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Q: Why was Jurists Online launched?

A: Jurists Bar Review Center, in response to popular demand from law graduates and bar reviewees, launched in 2014 the Jurists Online Bar Review and Coaching Program (Jurists Online) as an alternative to its traditional or classic (on-site) bar review and coaching program (Jurists Classic).  Jurists Online addresses the needs of reviewees who want to avail of Jurists renowned bar review and coaching program but prefer an online bar review over the traditional  review conducted in an auditorium/conference hall. 


Q: Is Jurists Classic still being offered?

A: In line with the government’s directive to observe social distancing in order to contain the spread of COVID-19, Jurists Bar Review Center is suspending enrollment in Jurists Classic until further notice.  Enrollment in Jurists Online Plus, Jurists Online, and other Jurists review programs shall continue as before.


Q: Who may enroll in Jurists Online?

A: Enrollment is open to bar reviewees, law graduates, law students who wish to supplement their studies and/or undergo advance bar review, and lawyers who wish to update, refresh, or supplement their legal knowledge. 


Q: What do I get when I enroll or subscribe to Jurists Online?

A: The latest 2023 Jurists pre-bar and pre-week lectures can be viewed 24/7 by subscribers via on-demand video lectures.   In addition Jurists Online gives the subscriber access to the following:


  •  Handouts and materials (including last-minute tips) on printable digital form.

  •  Mock-bar exams and answers thereto.

  •  Written feedback and coaching on each mock-bar exam from Jurists’ experienced and certified  coaches.

  •  Performance-monitoring and testmanship evaluation by the coaching staff to leverage the reviewee’s strengths and  to eliminate his weaknesses.


Q : Are your on-demand video lectures brand-new?  Do you recycle previous years’  materials or lectures?


A: Our on-demand video lectures are 100% brand-new, 2023 lectures. We do not recycle previous years’ lectures and then plaster them with updates. Hodge-podge, conflicting, overlapping and repetitive videos are avoided. These will only confuse or worse mislead the reviewee who will waste precious time trying to reconcile or integrate the old or obsolete material with the new.  


Take note that law and jurisprudence is in a constant state of flux and what may have been good law last year or even last month may have been rendered obsolete. Recent developments affect the law as a whole and not just specific or isolated parts thereof. Hence recent developments should not be given in a truncated or piece-meal manner solely through updates but should be imparted to the reviewee in a holistic manner, that is, seamlessly woven into an on-season bar review lecture as an integral element thereof.  Law or jurisprudence which has been superseded or overturned should be jettisoned and no longer allowed to confuse, mislead, or waste the precious time of the reviewee.  


Q: How much is the enrollment fee?

A: Early Bird Rate: 16,500

    Regular Rate: 17,500


Taking into account that Jurists Online provides the subscriber not only the latest 2023 pre-bar and pre-week lectures but also online access to our renowned and proven coaching program, our rates are quite reasonable and comparatively inexpensive. 



Q: How can I enroll?

A: Go to the How to Enroll page of the Jurists Online website and follow the easy-to-do steps on how to enroll. 

You may also give us your email address.  We will then email the application form to you.   Please fill it up and then email to us the copy/scanned copy of your deposit slip with your full name legibly written on its front. 


Q: How can I access the Jurists Online review?

A: After enrollment, you will be provided with a user name and a password.  Change the password using the instructions in “Change Password.”  The user name and password will allow you access to the subscriber’s only site where you can access the features and services of Jurists Online.


Q: What do I need to view or to access Jurists Online?

A: Any desktop computer, laptop, notebook, PDA, tablet, hand phone, or any other electronic device with internet access will correspondingly allow you to view or to access Jurists Online. 


Q: How is the online coaching done?

A: Jurists will email to the subscriber the mock bar exam. The examinee then emails his answer to Jurists.  The suggested answers will be emailed to the subscriber.  The coach will peruse and evaluate the mock bar and then email his or her comments and feedback to the examinee who may ask clarifications on such comments and feedback.

There will be six mock bar exams with corresponding coaching feedback.

Subscribers are advised to refer to the Jurists website for the schedule and specific guidelines of the online mock bar and coaching program.  


Q: Can I print the digital materials provided by Jurists Online?

A: Yes but strictly and exclusively for your personal use.   Unauthorized distribution or dissemination of the digital materials as well as the on-demand lectures shall be subject to prosecution under the law.


Q: Should I feel confident in placing my trust in the Jurists Online Review?

A: Yes.  In the main, the lecturers in the Online review are the same lecturers in Jurists renowned classic or traditional bar review.  Hence subscribers are assured of “on-season” lectures which accurately reflect the current state of law and jurisprudence. Jurists pioneered bar exam coaching in the Philippines in 2005 and has elevated the same to a science.  Its experienced bar exam coaches, personally trained and certified by head coach Prof. Manuel Riguera, have developed the skills and the intuitive feel necessary for proper and effective bar exam coaching.  In particular, the coaching staff has acquired substantial experience and expertise in training the examinee to read and analyze fact-based essay questions and MCQs and thereby empower him to outperform in the bar exams.  A subscriber will therefore feel confident in placing his trust in the Jurists online coaching program. 


Q: Does Jurists Online include pre-week lectures?

A: Yes, Jurists Online includes the full pre-week lectures with hand-outs and last-minute tips in printable digital form.


Q: I’m a refresher.  Can Jurists Online issue to me the certification required by the Supreme Court? 

A: No.  While refreshers are welcome to enroll in Jurists Online, we cannot issue the certification required of refresher candidates as there are no guidelines yet on online refresher programs.  We advise that you enroll in Jurists Online Plus which can issue such certification. 


Q: Do you accept payment through PayPal?

A: Yes, we accept payment using major credit cards through PayPal.  See the instructions in our website on how to enroll through PayPal.     


Q: Is enrollment on a limited basis?

A: Yes in order to preserve an ideal coach-reviewee ratio and to assure that the subscriber gets the optimal benefits from the coaching program, enrollment is on a limited and first-come, first-served basis. 


Q: Do you give scholarships to the top graduates of a law school?

A: While we would love to do so, in order to maintain the high quality of our coaching, we can accept only paying subscribers.   Our mock-bar and one-on-one coaching system necessarily entail significant expenditures in money and time which have to be defrayed by the collection of reasonable fees from the subscribers.  Accepting the top graduates of all law schools would result in a high ratio of coachees vis-à-vis coaches and would compromise the efficacy of our mock-bar and coaching program.


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