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One of the reasons why I decided to enroll here at Jurists Bar Review Center is because of its one-on-one coaching style approach. Now, I'm glad I made the right decision because I believe I wouldn't be able to pass the Bar without the guidance and assistance of the Jurists Family.

Jurists has a unique way of preparing the barristers for the Bar Examinations whether essay or MCQ type. Indeed! Jurists exceeds all other review centers by its personalized approached in conducting lectures, mock bar and in evaluating each barrister with regard to their mock bar performance.

I also like the friendly atmosphere between jurists staff, lecturers and the barristers, it's like we are all Family here. I owed 50% of my passing to Jurists while the other 50% I owed it to God. Thank you very much Jurists for making my dream possible. More power to you and may you continue to help barristers make their dreams possible. 

Atty. Heart C. Lero