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Jurists Bar Review launches “Jurists Bar Ops”


Jurists Bar Ops was created by Jurists in 2018 to further empower the bar reviewees during the bar examination week.  Jurists Bar Ops is served by a dedicated and elite team picked from the roster of Jurists bar review lecturers and Jurists coaches, as well as consultants in the field of bar exam research and forecasting. The team provides invaluable academic support services to the bar examinees by furnishing them with critical bar exam intelligence in the form of last-minute tips. The team employs data analytics, intelligence-gathering, case surveys, and pattern and trend analysis to come up with the last-minute tips.  


Jurists Bar Ops has taken predictive analysis to the next level.  Bar exam forecasting usually consists of informing the bar reviewees of topics or areas that are likely to be asked in the bar exams.   A topic or area-focused prediction has its limitations however since bar exam questions are primarily put in problem-type questions or fact-based hypotheticals.  A bar reviewee may have been “tipped” as to the topic or subject of a bar exam question, yet he may still fail to give the correct and logical answer, either because he failed to spot the topic embedded in the problem-type question or he was not apprised of how to properly answer the question with the result that his answer is just a simple conclusion unsupported by proper logic and reasoning.  Otherwise put, the sweeping or horoscope-like tenor of topic or area-focused tips has limited value to an examinee working under grinding time pressure in the heat of the actual bar examination.    


Jurists Bar Ops addresses this shortcoming by phrasing its last-minute tips in Q&A rather than in topical or subject format.  The answers are formatted in the renowned Jurists™ template.  The last-minute tips furnish the bar examinees with actionable information in the form of precision-targeted Q&As which they can forthwith deploy while sitting for the bar exam and empowers them to immediately spot or pinpoint a predicted bar exam question and give the answer thereto. 


Jurists Bar Ops serves, at no additional cost, all Jurists Prebar and Preweek Reviewees (Online and Online Plus).  In conjunction with Jurists’ mock-bars and one-on-one coaching program, Jurists Bar Ops gives the Jurists bar reviewees a significant and unique competitive advantage for succeeding in the toughest professional licensure exam in the country.



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