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FAQ Jurists Online Advance Pre-bar Review


Q: For whom is the Jurists Online Advance Prebar Review & Coaching Program ideal for?

A: The program is ideal for the following:


       1. Working reviewees, who need to be flexible in their review schedule because of work constraints.

       2. October, November, or December graduates, who want to review during the gap time between their graduation and the start of the regular prebar review season.

       3. Graduating law students who want to reinforce their fourth-year review and regular prebar review and hence maximize their chances of passing and outperforming in the bar. 

       4. Law students who may want to use the video lectures and materials to prepare for and review for their crucial law school examinations.

       5. Barristers who have graduated some time ago and retakers who need to refresh and update their legal knowledge through the latest and current law and jurisprudence for a better and more effective regular prebar review.  



Q: When will the Jurists Online Advance Pre-bar Review start? When will it end?

A: It will start on January 29, 2022 to May 15, 2022.



Q: What do I get when I enroll or subscribe to Jurists Online Advance Prebar Review and Coaching?

A: You gain access to the on-season advance prebar review lectures which can be viewed 24/7 via on-demand video lectures.  In addition Jurists Online gives the subscriber access to the following:


       1. Hand-outs and materials on printable digital form.

       2. Mock-bar exams (Remedial, Civil, Criminal & Mercantile) and answers thereto.

       3. Written feedback and one-on-one online coaching on the mock-bar exams from Jurists certified coaches to leverage the reviewee’s strengths and to remedy his or her weaknesses.  



Q: Can I view your video lectures at any time?  

A:  Yes. Our video lectures are on-demand, that is, once posted, they are available for playback at any day and at any time up to 15 May 2022.  You may replay the videos and go forward or rewind to a particular portion of the video.



Q : Are your on-demand video lectures brand-new?  Do you recycle previous years’  materials or lectures?

A: Our on-demand video lectures are 100% brand-new lectures recorded especially for the 2022 advance prebar review. We do not recycle previous years’ lectures and then plaster them with updates. Hodge-podge, conflicting, overlapping and repetitive videos are avoided. These will only confuse or worse mislead the reviewee who will waste precious time trying to reconcile or integrate the old or obsolete material with the new.  

Take note that law and jurisprudence is in a constant state of flux and what may have been good law last year or even last month may have been rendered obsolete. Recent developments affect the law as a whole and not just specific or isolated parts thereof. Hence recent developments should not be given in a truncated or piece-meal manner solely through updates but should be imparted to the reviewee in a holistic manner, that is, seamlessly woven into an on-season bar review lecture as an integral element thereof.  Law or jurisprudence which has been superseded or overturned should be jettisoned and no longer allowed to confuse, mislead, or waste the precious time of the reviewee.



Q:  Can I download, upload, or copy the video lectures and review materials?

A:   No. Downloading, uploading, or copying of the video lectures, as well as the review materials, without the express written consent of Jurists Bar Review, is a criminal act which is strictly prohibited and which will be subject to prosecution.  



Q: How much is the enrollment fee?

A: ₱13,500. We also offer an early-bird rate of ₱12,500 for enrollment on or before 02 December 2021. Taking into account that Jurists Online Advance Prebar Review & Coaching provides the subscriber not only the latest advance prebar lectures and materials but also online access to our renowned and proven coaching program, our rates are quite reasonable and comparatively inexpensive. 



Q: How can I enroll?

A: Go to the How to Enroll page of the Jurists Online Advance Prebar Review website and follow the easy-to-do steps on how to enroll. 

You may also give us your email.  We will then email the application form to you. Please fill it up and then email to us the copy of your application form, ID with photo (Driver's License, School ID, PRC ID, Postal ID or Company ID), and a clear copy of the validated deposit slip or funds transfer slip to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Please indicate your name in your deposit slip or fund transfer before emailing it to us.



Q: How can I access the Jurists Online Advance Prebar Review and Coaching Program?

A: You will be provided with a user name and a password prior to the posting of the videos and review materials on the website.  Change the password using the instructions in “Change Password.”  The user name and password will allow you access to the subscriber’s only site where you can avail of the features and services of Jurists Online Advance Prebar and Coaching.



Q: What do I need to view or to access Jurists Online Advance Prebar Review and Coaching?

A: Any desktop computer, laptop, notebook, PDA, tablet, hand phone, or any other electronic device with internet access will correspondingly allow you to view or to access Jurists Online Advance Prebar and Coaching.  Because of the file size of the videos, we recommend an internet connection speed of 3 Mbps or higher for optimal viewing.



Q: How is the online coaching done?

A: The mock bar exam will be posted on the website per the program schedule. The examinee then emails his answer to Jurists.  The suggested answers will be posted online.  The coach will peruse and evaluate the mock bar and his or her comments and feedback  will be emailed to the examinee who may ask clarifications on such comments and feedback.

There will be four mock bar exams: one each for Remedial Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law and Mercantile Law, with corresponding coaching sessions and feedback. Subscribers are advised to refer to the Jurists website for the schedule of the online mock bar exam.  



Q: Can I print the digital materials provided by Jurists Online Advanced Prebar?

A: Yes but strictly and exclusively for your personal use. Unauthorized distribution or dissemination of the digital materials as well as the on-demand lectures shall be subject to prosecution under the law and administrative complaints with the Office of the Bar Confidant, Supreme Court.



Q: I’m a refresher. Can Jurists Online Advance Prebar Review and Coaching issue to me the certification required by the Supreme Court? 

 A: No.  While refreshers are welcome to enroll in the program, Jurists Online Advance Prebar Review does not issue such certification. 



Q: Do you accept payment through PayPal?

A: Yes, we accept payment using major credit cards through PayPal.  See the instructions in our website on how to enroll through PayPal.     



Q: Is enrollment on a limited basis?

A: Yes in order to preserve an ideal coach-reviewee ratio and to assure that the subscriber gets the optimal benefits from the coaching program, enrollment is on a limited and first-come, first-served basis.


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