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Kudos to the Jurists bar candidates for their tour de force in the über-tough 2014 bar examinations.   The 2014 bar exams was one of the most rigorous and challenging bar exams in history, characterized by numerous essay questions under grinding time pressure and strict marking of the examination booklets.   Of the 5,984 examinees who completed all eight exams, a scant 1,126 made the grade for a pass rate of 18.82%, one of the lowest in history.
The formidable nature of the 2014 bar may be gleaned from reports that the elite Top 3, Ateneo, San Beda, and U.P., obtained over-all pass rates of only 50%-60% when they had been accustomed to 80%-90% pass rates, and that many of the best and the brightest of these schools -- top-ranked, honor students – fell by the wayside.
Team Jurists took up the gauntlet with 93 Jurists bar candidates slaying the bar exam dragon for a 35.91% pass rate, soundly thrashing the national pass rate.  For those who followed the Jurists training program with fidelity, the pass rate was a notable 61.15%.
Team Jurists’ outperformance was further burnished by the feat of two Jurists candidates who landed in the top ten:  Jose Angelo A. David and Adrian F. Aumentado, both of San Beda, copping the 6thand 7th places respectively. 
Hail to the new Jurists lawyers!  Jurists is proud of each and every one of you.   See you on the first day of Jurists’ Season 11 on 23 May at Madison Tower, 1 Madison St. cor. Aurora Blvd., New Manila, Quezon City.

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