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I never had any second thoughts on what review school I will enroll myself into after graduation. Whenever I was asked on the matter, I only had one answer: "JURISTS REVIEW CENTER!"

I never doubted the competence and primacy of JURISTS even amidst all the confusion on the inaugural MCQ bar examination. I was sure that whatever happens, JURISTS can withstand the change and will prove that it is the best bar review center in the country.

True to its commitment, JURISTS provided me with the much needed guidance during the review period. The change from the essay to the multiple choice type of exam never posed any threat in the teaching expertise of the lecturers. From start to finish, JURISTS stood as a fortress, a bastion of knowledge from which I learned everything about the law. And come examination time, I knew I was ready!

At this point I want to thank the JURISTS family. I would not have attained my dream without all of you. Sincerest gratitude to Professor Manuel Riguera, our idol, our mentor, and most of all, our friend. I feel so proud that I made history with the best bar review center in the Philippines!!!

Atty. Ros Criswin V. Formoso