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Jurists review class schedule was a perfect match to my review strategy. I read the topics on weekdays, and on weekends, the Jurists excellent team of reviewers enriched my understanding of the laws. They told us how to approach each and every concept so we can grasp its relevance to any question that may be asked.

The jurisprudence classes helped me a lot during the bar exams. Just to name a few, remedial law was a breeze because the first question has been discussed by no less than Atty. Manny Riguera himself. Some questions were even the same examples he gave during the review! It was as if he was the examiner. The exact case applicable in legal opinion was likewise discussed to us by Atty. Elmer Rabuya. Coincidence? No. That's how exemplary the reviewers at Jurists are.

Forever indebted to Jurists,

Atty. Mary Grace Lao Sabong, CPA