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With the introduction of the MCQ and Memorandum writing in the 2011 Bar exam, I found it imperative to enroll in Jurists Bar Review Center to help me prepare for the exam. I followed the schedule of the program, reading on weekdays and listening to the lectures on weekends. The mock MCQ exam and most importantly the coaching that follows thereafter was very helpful as you will be given tips and pointers on how to answer a given question. As for memorandum writing, I personally requested Atty. Riguera to coach me and I just bear in mind all his advice, and remember the template given to us.

Indeed, the Jurists program is very effective and it will respond to the needs of its reviewees whatever the format may be. I'm very grateful to Atty. Riguera, the professors/reviewers and all the staff of Jurists for helping me pass the Nov 2011 bar exam.

Atty. Wetzel R. Namit