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The reform made during the 2011 Bar Examinations really got me worried. For four years, we were trained to answer essay-type questions only to find out later on that we'll be doing an MCQ-type exam and a Trial Memorandum and Legal Opinion writing format. I chose Jurists because of its one-on-one coaching not just for the Trial Memo and Leg Op part but also for the MCQ as well. During our sessions, my coach was able to point out my strengths and weaknesses when answering. I asked questions and made clarifications right away. I won't be able to know all those things and equip myself for the big battle ahead without the help of Jurists.

Atty. Angelica Anne B. Recto

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Jurists Bar Review Center for helping me pass the 2011 Bar Examinations. The main reason why I chose Jurists is because of its one-on-one coaching program and I am so blessed that the one who coached me in the Legal Opinion was no less than the man himself, Atty. Manuel Riguera. He may not know me personally but I have always felt the family atmosphere right from day one. The mock bar examinations were difficult but equally gratifying on my part as I was able to determine my strengths and weaknesses early on.

Last year when I browsed the Jurists website, I came across at the testimonials section and read all those inspiring stories and testimonies. Now, you’ve stumbled across my own testimony and I am proud to say that Jurists is not just a review center, but also a family and an ally.

Atty. Mark John M. Soriquez

Atty. Monfrey C. Lugo

Bar exam challenges not only your mental competence, but also confronts you with the ordeal of having your faith, confidence, physical strength, and emotions tested. It transcends the lone requirement of mastering the law and its concepts because no matter how brilliant you are if anxiety and exhaustion attacks, it will antagonize your review-system and could cause your defeat. Hence, you need to have a SUPPORT-SYSTEM that will PROVIDE you the essentials for PASSING or even TOPPING the bar exams. And this is where the JURISTS BAR REVIEW CENTER enters the picture.

Being the pioneer of the Integrated Review and Mock-Bar in the Philippines, coupled with the thorough and personal coaching approach it provides, you will find yourselves EFFECTIVELY REINFORCING what you already learned and EFFICIENTLY REVITALIZING your stock knowledge. Further, your brain will be PENETRATED with new and significant concepts, all to your immense advantage.

More than being a bar review center, JURISTS is a FAMILY that will fill your hunger for comfort and understanding should personal problems occur during the review and lends you faith whenever you cast doubt unto yourselves in fulfilling your dreams of becoming a full-fledged lawyer.


Atty. Monfrey C. Lugo 


Jurists had been one of the best supports I had during my bar journey. They had the best set of lecturers, wonderful and really helpful materials, very accommodating staff, and the coaching sessions were great. I think that the 3-paragraph rule of Jurists became really effective during the Memo and Legal Opinion exams. And the lectures were literally ringing in my ears during the exams! My deepest thanks to the BEST REVIEW SCHOOL IN THE WORLD. JURISTS!

Atty. Geomelyn Sarah D. Sacramento

Atty. Reynold Sulit Beredo

My sincerest gratitude to the management and staff of Jurists Bar Review Center for helping me hurdle the historic 2011 bar exams. Verily, Jurists provided me with more true and akin to reality multiple choice questions and responsive training for the Legal Opinion and Trial Memorandum. I was so amazed because I was able to manage my time very well and finish the exams even ahead of time. The lecturers are likewise incomparable. Thank you also to my coach for giving me "the secret" to succeed. I am eternally grateful to all of you. I strongly recommend Jurists to other bar candidates.


Atty. Reynold Sulit Beredo