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I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Jurists Bar Review Center for helping me pass the 2011 Bar Examinations. The main reason why I chose Jurists is because of its one-on-one coaching program and I am so blessed that the one who coached me in the Legal Opinion was no less than the man himself, Atty. Manuel Riguera. He may not know me personally but I have always felt the family atmosphere right from day one. The mock bar examinations were difficult but equally gratifying on my part as I was able to determine my strengths and weaknesses early on.

Last year when I browsed the Jurists website, I came across at the testimonials section and read all those inspiring stories and testimonies. Now, you’ve stumbled across my own testimony and I am proud to say that Jurists is not just a review center, but also a family and an ally.

Atty. Mark John M. Soriquez