what I want to convey. For that, thank you very much.
Lastly, I applaud Jurists for the one-on-one coaching method. The opportunity to be evaluated individually and making the barristers see their weak points and turning them into strengths is definitely a big plus. Thank you Atty. Barcelona and Atty. Riguera for the time, patience and guidance and of course, to my good friend, Atty. Ros Criswin V. Formoso for not only recommending Jurists but also for coaching me well.
Thank you Jurists, I will be forever grateful!


Atty. Ma. Theresa Carmina E. Vivar

(San Beda College Manila)



I would like to thank the Jurists Bar Review Center for helping me fulfill my dream of becoming a lawyer.
I am not a first-timer so taking the Bar for the third time had more pressure than the previous ones, but I am unabashed in saying that I am a repeater because all the experience has taught me a lesson.
Here's what I did: I never missed a lecture, I took down notes, I read all the Jurists hand-outs, I took all the mock bars seriously , I took the personal coaching to heart and I attended the pre-week lectures. Never ever miss a class! 
I would  most specially thank Atty. Ros Formoso who coached me in 4 mock bars and Atty. Manuel Riguera who coached me in 2 mock bars; it is also worthy to mention that I read Atty. Riguera's Primer-Reviewer in Remedial Law (Volumes 1 and 2), plus I had it signed. Atty. Riguera told me during the last coaching session that I was ready to take the bar and Yes! I passed the bar! 
The best decision I made for my Bar review was to enroll in Jurists. They will help you in every step of the way! I can assure you that you are in good hands with them! 
To the repeaters, like me, don't despair. Just give it your all and never cease to pray for God's time is always the best time. 
As Atty. Tranquil Salvador would say, there is no substitute for preparation. Good luck and God bless! 


Atty. Rhona B. Albarece



My initial concern upon graduation is finding a review center that will give me a good fighting chance in the Bar examination and at the same time suit my work schedule.  Thanks to Jurists, both my concerns were addressed. 

Jurists provides the best venue for aspiring lawyers with the best set of lecturers, adequate review materials, mock bar examinations and one-on-one coaching sessions. They only not feed us what we should know, but also how we should present what we know in the bar. 

I will be forever grateful to my Jurists Family for playing a significant part in this journey. With Jurists, I found the perfect partner in passing the bar.


Atty. Mariza I. Revita, CPA (UE)



To my Jurists Family,


You are one of God's instruments in fulfilling my dream of becoming a lawyer. Through this family (Jurists Family), I became equipped with the necessary materials, tips and skills in preparation for the 2013 Bar Examination. 

Now that I was able to hurdle the 2013 Bar Examination, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to every member of this family, whose aim is to help each bar candidate surpass the Bar Examinations. 

My bar-review journey was a tough one, but with your help and guidance, it became less difficult for me to cope up with the changing bar examinations format. Thanks to my wonderful coaches! 

Again, thank you and may you continue this life-long commitment of producing more lawyers.

God bless!


Sincerely yours,


Atty. Gizela Grace D. Casimiro (FEU)



Why Jurists Review Center?

1st: They have the finest lecturers.  All the lecturers are the best.  They are from the academe and most of them are authors of our law books. 

2nd : They have the most effective schedule of review.  You don’t need to go to your review everyday but only during weekends.  Thus you have a lot of time to read your books and other reading materials. 

3rd: The coaching style. Jurists is the only review center which provides one-on-one coaching which for me is very effective. Your coach will teach you how to answer the bar exam effectively. 

4th:   3-paragraph rule.  Jurists Bar Review’s method of teaching is based on the scientific way of answering the exam. This 3-paragraph rule is a format of answering the exam and with this you can never go wrong.  (By the way I think this is my saving grace). 

5th: Mock-bar.  After every subject they have this mock bar test which is very effective in testing on which subject or topic you need to do some further readings. 

All these factors helped me to succeed the in 2013 bar examination. Thank you Jurists for everthing!


Atty. Maureen Grace J. Del Rosario



The Jurists bar review program truly is effective. Just by attending the lectures and participating in the mock bar exam, you will realize that there is a more efficient and straight-to-the-point approach in answering the bar questions. My utmost gratitude to the Jurists family headed by Atty. Manuel Riguera and to my coaches Atty. Barcelona and Atty. Chua. The Jurists family really helped me in this journey. Thanks and Godbless!


Atty. Ralph Lawrence M. Margallo (UE)



JURISTS, a review center with a HEART! The MOCK BAR EXAMS and ONE-ON-ONE COACHING were tools that effectively prepared me both mentally and emotionally for the Bar examinations month. My weaknesses were exposed as early as the first mock bar examination which gave me enough time to understand them and eventually overcome them. The humility that exudes from the coordinators and staff gives the reviewees that warm welcome each day of lecture. That environment helped me focus on the lectures. The discipline the coordinators impose gives the reviewees that serious reminder against slacking down. That helped me in my discipline. Keep it up, JURISTS!


Atty. Richard Dale V. Escolano

(University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City)



At first, for several reasons, I had doubts about Jurists. However, for no apparent reason, I took a leap of faith. Luckily, I never regret having made that, not only because I passed the bar exams but more importantly because during my review, I realized that I had chosen the best review center.
It was perfectly fine that the review started in May because prior to the review, I had time to have my "first view" and to study on my own those topics I never cared about when I was still in the College of Law. When we started our review in Jurists, the topics became palatable and easier to study because they were no longer new to me. It was indeed a "review".  Further, the duration and the schedule of the review enabled me to sustain my momentum and deterred me from missing my schedule. The review ended in September, that was why I was compelled to strictly adhere to my schedule considering that I had no ample time to go back and make up for what I could have missed.

The review period in Jurists might be shorter compared to the other review centers but I found no problem with that. In fact, the length of the review was perfect. It was long enough to enable the lecturers to discuss the essential topics and short enough to minimize joking moments. Most importantly, I needed most of the time to study on my own. 

Jurists had the best lecturers.  After the lecturers of Jurists discussed taxation and remedial laws, I learned to love those subjects.
Thanks Jurists for the epic review!

Atty. Luzell Ferrer


Someone once told me that you don’t only need to study hard but you also need to study smart.
One of my smartest decisions was to enroll in Jurists Review Center for my 2013 bar review under the stewardship of Atty. Manny Riguera.
I attribute the successful result of my bar exams to the methodology and learning that I got from Jurists.  I learned a lot from the lecturers who were all very knowledge and the best in their respective fields. They adjusted to their learners and tried their best to keep us engaged at the same time while focusing on the common and favorite bar question areas.
Aside from that, what distinguishes Jurists from other review centers is their mock bar exams. The most helpful of all was the mock bar examination given at the end of each bar subject which gave us the semblance of an actual bar examination coupled with intensive one-on-one coaching on areas of improvement and how we can present our answers better. Unlike other bar review schools who I heard also give out mock exams, Jurists painstakingly goes out of their way to mentor each student through one-on-one coaching. I was also lucky to have experienced coaching from Atty. Manny Riguera with emphasis on the ‘three paragraph’ method of answering the exams.
I had a lot of insecurities during my bar review because I was working while at the same time trying to be a doting mom to my two kids. Jurists also gave me that extra confidence and helped me believe that I can hurdle one of the most coveted licensure examinations in the Philippines.
In the final analysis, yes I endured it and came out victorious but it would have been an impossible feat without the support, encouragement and guidance I got from the best review center, Jurist Bar Review.
Thank you.

Atty. Markova I. Jacinto (UE)



"We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us." - Kevin Levine


Enrolling in Jurists Bar Review Center was the best decision I ever made after graduating in law school. Jurist is one of the main reasons why I made it this far and earned the title "Atty." What distinguishes it from other review centers is its desire to inspire. Aside from that, the mock bar and the one-on-one coaching have reallyprepared me mentally and emotionally for the 2013 Bar Exams.  

Thank you Jurists for helping me succeed in this life-changing undertaking. My hat’s off to Atty. Riguera and his team. Special mention goes to my coaches Atty. Barcelona, Atty. Chua, and Atty. Almendral.


Truly, I made the right choice and that choice made me. Salamat!



Atty. Amado P. Aquino III

(Philippine Christian University)



All throughout my law school years, excellence has been my standard. This I seek from how my professors teach to how I study for recitations and examinations. Thus in deciding where to enroll for my bar review, I had to choose from various review centers in the Metro one which will meet my expectation of excellence. Eventually, I ended up enrolling at Jurists.


Jurists met my standard. Why?


Aside from brilliant set of lecturers and friendly schedule, what were most influential in my passing the bar exams were the Jurists Three-Paragraph Rule and MCQ techniques which I faithfully followed during the mock bar and the bar examinations itself.  They were so helpful that I finished every bar subject in time with confidence that I answered it properly. I believe that an examinee should be armed not only with his knowledge on legal concepts but knowledge on how to apply it in a given question and properly writing it down on his booklet. With this, I highly encourage the reviewees to attend the lecture by Atty. Manny Riguera regarding how to answer essay questions and how to eliminate choices in the MCQ.


Excellent isn`t it?


Atty. Jane Beltran Loretcha (FEU)



2006…2007… 2008… 2010…Four attempts… Four
failures.  My life can be considered as a life in the pit of trashing. I was at the
brink of hopelessness, desperation and extreme spiritual
dryness.  I tried double study but to no avail.  
After three years, 2013 meant new attempt… new hope.
I was persuaded by my friend to enroll at Jurists. When I
attended the orientation at Jurists, I was fascinated by the
VERY PERSONAL approach at Jurists bar review. They promised
to get rid of the distractions for the duration of the
review. They promised to call family members and even owners
of dogs howling during your bar review. To my mind, marketing
strategy lang yun!  
 My fascination was turned into admiration for
Jurists when I encountered my own share of disturbances.
Atty. Hazel Riguera exerted all the necessary efforts to
explain the predicament  and peculiarities of a bar reviewee to my family. Lo and Behold! After that heart-to-heart conversation, everyone understood
the ordeal of a bar-reviewee and bar-retaker like me. My
anxiety was turned into inspiration, 
my sadness to gladness, my failures to triumphant
passing of the bar!!  It was reassuring to know that
there is a bar review center that helps bar
reviewees/re-takers surpass the insuperable bar of
performance.  Atty. Hazel, thank you for that “call” that
made the difference!  
Thank you to my mentors during the coaching sessions: 
Atty. Ralph Karlo B. Barcelona,  Atty. Ros Formoso and Atty. Manuel Riguera ---
for helping me twirl my weaknesses into strengths.
To Ate Cynthia, thank you for your assistance and
encouragement!  Nagdilang angel
ka na babalik ako — hindi na  sa
review pero para sa testimonial na!!!  
In Christ's spirit,

Atty.  Ailyn L. Cortez (Arellano)



JURISTS is the best bar review center in the Metro for the following reasons:
1) There is no discrimination (no special treatment to a particular class);
2) The reviewees are taught the "art" of how to confront a given bar question whether essay or MCQ;
3) The reviewers are well-chosen and the coaches are well trained (special thanks to coach Sacel Chua, coach Sarah Sacramento and to the director himself Prof. Manny Riguera);
4) The mock bar for every subject will make you feel like you're taking the real bar exam; and
5) The staff are friendly and treat you like family.
With that, why choose another review center?
To the Jurists family, my heart-felt gratitude. You're a big part of our success.
GOD bless & may you continue to produce more lawyers.

Atty. Rose Vida D. Nabong (UE)



JURISTS, “You made me COMPLETE!”        


If my four-year stay in my Alma Mater honed my skills as a law student, then Jurists completed me as a bar candidate. Why? 

First, Jurists is a home with a big HEART. 

I truly felt the profound concern of the Review Director, Atty. Manny Riguera, and his team. “You all promptly addressed my needs as a reviewee. You constantly reminded me to stick to the three-paragraph rule in answering essay bar questions and to apply MCQ techniques. Your words of inspiration had given me enough courage to hurdle the battle.” 

I appreciated your efforts in conducting mock bar examinations at the conclusion of every lecture in each bar subject.” These helped me a lot in presenting my answers in a lawyerly manner and especially in issue spotting. When I took the Bar, I gained confidence since I was armed with the Jurists formula. 

After the one-on-one coaching session with my mentor, I was unburdenedof my anxieties. I noted my areas for improvement and strove to achieve excellence. Hence, I thank my coaches who gladly shared their most precious time with me, patiently evaluated my performance, and courageously extended me candid advice so I could be ready for the bar. 

I could proudly say that I never failed Jurists since I faithfully followed the three-paragraph rule from start to finish in the bar exam. 

Indeed, Jurists is like a home where the family members truly care and support one another. 

Second, Jurists is an institution of prolific MINDS. 

The roster of bar lecturers of Jurists is one of a kind that quenched my thirst for sufficient training necessary for a bar candidate. They did not simply serve my need for techniques and mastery in the right amount, but most importantly, they ensured my satisfaction. 

Third, Jurists is a review center with a healthy SOUL. 

They provided me spiritual guidance as a reviewee by sponsoring masses before the start of the review season and at the end thereof. In addition, each lecture started with an opening prayer. These activities gave me peace of mind and reminded me to keep the faith during that greatest battle of my life. 

With this holistic approach of Jurists in nurturing bar candidates, I became mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for the Bar. Thus, the result was awesome…I passed!


Thank you JURISTS! God Bless.


Atty. Edgar A. Vargas (FEU)



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