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Preparing for the bar exam is very similar to preparing for a prize fight. A fighter's chance to succeed greatly depends on his trainer's competence and comprehension of three things: the game, the opponent, and the fighter himself. As I was preparing for the 2011 Bar Exam (the game), the first ever MCQ Bar Exam (the opponent), I knew I had to be wise in choosing which review center to attend to. I needed a review school that would not only refresh or polish my knowledge of the law, but one which would also focus on training me on how to approach the MCQ exam. JURISTS was near perfect at "knowing the enemy". We had extensive training on how to approach every type of multiple choice question, how to manage your time as well as the "science" of guessing, in case you had no idea what the answer was.

The essay training was equally amazing. Early in the review, my bar exam coach pointed out some weaknesses in my writing so that I could improve the same. I listened and applied what she said. Towards the end of the review, my essay mock bar grade dramatically increased. The result, I had so much confidence in facing the essay part of the 2011 Bar exams.

The journey to becoming a lawyer is indeed a tedious one. Towards the end of my journey, i was fortunate to be with JURISTS. Enrolling in JURISTS is no assurance that you will conquer the Bar Exam (NO review school/center can EVER assure that); but it is an assurance that come first Sunday of the bar, you will have the confidence, courage, and faith to face the enemy head on because you know that you had THE BEST training at JURISTS.

Atty. John Francis D. Dela Paz